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Bibliography of Articles on Language Learning Techniques
Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD

Bibliography of articles published in the series, Techniques in

Focus on Communication Effectiveness --

a newsletter on Language and Culture Learning

Orville B. Jenkins, Editor, Publisher, June 1992 - September 1997.

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1992    Number 1        "Translation?"

            Number 5        "I'm Tone Deaf"

1993    Number 11      "Cultural Updates"

            Number 13      "Overlearning"

            Number 15      "What Does Please Mean?"

1994    Number 16      "Working on Tones"

            Number 18      "Music as a Learning Medium"

1995    Number 19      "[Correspondence Courses] as an Entry Orientation Resource"

            Number 20      "Working on Vocabulary"

            Number 21      "Using a Dictionary"

1996    Number 22      "Storytelling and Storying"

1997    Number 23      "Eye-Learning or Ear-Learning?"

1998    Number 27      "Principles and Approaches of Language Learning"

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Last Updated 28 July 2012

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