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Afar, Ophir and the Mists of History
Amhara Clothing
Amhara-Tigrinya Names
Bantu Languages and Peoples:  Sorting Popular and Technical Terms of Reference
Barabaig and Datooga
Blacks, Nubians and New Guinea
"Burakumin" in Japan:
      Meaning and Connotation of an Ethnic Name
Classifying Ethnicity:  Coding and Comparing Ethnic Information:
        How the Peoples and Languages Codes of the Harvest Information System Facilitate a Broader Knowledge Base of World Ethnicity  
Colour, Race and Genetics in the Horn of Africa
Cushite Peoples
Cyprus:  Notes and Perceptions
Dialects, Peoples and Cultural Change
Egyptians and Egyptians: Distinguishing Ethnicity from Nationality    
Esau, Blessings and Judaism
Ethnic Distinction Among the Oromo
Germanic and Celtic
Glaswegians and Houstonians — English Placename Adjective Forms
Hamyan Bedouin:  The Phantom People
Hima, Ham and Cush
Hima People of Eastern Africa
How Did the Tutsi Conquer?    
Hyksos and Hebrews  
Indians of South Africa
Italian and Caucasian

Italians, Africans and Hannibal  
Italians, Etruscans and Greeks:  Genetics and Ethnicity
Italians and Race
The Kore of Kenya — Maasai or Somali?
Kurdish Peoples  
Kwavi, Baraguyu and Maasai — Dialects, Names and Ethnicities
Language Continuums and People Clusters:
      Adjusting Ethnic Entities in Reference to Language Research Updates (Ndengereko/Yao)
Language, Tribe and Ethnic Clusters:
      Analyzing the Ndengereko Cluster in Tanzania
Latins, Italians and Mexicans  
Peoples and Languages
Population Analysis of the Arabic Languages
Qizilbash:  Names and Designations in Ethno-Religious Identities
Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa
Scots, Irish and English
Tigre, Tigray, Tigrinya — Ethnicities, Languages and Politics
Tutsi and Chwezi:  History and Pre-History    
Tutsi, Hutu and German
Tutsi, Hutu and Hima — Cultural Background in Rwanda
Tutsis — the Ethiopia-Somali Connection
Who are the "Somali Bantu"?
Yazidis — An Angelic Sect
Yezidis, Kurds and Zoroastrianism

Cultural People Profiles

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