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Last edited 2 February 2018

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My reading goal for 2016 was 75 books, up a bit from my lower reading level of last year.  I adjusted my goal upwards, since I had exceeded my modest 2015 goal of 70 books.

Finished (94)

Acres, Mark.  Lord of Lances:  In the World of Jerry Pournelle's Janissaries.  NY:  Ace, 1988.  183p.  Bought 16 March 2016.  Read 6-11 April 2016.  Sci Fi

Aczel, Amir D.  The Jesuit and the Skull:  Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution, and the Search for Peking Man.  NY:  Riverhead, 2007.  289p.  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25 November - 1 December 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Addison, John.  Real Leadership:  9 Simple Practices for Leading and Living with Purpose.  New York:  McGraw Hill Education, 2016.  266p.  Received from the author 5 July 2016.  Read 8-15 July 2016.  American Politics (International Law)

Amaral, Joe.  Understanding Jesus:  Cultural Insights into the Words and Deeds of Christ.  NY:  Faith Words, 2011.  191p.  (Well-written, reads easily and the explanations are usually clear and give basic insights from the cultural setting.  But the overall approach is somewhat simple and limits the insight in some cases.  Deserved a better edit, with a couple of places that don't make sense, look like a line or sentence was left out.)  Bought 12 October 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 1-5 November 2016.  Bible

Anderson, Mac & Todd & Brad Reed.  Take Time for Joy:  A Photographic Journey to fill your year with 365 days of Inspiration.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  175p.  Bought by mail 1 December 2016.  Read 29-30 December 2016.  Inspiration

Bacher, Robert and Kenneth Inskeep.  Chasing Down a Rumor:  The Death of Mainline Denominations.  Minneapolis:  Augburg Books, 2005.  192p.   Bought 4 September 2014 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 28 August - 2 September 2016.  Church & Culture

Bawer, Bruce.  Stealing Jesus:  How Fundamentalism Betrays Christianity.  NY:  Crown Publishers, 1997.  340p.  Bought 22 July 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 22 September - 3 October 2016.  Church and Culture

Beaton, M C.  Death of a Macho Man (A Hamish McBeth Mystery).  AudioGo, 2013.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 22 July 2016.  Heard 25 July 2016.  Fiction (Mystery)

Beaton, M C.  Death of a Snob (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery).  Clipper Audio/Recorded Books, 2002.  Audiobook.  (The book was originally published in 1991.  This audio book reading was published in 2002.)  Borrowed December 2015.  Heard 21-23 December 2016.  Fiction (Murder Mystery)

Boorstein, Sylvia.  That's Funny, You Don't Look Buddhist:  On Being a Faithful Jew and a Passionate Buddhist.  NY:  MJF Books, 1997.  170p.  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-19 December 2016.  Religions

Brewin, Kester.  Signs of Emergence:  A Vision for Church That is Organic, Networked, Decentralized, Bottom-Up, Communal, Flexible, Always Evolving.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books, 2007.  220p.  Previously read.  Read again 29 February 2016.  Church & Culture

Brown, William P.  Engaging Biblical Authority:  Perspectives on the Bible as Scripture.  Louisville/London:  Westminster John Knox Press, 2007.  158p.  (13 essays by a variety of religious practitioners, two Jewish, the balance Christian.  They present reflections, practical discussion and testimonials of how the Bible is authoritative to them and in what ways, as well as in some cases some theories.  Quite a variety of style and approach.  There is some good reflection also on the salvation history story in the Torah.  Some helpful historical and theological insights arise.  The focus is not on abstract theories of inspiration or authority, but in what actual, practical ways the biblical documents are authoritative in some way for the writer.  How the Bible speaks to them, assists in personal or corporate devotion, as well as reflections on how the various, sometimes contradictory lines of perspective and awareness through Hebrew history fit together.)  Bought 22 July 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 3-9 August 2016.  Bible

Buker, George E.  Blockaders, Refugees, & Contrabands.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama:  University of Alabama Press, 1993.  235p.  Bought 16 March 2016.  Read 7-15 June 2016..  History

Calloway, Joe.  Keep It Simple:  Unclutter Your Mind to Uncomplicate Your Life.   Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  86p.  Bought by mail 1 October 2016.  Read 29 December 2016.  Inspiration

