Prayer Meditation:  To Know the Purpose Planner
Thursday, 2 October 2003
Maybe you have a friend, someone you feel good being with.  You can talk, you are stimulated by the friend, not bored.  You feel energized with that person, not drained.  When they speak, you feel you want to catch every word, every detail!  When it is time to go, you feel the time has been too short. 
I pray that our time with the Father will be like this!  Friendship with God can be like this.  This is the kind of relationship constant prayer can bring, as we constantly focus on God's purposes for us!.
As Brother Warren focuses on Purpose 1, he quotes from the Missionary Paul:
"My determined purpose is that I may know Him, that I may become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly."
I pray that our time with Jesus will be like this!  I pray that members of our church will concentrate on Jesus, get to know him, spend more time with him, feel energized by him!  I pray that we will experience the unique pleasure of intimate acquaintance with God, as we give God the pleasure of our life worship.
Paul speaks of a loving and respectful, attentive relationship with the Designer of our Purpose:  "that I may know Him."  It seems that the testimony of scripture proclaims that God offers himself in relationship.  The terms used are like those in the marriage covenant.  We are called to love and appreciate God, not just rationally understand. 
Think how God must feel when he offers himself and we reject him!  Think how it would feel to offer marriage and be rejected by your avid suitor!  I pray that we will open ourselves up to the intimacy God offers, and the insight into ourselves that the relationship will bring!
In this regard, the anti-rationalists are right.  You can't find God by Reason.  You find God by FaithWhat must he think when we trust our thoughts and ideas rather than just relax in the wonder of his Love!
You don't find your purpose by shutting out the only person who knows your purpose!  I pray that our church as a family will relax and open up to the Purpose Planner in our 40 Days of Purpose!
Pray that every individual will listen to God, will enjoy his presence, will come to know what he knows, will come to like what he likes, will come to think what he thinks.
Pray that each one of us will understand the wonders of his person and experience the mystery as a personal thrill, giving pleasure to God in our amazement at his love!
Lord, let it be!
Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
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