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[TXT] Arabic in East Africa
[TXT] Aramaic Primacy — Was the New Testament first Written in Aramaic?
[TXT] Bantu Languages and Peoples:  Sorting Popular and Technical Terms of Reference
[TXT] Cognate Languages
[TXT] Culture, Learning and Communication
[TXT] Dealienation:  Thoughts on Culture Acquisition in Language Learning
[PDF] Dealing with Cultural Differences:
          Contrasting the African and European Worldviews

[TXT] Dialects, Languages and Ethnicity
[TXT] Dialects, Peoples and Cultural Change
[TXT] First-Century Language in Palestine and the Roman Empire; With Addendum on New Testament Texts    New
[TXT] Glaswegians and Houstonians — English Placename Adjective Forms
[TXT] Greek and Aramaic Among 1st Century Jews
[TXT] How to Learn a Language and Culture: Index
[TXT] Hebrew — The Original Language? (Of Course Not!)
[TXT] Hebrew Usage in the First Century
[TXT] How Words Develop Multiple Meanings: How Word Meanings are Negotiated
[TXT] Jesus' Knowledge of Greek: The Role of Language and Motif in the Fourth Gospel Narratives  
[TXT] Jesus and the Hebrew Language   
[TXT] Josephus and Aramaic Primacy:  The Language and Literacy Culture of First Century AD
[TXT] Koine Greek as a Mother Tongue
[TXT] Language Continuums and People Clusters:
      Adjusting Ethnic Entities in Reference to Language Research Updates (Ndengereko/Yao)
[TXT] Language, Tribe and Ethnic Clusters:
      Analyzing the Ndengereko Cluster in Tanzania
[TXT] Languages Dying
[TXT] Languages, Languages, Everywhere Languages  
[TXT] The Languages Jesus Used
[TXT] Multicultural and Multilingual Peoples
[TXT] Names of God and Words for God:
         Thoughts on Beliefs and Usages
[TXT] Naming African Languages in English
[TXT] Orality and the Post-literate West
[TXT]Quick Guide to Language Learning
[TXT] Oral-Relational Dynamics in Biblical Interpretation
[PowerPoint] Orality and Post-Literate Culture (Power Point)
[TXT] Origin of Amharic, Tigrinya and Tigre Languages
[TXT] Petros the Rock and the Rock of the Church
[TXT] Primacy and Possibility:  Problems Facing Aramaic Primacy Claims
          (Cultural Settings for Greek and Aramaic as Literary Languages in the First Century)
[TXT] Scots Language and French Influence  
[TXT] That Abominable Greek?    
[TXT] Time or Character – The Ages or A Time Sequence in aionios: How Words "Mean" in Greek and English
[TXT]The "True Name" of the Father:  Phonetics and Covenants
[TXT] Vernaculars, Pidgins, Creoles And Lingua Francas in Worldview Perspective
[TXT] What Was Koine Greek?
[TXT] Why do People Have Accents?

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