Carroll, Sean.  From Eternity to Here:  The Quest for the Ultimate Theory.  NY:  Plume (Penguin), 2010.  438p.  Received as a gift 25 December 2015 Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-9 February 2016.  Science (Quantum Time)

Carter, Jimmy.  Our Endangered Values:  America's Moral Crisis.  NY:  Simon & Schuster, 2005.  212p.  Bought 10 August 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 25-27 October 2016.   American Politics & Culture

Cornwell, Patricia.  At Risk.  Penguin Audio/Books on Tape, 2006.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 22 July 2016.  Heard 25 July, 2 August 2016.  Fiction (Mystery)

Coulter, Ann.  In Trump We Trust:  E Pluribus Awesome.  Random House/YouTube, 29 September 2016.  Audiobook.  (Read by the author.  Considerable bluster and pomp in political ideology.  Some good information here as background, but the logic of recommendations and proposals overlooks considerable factors in US overseas relationships and obligations and bodes ill for the reputation of the US overseas and reflects poorly on the moral integrity of America, Americans and the American government.  Some good information on financial and government management problems that both major US political parties continue to ignore and use only for propaganda purposes and political leverage against others.  Coulter fails to give attention to Trump's inexperience, or to evaluate the differences between constructing business deals and running a bankrupt country, and especially ignores interpersonal styles and consideration of other sovereign nations in international relations.  Simplistic answers for very complex problems.  Coulter concludes that because they do not support everything the US wants to do, or because they have a different view on some issues or directions, our allies have abandoned us.)  Bought 25 September 2016.  Online Audiobook, accessed 13 October 2016 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKESO09GOsw (no longer online).  American Politics & Culture (Biography)

Cussler, Clive and Thomas Perry.  The Mayan Secrets (A Fargo Adventure).  Penguin Audio, 2013.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 22 July 2016.  Heard 25, 31 July 2016.  Fiction (Adventure)

Dailey, Timothy.  The Paranormal Conspiracy:  The Truth about Ghosts, Aliens and Mysterious Beings.  Minneapolis:  Chosen (Baker) Books, 2015.  207p.   Bought 9 August 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 3 November 2016.  Mystery & Intrigue (Popular Myths Debunked)

De Chardin, Pierre Teilhard.  Man's Place in Nature:  The Human Zoological Group.  NY:  Harper & Roe, 1956.  124p.  (This Paleontologist, Philosopher, Theologian and Missionary is an impressive thinker, even looking back now after a century on his early work.  This volume was first written in his native French in 1944, but was not published till 1956, after his death, and in this English edition only in 1966.  De Chardin worked as a paleontologist under Jesuit sponsorship and was considered a missionary in China.  He was a prisoner of war under Japanese occupation of China, released only in 1944.  Publication was delayed by the Vatican's proscription of this book, because the Vatican thought he was straying too far away from the prescribed range of Catholic thought.  The Vatican thought he had overstepped science into theology here.  See my review of this book on Amazon.  Sewe my review on GoodReads.)  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-20 October 2016.   Philosophy

DeVita, Philip R, ed.  The Naked Anthropologist:  Tales from Around the World.   Belmont, California:  Wadsworth Publishing Co, 1992.  263p.  (Very informative stories by various anthropologists in various parts of the world, focusing especially on the things that did not go right in field work.)  Bought 16 March 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 23-29 May 2016.  Anthropology

Drinan, Robert F, SJ.  Can God & Caesar Coexist?:  Balancing Religious Freedom & International Law.  New Haven/London:  Yale University Press, 2004.  266p.  Bought 12 July 2016 in Mansfield, Texas.  Read 16-24 July 2016.  American Politics (International Law)

Due, Tananarive.  Blood Colony.  NY:  Baker Publishing Group/Oasis Audio, 2013.  Audiobook.  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 14-19 November, 28 November - 6 December 2016.  Fiction

Engle, Paul E and Paul A Basden, eds.  Six Views of Exploring the Worship Spectrum:  A History of the World at the Time of Jesus.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan(Counterpoints Series), 2004.  269p.  Bought 22 July 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 24-28 July 2016.  Church and Culture

Fagan, Brian.  Cro-Magnon:  How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans.   NY:  Bloomsbury Press, 2010.  295p.  Bought 30 March 2016 from Amazon.  Read 5-15 April 2016.  Science (Paeleoanthropology)

