Prayer Meditation: Godís Glory

Saturday, 16 August 2003

I was moved by the meditation on God's glory in Day 7 of The Purpose-Driven Life. Pray with me as I meditate in your virtual presence through this email, jointly in the constant presence of the Lord in us.

"Glory" has an aura of brightness, cleanness, pleasantness! God is refreshing, a cleansing, pleasing alternative to ordinariness. God's cleansing grace is just a breeze of his holy glorious aura of loving protection in our lives.

I pray that God's brilliance and pleasantness would illuminate the halls and corners of the building of our church. I pray that our members will be filled with God's shining grace and that we will carry His brilliance and goodness with us constantly, weaving a spiderweb mesh of God's shining glory throughout the Richmond Metro area.

Meditation upon the richness of the Hebrew word "kabod," translated glory, draws me to a related word from Hebrew, "kaddosh," sometimes translated "holy." It means different, other, mysterious, all in a good, fascinating sense.

God is other, yet shares his mysterious otherness with us. He is different, and yet draws us into his difference. He is not us, yet his image is in us. I praise God for his awesome brightness that completes us, that defines our purpose. I pray that we may more fully see who He is, and more fully find his purpose for us and our church.

Only one Greek word is used in the New Testament to represent this concept. Doxa, the root of our "doxology." In pronouncing "doxology," we proclaim God as other, bright, holy and good. We announce God's mysterious magnetism to those who pause to look and feel as his illuminating otherness shows us a better reality.

As I pray with you through this meditation, I declare God's glory, I pronounce glory upon God, I declare him beautiful, bright, holy and wonderful.

Thank you, Lord, for being other, while yet drawing us into your otherness, to share the eternal brightness of the wholeness your grace offers. Shine upon us, unworthy creatures, made worthy only in You!

May it be So.

Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
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