Additional Articles on Islam

  • A Timeline of Islam
  • Harsh Words and Limited Perspectives:  Stereotyping Muslims
  • Names of God and Words for God:  Thoughts on Beliefs and Usages
  • Suggested Readings for Christians and Muslims
  • Arabs:  Self-Identity and Foreign Views
  • Gospel of Barnabas
  • The Great Theft:  Wrestling Islam from the Extremists
  • Image of Peace
  • In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs:  A Memoir of Iran
  • Muslim and Christian:  Comparing the Paths
  • Practical Peace: Vicar of Baghdad
  • Practical Realities in North African Muslim Societies
  • Prince of the Marshes: Sumerians, Arabs and the Invading Coalition
  • Saddam's Secrets
  • A Sufi Muslim Musician Suffers for His Faith
  • Touching the Soul of Islam
    Last updated 14 July 2013