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Note: In October 2014 it appeared that the links here to those articles written on Ancestry.com may not visible except to those who have subscriptions to Ancestry.com. If this is your experience, I am sorry for this incovenience.

** January (8)
[reviews] Authentic Portraits
[reviews] Experiencing the Truth
[reviews] Hunting Badger by Tony Hillerman
Link: Quantum Physics and the Human Soul
Mollie Stroud Williams Lane Green
[TXT] Oral-Relational Dynamics in Biblical Interpretation
Underwater Mortgages - Home Strategies with Orville
[reviews] We Are Us – The Ethereal Conspiracy

** February (1)
Qizilbash:  Names and Designations in Ethno-Religious Identities

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** March (5)
Eyline Dorothy Lynch Jenkins Wornom - Life Details
Goldine Jenkins, not Benson
Josie Benson, daughter of Belle Scruggs and Martin Benson
Meshack Green, son of Isaac, born 1755, not 1721
Quanah Parker Family Details (Blog)

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** April (10)
Daniel Green, husband of Talitha Bearden - Who is He?
James Isaac Green, The Records of a Life
Mollie Stroud Williams Lane Green
Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker, A Leader in Two Worlds
Quanah Parker, Family Tree and Key Events
Quanah Parker, The Basic Story
Thomas Sheridan Edmonds, What a Story!
Toliver Green, Details, Sources and Analysis of Possiblities
Toliver Green, a Life Timeline

** May (19)
[reviews] The Ancient Sun Kingdoms – History as it Was in the Old New World
[reviews] Artifacts of Shamanism
[reviews] Believers: Evangelical Stereotypes and Sensitivities
[reviews] Children of One Continent
[reviews] Choosing The Good – Ethical Challenges for Modern Christians
[reviews] Confused Genre – Blood Ties
[reviews] Jefferson and Religion – The Jefferson Original
[reviews] Kingmaking American Media
[reviews] Lost in Transmission?: What We Can Know about the Words of Jesus
Lucinda Amanda Taylor - Intriguing and Mysterious
Lucinda Amanda Taylor Jenkins - Who Were Her Parents?
Mellette, a Legendary Name for a Possible Historical Person
Meshack W Green - Disconnections (Older Article Revised)
[reviews] Mezzrow – The Blues Backstory
[reviews] The Middle East: Why is this Happening?
[reviews] Practical Legal Guide for Business
[reviews] Reagan – A Clearer Portrait
[reviews] Religions of the Stars – Science and Magick in Hollywood
[reviews] Revolutionary Management – John Adams
Roland or Roald, founder of the Le Strange line in England

** June (2)
What Was Koine Greek? (Revised)
[reviews] Why Physicalism Does not Support Reason: A Review of Mind and the Machine, What It Means to Be Human and Why It Matters, by Matthew Dickerson

** July (1)
James Taylor Green 1878 - 1964

** August (11)
Abraham Huddleston York - The Facts
Abraham Huddleston York - The Life
Charles Douglas McSwain, Nevada, Arkansas
The Irish Barnetts and the Royal Barnetts, ref John Barnett b 1678
James Jonathan Chapel, his life and wives
Mary Nettie Jenkins Yates
Mary "Polly" Waldon Christian –Mystery Mother
Neil Yates Family and Life Events
Rhonda Jenkins Boyd - the Basic Story
Russell Hugh Boyd
William Peter Christian - Isle of Man to Texas

** September (2)
William Andrew Jackson, another Oakie who made good in California
Choctaw Jack Jenkins and Our Jack Jenkins

** October (6)
George Washington McSwain - Civil War Deserter
Louis Pertuis, son of an Arkansas Pioneer
Pierre or Peter Pertuis, turn of the century 1800 in Arkansas Post
Pierre Perthuis dit Lalime and his two sons Pierre
Pierre Pertuis the Chevalier, founder of St Charles Arkansas Trading Post
Which John Dumond?

** December (16)
[reviews] Financial Report of the United States: The Official Annual White House Report
[reviews] The Global-Warming Deception: How a Secret Elite Plans to Bankrupt America and Steal Your Freedom
Government Funds and Credit - How it is done
[reviews] Hillerman: Dance Hall of the Dead
[reviews] Hillerman: The Dark Wind
[reviews] Hillerman: The Fallen Man
[reviews] Hillerman: The First Eagle
[reviews] Hillerman: Sacred Clowns
[reviews] Hillerman: The Shape Shifter
[reviews] Hillerman: The Sinister Pig
How We Got Christmas as We Know It
Jesus taught his own community some better questions to ask
[reviews] Link by John Beiswenger
Visual Travelogue (South Africa Magic Land)
[reviews] St. Nicholas: A Closer Look at Christmas
[reviews] Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas

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