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Merry Christmas
From Edith and Orville Jenkins
A huge light festival in Orville's home town
Includes America's Tallest Christmas Tree — Millions of lights
      Why is Christmas on 25 December?
The 12 Days of Christmas continue from 25 December to Twelfth Night on 5 January.
The season ends for many with Epiphany on 6 January, when Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate the baptism of Jesus when he was 30 years old, and Roman Catholics celebrated the coming of the wise men to see baby Jesus!
But Christmas Day itself does not come for Christians in Egypt and some other Eastern churches until 7 January.
Why do we celebrate the birth of Christ on 25 December? Festival of Light — Chickasha, Oklahoma
Saint Nicholas and the Santa Claus myth
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When Did the Millennium Really End?
Y2K and Christianity?
Webshots Photos of Christmas Past (and other Photos)!
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The Star of Bethlehem
signified hope and life
in the baby who became the savior.
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First winter snow of 2003 in Richmond.
Snow in Richmond, Virginia
      African Nativity Scenes
  Christmas Around the World
View from our house in the January 2003 first snow
Photos by Orville Boyd Jenkins
View more snow scenes

There is a special quiet beauty about snow on the trees.
These snow scenes were taken in Henrico County (Richmond), Virginia.
The Christmas Tree symbolizes the Eternal God who never changes.
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Rocky Point Parkway (it's really just a local street), Henrico County, Virginia
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