Prayer Meditation: Artistry in Practice

Saturday, 27 September 2003

Purpose 4 of The Purpose Filled Life declares that we are shaped for Serving God. Believers are joined together in the Family of Fellowship to express their service to God. This is referred to as Ministry.

In our focus on ministry, I pray that members of our church will come to discover their gifts and abilities and see new, practical, and inviting ways to use these within the church body to serve God.

God has produced an immense variety of human expression. Each human being is unique. The Church can be thought of as God's artistic expression, with extreme variety and possibility.

Two aspects of this uniqueness are Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. 1 Corinthians 12: 4-6 addresses this. First are the "Gifts." In Greek this is actually the "gracings." God's grace is uniquely expressed in each of us in ways he chooses. Through spiritual growth and experience in service, we discover these gifts. As a Church Family, we help each other identify our gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

Pray with me that Church members will discover new possibilities as they grow into their gifts during the 40 Days of Purpose!

Corinthians further speaks of Abilities. These are skills, often seen earlier and more clearly than the Spiritual Gifts. Paul says, as there are different kinds of gifts, there are different kinds of abilities, or "workings," likewise provided by the same Spirit. These find their value as we use them to serve God.

I pray that growing awareness will lead to greater discovery and excitement of expression within the church body.

Oh, Lord, I pray that we will gain insights into our spiritual gifts by the things we like and are able to do.

Likewise, grant that we will discover the spiritual gifts in us, your unique holy gracings to each of us individually.

I pray that we will sharpen these gifts by experience. Lord, let us hone our skills and express our gifts as we exercise them in the directions needed within the Church.

Within the Church Family, you are offered the unique opportunity to express God's Artistry in Practice!

Oh, Lord, we want to use your gracings in us, we want to become spiritual artists in partnership with you!

Lord, may we see the fulfillment of this in our church!

Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
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Purpose 4: Ministry. "We are Shaped for Serving God"