Prayer Meditation: Pleasure In and For God

Saturday, 23 August 2003

Day 8 of the Purpose-Driven Life introduces the First Purpose for our Lives: Worship. Rick Warren says we are "Planned for God's Pleasure." I pray that you will feel a sense of confident satisfaction as you meditate on the amount of pleasure God gets when you think about Him!

Join me in meditation on our Purpose of Worship. I pray that you will enjoy God and sense the pleasure you are giving to Him when you are engaged in your personal preparation and Prayer ministry for the activities for 40 Days.

One of our old statements of faith declares that "the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy Him forever." I pray that during our 40 Days emphasis, as we focus on our purpose to worship God, members of our church will come to see how they can enjoy God.

I pray for the rise of awareness of God among us as we realize that God will enjoy us more as we open more of our thoughts and lives up to Him in the process of enjoying Him.

Since I was young, I have had a thrill of excitement when I have constantly experienced reassurance of God's presence with me. That made me look for Him and expect Him even more. I was enjoying Him.

It is an experience of awesome confidence -- both puzzlingly amazing and comforting at the same time -- to repeatedly realize that God is gaining pleasure from my floundering attempts to catch new glimpses of his glory around me and in me.

I pray that we as a team and our family in Cambridge will become more constantly aware that God enjoys us whom He has created and He enjoys us more and more as we progress toward his goal for us in Jesus Christ.

I pray that our enjoyment of God in our daily constant worship of Him so visibly overflow us that those around us are drawn inevitably toward God in wonderment.

May it be So.



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