Living the Purpose Driven Life
Prayer Meditation:  Streams of Grace
Saturday, 1 November 2003
Some of you have heard me state that I have realized that God's purpose for me is greater than the span of my life.  Abraham received God's promise, but it was not fulfilled for over 400 years.  I thought of that again in regard to the concept of Purpose 2, Fellowship in God's Family
Each of us is only an atom of life in the disturbed society of individualistic America, but each believer becomes part of the unified continuity of God's great work in history from Creation to Consummation. 
Each believer's life is a stream of grace from God's Spirit.  As we find ourselves in one particular place, with one particular community of faith for a certain time, the individual streams of grace merge together for a while in our mutual life of Grace. 
The glimpses of insight I may gather are greatly enriched by contributions from other members as their individual streams of grace enhance mine as part of that eternal Great Stream of God's grace flowing through history beyond any one lifetime.
I pray that we will claim the promise of God's grace gifts, discover and affirm them in each other and encourage the exercise of those gifts in the service of God's purposes.
The eternalness of God's Spirit working in ours creates a Fellowship different from any other.  Lord, clarify our concepts of the Church as your Family.
Each moment in each church is a special experience of grace as we realize God is working in that moment for a purpose beyond our perception and beyond our life span.  The awe of God's holiness sanctifies each moment that we jointly acknowledge him in the Fellowship of the Church, the Body of Christ, in the world to express his grace to others.
I pray we will allow his Spirit of Grace to create such a Fellowship.  I pray that our new vision of God's holiness and good purposes for us will fold our thoughts into oneness in the pursuit of his intentions. 
Many of the prophets expressed a sense of shock in the experience of their encounter with God and realization of God's call.  They were not ready for their calling.  
They were shocked to discover so deeply who God was and what that required of them.  I envision that as we take the risk to focus on God's purposes, our common experience of awe will produce in us a profound Holy Shock.
I pray that this Holy Shock of awe will produce a new awareness of God's person and purpose. 
Lord, may the challenges presented in The Purpose Driven Life shock us out of our boundaries into a deep encounter with you, and produce a deeper Fellowship in the Family of God.
Lord, let it be.



Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD
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Purpose 2: Fellowship. "We are Formed for God's Family"