Finlayson, Clive.  Humans Who Went Extinct:  Why Neanderthals Died out and We Survived.  NY:  Oxford, 2010.  273p.  Bought 15 August 2016 from Amazon.  Read 2-9 October 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Forth, Sarah S.  Eve's Bible:  A Woman's Guide to the Old Testament.  NY:  St Martin's Griffin, 2008.  322p.  Bought 16 March 2016.  Read 27 March - 11 April 2016.  Bible (Faith & Life)

Gallagher, BJ & Steve Ruttenberg.  The Power of One:  How One Person Can Make a Difference.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  151p.  Bought by mail 1 March 2016.  Read 5 April 2016.Inspiration

Gire, Ken.  Finding God in the Hunger Games.  eChristian Books/Christianaudio, 2012.  Audiobook.  Bought 12 November 2016.  Heard 13 November 2016.  Faith & Life (Popular Art)

Glenn, Sam.  Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?:  Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2015.  87p.  Bought 1 May 2016.  Read 15-28 June 2016.  Business

Goldberg, Jonah.  Liberal Fascism:  The Secret History of the American Left, from Mussolini to the Politics of Change.  NY:  Broadway Books, 2009.  503p.  (Goldberg reviews the history of the various Socialist movements in Europe and the parallel developments in the USA from Theodore Roosevelt.  He details the actual origins and policies of the socialist movement in the key European centres, notably Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia.  Goldberg accounts for the growing opposition between the Russian statism of Stalin that shifted focus from internationalism to Russian national interests.  Stalin began a campaign opposing and down-talking the national statist socialism in Italy, called Fascism, from the emblem of a sheaf of wheat, represent agriculture.  What was termed Fascism shared the same features as National Socialism (Nazi party) in Germany and related movements in other European states.  He notes similar trends and policies behind the gradual and continual diminishing of individual freedom, increasing regulation and growing centralization enhancing the power and reach of the US Federal government.  See this book with my full review on GoodReads.)  Bought 26 December 2015 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 16-18 March 2016.  American Politics & Culture (Political Science)

Gould, Stephen Jay.  Questioning the Millennium:  A Rationalist's Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown.  NY:  Harmony Books, 1997.  190p.  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 20-23 December 2016.  Science (History)

Green, Joel B.  Hearing the New Testament:  Strategies for Interpretation.  Grand Rapids/Carlisle:  Eerdmans/Pater Noster, 1995.  444p.  (Green has edited a collection of essays by leading world Bible scholars.  Green himself is a renowned professor of New Testament at American Baptist Theological Seminary of the West.  He is the author of several important books on the New Testament and New Testament studies.  Here writers give attention to the interpretive process, looking at the various processes and approaches that provide insight to the context of the New Testament documents and the factors in understanding in a meaningful way how that applies to our very different context of life, culture and society today.  Green himself provides three key essays in this collection.  He opens the volume by providing an introduction to the cross-cultural communication factors involved in reading and interpreting the New Testament texts.  His article "The Challenge of Hearing the New Testament" clarifies the factors in the process of understanding the texts across the centuries through the disparate cultural heritages and our cultural worldview setting.)  Bought 10 August 2015 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 9-11 January 2016.  Bible

Greene, Brian.  The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory.  NY:  W W Norton, 2003.  448p.  Bought 25 June 2015 from Amazon.  Read 15-27 June 2016.  Science (Quantum Physics)

Groberg, D H (Dee).  The Race:  Success is a Journey, not a Finish Line.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  Bought by mail 1 December 2016.  Read 1 December 2016.  Inspiration

Halter, Hugh and Matt Smay.  The Gathered and the Scattered Church.  Grand Rapids:  Leadership Network (Zondervan), 2010.  206p.  Bought 7 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  First read 15 February 2012; reread 10-12 February 2016.  Church and Culture

Hart, Archibald D and Sylvia Hart Frejd.  The Digital Invasion:  How Technology is Shaping You and Your Relationships.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2013.  236p.  Bought 9 August 2016.  Read 23-28 August 2016.  Science (Sociology)

Harvey, Eric and Silvana Clark.  Millennials vs Boomers:  Listen, Learn and Succeed Together.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  220p.  Bought 30 May2016.  Read 30 May - 6 June 2016.  Business

