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 Prayer Meditation:  What on Earth
Saturday, 18 October 2003

As I have been rereading The Purpose Driven Life, it wasn't like "Been there, done that," but rather, "Wow, look at this!"  I felt even greater impact from the first week's topic, "What on Earth am I here for?"
As I thought through the readings during each day, I found myself reorganizing the question into "What am I here on Earth for?"  Celebrate with me over what you have experienced in the first week of 40 Days!
I was struck by a verse in Day 1 readings from 1 Cor. 2:7, as though I had not read it the first time:
"God's wisdom ... goes deep into the interior of his purposes.... It's not the latest message, but more like the oldest -- what God determined as the way to bring out the best in us."
God's purposes are not only rooted in his wisdom and character, but they are totally for our goodI pray that participants in 40 Days of Purpose will gain a satisfying sense of confidence and assurance of their safety and firmness in God's purposes
A book I just finished reading* quotes from a German writer named Georg Christoph Lichtenberg:
"Isn't it curious that men should be so willing to fight for their religions and so unwilling to live by their precepts."
Wouldn't it be great if our "religion" was the basis of our evaluation of ourselves, not of our coercive judgement of othersYes, Lord, let it beLord, let our focus be on you!  Let your purposes become our purposes!
I am praying that 40 Days of Purpose will result in a reorganization of our lives based on the principles of the gospel, not the preferences of our traditions and favorite doctrines.
May 40 Days of Purpose result in reordered life priorities around what the Bible teaches about God's purposes for us. 
I found that the Greek wording of 1 Cor 2:7 speaks of God's wisdom revealing a former mystery to us as God's purpose is now unveiled in the grace of his purpose!   
May we allow God to be God, and revel in the gradual unveiling of the mystery of his Purpose!
Lord, we marvel in your beauty and glory, and the wonder that you care so completely about how we turn out
May your purposes be fulfilled in us!


*Manfred Barthel, What the Bible Really Says (NY: Bell, 1984), p.377.


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"What on Earth am I Here For?"

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