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Christianity as an NGO
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

We hear a lot about the aid or development work being done by NGOs — non-governmental agencies.  This term applies to voluntary agencies or foundations which raise funds to assist in situations of need, disaster, famine, drought, war and various areas of development.  They draw upon funds and personnel from various private sources.

The Christian View?
What do Christians think about Somalia, Palestine, flooded Mozambique or the self-destructive Balkans? What about the suffering people in other devastated areas of the world? Some claim the Church should not be spending its money on relief.  "Let the NGOs handle that, with CARE money, with UN money."

But the Church is the greatest Non-Governmental Organization in the world! We as Christians serve as spiritual channels for God's Spirit in the world.

The Fullest Fountain
There is no government which has authority over God's kingdom.  God's kingdom is the highest authority, the most comprehensive service agency, the fullest fountain of resources in the world!  God's kingdom is an NGO — in the fullest meaning of the term.

We are told repeatedly in the New Testament that the fight between good and evil is already won.  We must claim the victory.  We must implement it.  We must bring to fruition the spiritual victory won by God through Jesus.

Claim the Victory
We as believers, as members of God's NGO must claim Spirit-power for the victory he has promised.  We must enable that victory to become a practical reality in areas of darkness and evil.  We must enable that spiritual victory where people are defeated.


Original version published in Focus on Communication Effectiveness, March 1993
This version first posted May 2001
Posted on the Jenkins Millennium Culture Centre 28 May 2002
Last edited 22 November 2007

Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.

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Permission granted for free download and transmission for personal or educational use.  Other rights reserved.

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