Hearne, Kevin.  Star Wars:  Heir to the Jedi.  Random House/Lucasfilm, 2015.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 19 February 2016.  Heard 28-29 February 2016.  Fiction (Si Fi)

Higson, Charles.  Double or Die:  A James Bond Adventure (Young Bond Book 3).  Random House/Listening Library, 2008.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 19 February 2016.  Heard 20-21 February 2016.  Fiction (Spy Adventure)

Hillerman, Tony.  The Blessing Way.  NY:  Avon, 1970.  234p.   Borrowed 2 December 2016 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 3-8 December 2016.   Fiction (Mystery)

Hillerman, Tony.  Hunting Badger.  Pleasantville, NY:  Reader's Digest Select Editions, 2000.  112p.  (Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police is called back from vacation to assist in a manhunt for three thieves who killed one officer and wounded two others while robbing a Ute casino.  He gets help from his retired former boss Joe Leaphorn, who is meanwhile approached by a rancher giving him the three names of the robbers.  Leaphorn finds one of the three, another rancher who was an anti-government militia member, dead, with an apparent suicide note on his computer.  The charm and mystery of the west and the Indian cultures flows through the story, as the reader is introduced to cultural and historical factors in the various tribes that affect the case.  A side story involves Chee’s uncle the shaman, who hands over to Chee the final secret Chee needs to be certified as his successor.  The deepening mystery and the feckless FBI provide and intriguing and entertaining thriller.  Read my full review on GoodReads.  Read my full review on Amazon.)  Previously heard in audiobook format in 2012.  Borrowed 1 December 2016 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 1-2 December 2016.  Fiction (Mystery)

Hjalmarsson, Jon R.  History of Iceland:  From the Settlement to the Present Day.  Reykyavik:  Iceland Review, 1993.  206p.  Bought 8 August 2016.  Read 10-14 August 2016.  History

Huffines, Alan C.  A Pilgrim Shadow:  A Novel of the Marlow Family's Struggle for Justice.  Austin:  Eakin Press, 2001.  150p.  Borrowed 1 December 2016 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 8-15 December 2016.  Historical Fiction

Horowitz, Anthony.  Snakehead.  Recorded Books, 2007.  Audiobook.  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 29 September - 1 October 2016.  Fiction (Adventure)

Hybels, Bill and Rob Wilkins.  Descending into Greatness.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan (HarperCollins), 1993.  322p.  Bought 4 April 2016.  Read 17-19 April 2016.  Faith & Life

Izzo, John.  5 Secrets You Must Cover Before You Die:  The Key to Living a Happy and Meaningful Life.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  159p.  Bought by mail 1 November 2016.  Read 30 December 2016.  Inspiration

Jayawardhana, Jay.  Neutrino Hunters:  The Thrilling Chase for a Ghostly Particle to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe.  NY:  Scientific American/Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2013.  244p.  Bought 5 November 2015 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 22-24 November 2016.  Science (Quantum Physics)

Keller, Timothy.  The Prodigal God:  Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith.  NY:  Dutton (Penguin), 2008.  201p.  (Keller provides new and deeper insights from the parable of Jesus commonly called the Prodigal Son.  He focuses on the full family relationship of the father and the two sons, pointing out that common and traditional analyses stop with the story and plight of the Young Son.  Keller points out how the two sons represent two segments of society, specifically the Jewish society of Jesus' day.  This parable fits the pattern of all Jesus' parables, in which he stands aside from the religious establishment and focuses on the core of Covenant relationship with God on which their national history was based.  Both sons were lost and needed reconciliation to their father.  Very insightful and apt applications to our modern society – a call to the religious and the non-religious.  See this book with my full review on GoodReads.)  Borrowed 20 February 2016.  Read 22-28 February 2016.  Faith & Life

Kendrick, Stephen & Alex.  The Battle Plan for Prayer:  From Basic Strategy to Targeted Strategies.  Nashville:  B&H Publishing Group, 2015.  256p.  Received as a Gift December 2015 from Family Christian Stores, Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 29 December 2015 - 1 February 2016.  Faith & Life

Kurz, William S.  Acts of the Apostles.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2013.  397p.  (A volume in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture.)  Bought 27 January 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 15-21 February 2016.  Bible

