Living the Purpose Driven Life

Prayer Meditation:  Activity or Attitude
Saturday, 10 October 2003

Purpose 5 states that We Are Made for Mission.  A focus scripture for Day 37 of The Purpose Driven Life is 1 Thess. 1:8, "Your lives are echoing the Master's word....  The news of your faith in God is out.  We don't have to say anything anymore -- you're the message!"
Master, we want our lives to be the relevant message of your Living Word!
We often think of the Christian life in terms of grace and duty:  salvation and its blessings are aspects of the grace side, while mission, work and witness are seen as a duty, the second part of our Christian identity.
It would seem, rather, that all our life arises from the first and central purpose of worshipping God.  The way that our Life touches others in the world at large should be simply an expression of our worship of God, as our attitudes and words invite our neighbors to join us in worshipping our Lord!  If we do think of evangelism as duty, the compulsion is removed, since the focus is on God, not on my skill or technique.
Outreach or mission is not so much activity as attitudeI hope in God's grace that my normal interaction in the world of daily activity will so involve God that my Creator-Savior-Guide will touch and bless and call others through me.
As we interact with neighbors and business people, let us resonate with them in holy discernment of their need.  Let our energies be yours, Lord, as Christ to them, as our ignorance of them is engulfed by your super-awareness.
Lord, I pray that our every action in life will be focused on worship to you, including our mundane daily activities.  Redeem our every move in your directing grace and loving outreach.
Father, may our every movement and word bring you pleasure. 
Spirit of the Risen Christ, fill us with your power.  But fill us also with your discernment.  Oh Holy Spirit, may we never grieve you by denying your presence or direction in our interaction with your other creatures with whom we share your world.
Jesus, let us be the ready channels of your grace, not as religious artifacts drawing attention to ourselves, but as automatic valves of ready grace to others in the normal dreary events of their graceless existence, opening as needed in our natural cultural interactions.
Lord, have mercy on us, pour out on us your grace.  As we have received, thus richly may us give your grace.  Let good news flow through us and from us.
Your will be done!



Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
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