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I sometimes get an enquiry from someone asking if I am related to another Orville Jenkins, who is a District superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene.  I am not related to Orville W Jenkins Jr, but our paths have some fascinating common points.  I have never met Orville or his father.  But from my very early childhood, I have known of them and hey have been part of my family lore.

My dad’s name was Orville, too.  He was Orville Lee, and went by Orville L, I was Orville Boyd, or Orville.  We moved to Quanah, Texas, from Chickasha, Oklahoma, in 1952, when I was 2.5 years old old.  As I remember it, the elder Orville W Jenkins had recently been the pastor of the Nazarene Church in Quanah when we moved.

For years, his name would come up in various settings.  My dad told me that for some time he continued to get mail for Rev. Jenkins.  I continued to hear about him and his son, especially in recent years after the Internet developed.

I have never had the chance of knowing Orville Sr or Orville Jenkins in person.  I have run into others who knew Orville W Jenkins Jr.  I never knew where they came from.

My great grandfather was born in South Carolina.  Both Carolinas are big places for the Jenkins name.  I have not been able to connect my great grandfather Joseph Sanford Jenkins to anyone.  He came west through Mississippi to East Texas.

My wife and I went to Kenya at age 23, initially for 2 years, but then proceeded to a career mission appointment in Baptist work in Africa and the Middle East, from which we retired in 2010.  We are not really retired yet, but not working in any official church assignment.  We spent 36 years in mission service.

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First written in response to an email 01 February 2012
This article posted on Thoughts and Resources 8 July 2013

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