Madden, Thomas F.  Empires of Trust:  How Rome Built - and American is Building - A New World.  Recorded Books, 2008.  Audiobook.  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 2 October - 7 November 2016.  History

McIntosh, Gary L and Alan McMahan.  Being the Church in a Multi-Ethnic Community:  Why it Matters and How it Works.  Indianapolis:  Wesleyan Publishing House, 2012.  219p.  Bought 3 September 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 14-21 September 2016.  Church and Culture

Metz, Leon C.  Turning Points in El Paso, Texas.  El Paso:  Mangan Books, 1985.  128p.  (Autographed by the author.  Bought in a library sale.  This is a valuable volume that presents the history of the city of El Paso, form the earliest days of Spanish colonial exploration to the knotty political and geographical problems of the 20th century.)  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26-30 September 2016.  History

Miller, Mark.  The Heart of Leadership:  Becoming a Leader People Want to Follow.  San Francisco:  Berret-Koehler, 2013.  127p.  Received as a gift August 2016.  Read 29-30 August 2016.  Business

O'Grady, Selina.  And Man Created God:  A History of the World at the Time of Jesus.  NY:  St Martin's Press, 2012.  394p.  Bought 12 July 2016 in Mansfield, Texas.  Read 29 July - 3 August 2016.  History (Church and Culture)

Ogden, Schubert M.  On Theology.  San Francisco:  Harper and Row, 1986.  160p.  Bought 20 December 2016 from Amazon.  Read 20-28 December 2016.  Theology

Owen, Stephen and Ken Abraham.  Set Free:  Discover Forgiveness Amidst Murder and Betrayal.  Nashville:  Broadman & Holman, 2013.  237p.  Bought 18 December 2015 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21 April - 10 May 2016.  Biography

Pääbo, Svante.  Neanderthal Man:  In Search of Lost Genomes.  NY:  Basic Books, 2014.  275p.  Bought 19 March 2016 from Amazon.  Read 22 April - 6 May 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Palmer, Catherine.  The Courteous Cad.  Carroll Stream, Illinois:  Tyndale House, 2008.  384p.  Bought 4 September 2014.  Partially read in June 2016.  Finished .  Fiction

Papagianni, Dimitra and Michael A Morse.  The Neanderthals Discovered:  How Modern Science is Rewriting Their Story.  London:  Thames & Hudson, 2015.  208p.  Bought 12 March 2016 from Amazon.  Read 19-25 March 2016. Science (Paleoanthropology)

Payne, J D.  Pressure Points:  Twelve Global Issues Shaping the Face of the Church.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2013.  194p.  Bought 9 August 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 30-31 October 2016.   Church and Culture

Powell, Paul W.  The Church Today.  Dallas:  Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1997.  198p.  Autographed coy received from the author, previously read.  Read again 1-2 February 2016.  Church & Culture

Rendell, Ruth.  13 Steps Down.  BBC Audiobooks America, 2005.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 22 July 2016.  Heard 25 July, 2-4 August 2016.  Fiction (Mystery)

Richards, E Randolph.  Paul and First-Century Letter Writing:  Secretaries, Composition and Collection.  Downer's Grove, Illinois:  Intervarsity, 2004.  252p.  (This is an excellent scholarly study of the letters of Paul in light of the times and technologies.  He reviews all the classical examples from the whole range of ancient Mediterranean writers in various languages, formal, scholarly and popular or informal.  He analyzes Paul's formats, syntax and content in light of other letters of the first century before Christ and after Christ.  His analysis and the perspectives form the other sources he cites on letters of the era confirm vibrantly the oral and relational character of letter writing.  An important characteristic is that they were written to be read.  They were meant to be oral, not analytical treatises.  They were practical and written to represent Paul's presence with the recipients.  The oral relational character of the society and of Paul's priorities are overwhelmingly clear.)  Bought 5 January 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 21-28 January 2016.  Bible Backgrounds (Letters, Orality)

Rogers, Jonathan.  Saint Patrick (in the series Christian Encounters).  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2010.  141p.  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 24-25 November 2016.  Biography

Rood, Tim.  American Anabasis:  Xenophon and the Idea of America from the Mexican War to Iraq.  London:  Duckworth Overlook, 2010.  292p.  Bought 21 August 2010.  Read 1-16 July 2016.  American Politics (Military)

