Prayer Meditation:  The Word

Monday, 1 September 2003


 In Day 24 of the Purpose-Driven Life, Rick Warren discusses concepts of "God's Word."  He speaks of various ways of abiding in God's Word.  Pray with me on the possibilities of God's word in our lives.


Underlying this use of "word" is the concept of God's Word as a Living, Creative power of God's own essence.  As John says, this is the active power of God that came into a Human Life.


I pray that church members will become aware of the active and practical power of God's Living Word in our daily lives.


We have the Gospel record of the actual words of Jesus expressing the Eternal Word!  Jesus tells us, "If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine." 


To follow Jesus we have to know what he said!  To abide in Jesus' words, we have to know them.  I pray that during 40 Days of Purpose, we will know how to focus on the words of Jesus.


Rick points out that one way to abide in the Word is to meditate upon it.  He defines "meditation" as Focused Thinking.  Yes!  To meditate is to concentrate, to focus.  What are we focusing on?  What is receiving the energy of our thoughts?


I pray that we will be more totally focused on Jesus and his words.  I pray we will think about Jesus in the common aspects of life.  I pray that Jesus will receive our prayer energies.


Westerners tend to think of concentration as focus on information and understanding of facts.  The New Testament focuses on understanding as life application, not just mental awareness.  James challenges us to be "doers of the word."


I pray we will see the exciting daily opportunities to acknowledge God's Living Word in our lives and express it to those around us!


I pray that our thoughts will be absorbed with the beauty and wonder of God and the glory and awe of His presence with us!  I pray we will understand the Word in the words we may already be familiar with!


In the Power of His Word!



Orville Boyd Jenkins, Ed.D., Ph.D.
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