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Orality and Literacy

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Different Literacy — Different World
Eye Learning or Ear Learning?
[TXT] First-Century Language in Palestine and the Roman Empire; With Addendum on New Testament Texts and Orality
God and Literacy
Jesus' Knowledge of Greek: The Role of Language and Motif in the Fourth Gospel Narratives  
Literacy — A Modern Phenomenon
Meaning in Language (Oral and Written, discussiong Aramaic and Greek)
The Oral Kingdom
Oral Foundations of the Gospels
[TXT] Oral-Relational Dynamics in Biblical Interpretation
Orality and the Post-literate West
Orality in Christian Mission    
Orality, Literacy and the Bible    
Paul, the Gospels and the Ancient World of Orality: A Theology of Reading    New
Stories and Storytelling:  Reclaiming our Oral Heritage    
Storytelling for Learning and Teaching    
Suswa:  An Evangelical Experiment (The Use of Natural Networks in Christian Evangelism)
Suswa Approaches: A Practical Cross-Cultural Ministry Approach among the Maasai People of Kenya

Book Review Essays
Capturing Hebrew Orality
The Gospels in their Jewish Setting
Luke as the Dynamic Drama of Good News
More Oral than We Knew:  The Oral Nature of the Gospels
The Oral Content of the Story (Oral-Relational Focus in Deuteronomy)
Oral Greek Styles in Paul's Writings
Oral Tradition and the Gospels
Thessalonica, Qumran and the Cult of the Emperor
Worldview in the Disciplines

Orality and Post-Literate Culture (Power Point)
Oral and Literate — Contrast of Oral and Literate Perspectives

Worldview Page
What is Worldview?

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