Ryan, William.  The Holy Thief.  MacmillanBooks/Minotaur Books, 2010.  Audiobook.  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 27-29 September 2016.  Fiction (Adventure)

Schwartz, Gary E R and Linda G S Russek.  The Living Energy Universe.  Charlottesville, Virginia:  Hampton Roads Publishing, 1999.  301p.  Received as a gift 25 December 2015 Arlington, Texas.  Read 30 December 2015 - 8 January 2016.  Science (Neurology)

Scott, Ronald McNair.  Robert the Bruce:  King of Scots.  NY:  Barnes & Noble, 1982.  254p.  Bought 3 March 2016.  Read 22-27 March 2016.  History

Seddon, Christopher.  Prehistoric Investigations:  From fingerbones to genomes:  how 50 landmark discoveries transformed our understanding of humanity's distant past.  Glanville Publications (no publisher location or website stated), 2015.  271p.  Bought 16 August 2016 from Amazon.  Read 13-21 November 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Simmons, Marc.  New Mexico:  An Interpretive History.  Albuquerque:  University of New Mexico, 1988.  273p.  Bought 8 August 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-14 September 2016.  History

Slade, Arthur G.  The Dark Deeps:  the Hunchback Assignments 2.  MacmillanBooks / Minotaur Books, 2010.  Audiobook.  (One of these Hunchback stories is enough.  It is unbelievable and unconvincing.  International Spy adventure, suitable for maybe a teen children's program if considered tongue-in-cheek.  But the author and characters did not seem to consider it tongue-in-cheek.  A waste of time.)  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 27-29 September 2016.  Fiction (Adventure)

Slover, James Anderson, with Barbara Cloud.  Minister to the Cherokees:  A Civil War Autobiography.  Lincoln/London:  University of Nebraska Press, 2001.  212p.  Bought 26 December 2015.  Read 11-16 April 2016.  History (Autobiography)

Spindler, Konrad.  The Man in the Ice:  The Discovery of a 5000-Year-Old Body Reveals the Secrets of the Stone Age..  NY:  Harmony Books, 1994.  305p.  (The complete, very detailed report on the discovery and cultural-historical evaluation of the oldest human body yet found, in the Tyrol Alps near the border between Italy and Austria.  Over 5000 years old, mummified by encapsulation in an iceberg, coming partly to the surface in September 1991.  Spindler includes background on the era, other findings that throw light on this find, and vice versa, and is able to reconstruct in considerable detail the lifestyle and events leading to the death of this shepherd hunter from the Neolithic era of prehistory.  Full review on GoodReads.  See my review of this book on Amazon.)  Bought 16 March 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 29 May - 5 June 2016.  Anthropology/Prehistory

Spong, John Shelby.  A New Christianity for a New World:  Why Traditional Faith is Dying and How Faith Is Being Born.  NY:  HarperSanFrancisco, 2001. 276.  Bought 25 September 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 13-17 October, 2016.  Church & Culture

Stegman, Thomas D.  Second Corinthians.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2009.  317p.  (A volume in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture.)  Bought 5 January 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 21-28 January 2016.  Bible

Stengel, Richard.  Mandela's Way.  NY:  Crown, 2010.  245p.  (A portrait of the man and his character from the current perspective, looking back upon the events of the past.  Stengel spent extensive time on a day-to-day basis with Mandela as he approached inauguration as President of the new South Africa and during the following two years.  Well-written and inspiring, he deals with troubling detail and the self-reflection of Nelson Mandela as well as the effects of his leadership example.)  Bought 22 February 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 29 February - 4 March 2016.  Biography

Strauch, Alexander.  Leading with Love.  Littleton, Colorado:  Lewis & Roth, 2006.  201p.  Borrowed January 2016.  Read 12-20 January 2016.  Faith & Life

Stringer, Chris.  Lone Survivors:  How We Came to Be the Only Humans on Earth.  NY:  St Martin's Griffin, 2012.  321p.  Bought 18 March 2016 from Amazon.  Read 8-16 May 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Swoboda, A J.  A Glorious Dark:  Finding Hope in the Tension Between Belief and Experience.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2014.  228p.  Bought 9 August 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 28-29 October 2016.   Faith and Life

Tattersall, Ian, Rob Desalle and Patricia J Wynne.  The Great Human Journey:  Around the World in 22 Million Days.  Piermont, New Hampshire:  Bunker Hill Publishing, 2013. Unpaged.  Bought 12 August 2016 from Amazon.  Half read in August, 2016, Finished 9 October 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Taylor, Diana Wallis.  Claudia:  Wife of Pontius Pilate.  Baker Publishing Group/Oasis Audio, 2013.  Audiobook.  Bought December 2015.  Heard 12 October, 18-22 October 2016.  Historical Fiction

Tenet, George.  At the Center of the Storm:  My Years at the CIA.  HarperCollins/Books on Tape, 2007.  Audiobook.  ("Intelligence alone should never drive the formation of policy…. Good intelligence is no substitute for common sense…. We need to understand the people in the Middle East need a foundation wil allow them to migrate to a more representative form of government…. It we insist on trying to remake the world in our image, we will fail.  Still, we must engage relentlessly to foster a solution to these problems…. Unfortunately the task ahead is made more difficult as a result of the United States' current low standing in the Middle East. … There will still be a need for some intelligence to be classified.  But most intelligence should be unclassified, so that more people have a clearer picture of the situation and those who must act on the local level will be in the know."  See this short review quote with a summary of the book at GoodReads.)  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 7-11 November 2016.  American Politics & Culture (Biography)

Thal, Lilli, trans by John Brownjohn.  Mimus.  NY:  Random House/Books on Tape, 2005.  Audiobook.  Bought 25 September 2016.  Heard 10-11 October 2016.  Fiction

Tracy, Brian.  Just Shut Up & Do It:  7 Steps.  Naperville, Illinois:  Simple Truths, 2016.  143p.  Bought by mail 1 March 2016.  Read 4 April 2016.  Business

Wade, Nicholas.  Before the Dawn:  Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors.  NY:  Penguin, 2006.  314p.  Bought 9 August 2016 from Amazon.  Read 15-23 August 2016.  Science (Paleoanthropology)

Wallis, Jim.  On God's Side:  What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn't Learned about Serving the Common Good.  Grand Rapids:  BrazosPress, 2013.  303p.  Bought 1 August 2015 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-21 April 2016.  Church and Culture

Waterfield, Robin.  Why Socrates Died:  Dispelling the Myth.  NY:  W W Norton & Co, 2009.  253p.  Bought 16 March 2016 at Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 7-18 May 2016.  History (Biography)

Williams, A L.  All You Can Do is All You Can Do:  But All You Can Do is Enough.  Nashville:  Oliver Nelson (Thomas Nelson), 1988.  224p.   Bought October 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 31 October - 5 November 2016.  Business

Wilke, Steve and Rebecca.  Corporate Family Matters:  Creating and Developing Organizational Dynasties.  San Diego:  LEADon Publishing, 2010.  120p.  (I received this book from Steve Wilke in August 2016 in an initial meeting introducing LEADon University business-oriented personal leadership development.  After reading this in October 2016, I reread it in February 2017, while going through 2 6-month courses with LEADon University in the Dallas area.  Steve, who wrote this and other books together with his wife Dr Rebecca Wilke, has developed excellent training and planning resources for team building and personal development.  They conduct training sessions in corporate America and also work with church staffs.  See this short review quote with a summary of the book at GoodReads.)   Received from Steve Wilke 24 August 2016 in Allen, Texas.  Read 20-21 October 2016.  Business

Wilke, Steve and Rebecca.  The Leading Edge:  9 Strategies for Improving Internal and Intentional Leadership.  San Diego:  LEADon Publishing, 2010.  229p.  (This volume is filled with excellent practical content for self-development and team development.  I first read it in October 2016, when first attending a seminar introducing LEADon University, then read it in February 2017.  Steve and his wife Dr Rebecca Wilke have written several books related to team and corporate health.  They have developed instruments to assess how well teams and company employees understand purposes, strategies and goals of the company or team.  In various courses and online resources, they have developed guides for clarifying and developing Visions, Missions and Strategies for teams and companies.  See this short review quote with a summary of the book at GoodReads.)   Received from Steve Wilke 24 August 2016 in Allen, Texas.  Read 22-23 October 2016.  Business

Worre, Eric.  Go Pro:  7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.  Wichita, Kansas:  Network Marketing Pro, 2013.  149p.   Bought August 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Parts read in August; resumed 23-25 October 2016.  Business

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