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The Ngando People of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Religion:        Roman Catholic, Traditional
Population:     371,350 (CPPI, 1999)
Registry of Peoples code (Registry of Language code): Ngando  107242  (nxd)


The Ngando people are found in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The Ethnologue describes their location as follows:  Equateur Province, Maringa River area, north of Ikela.

CPPI reports a population of 382,491.  The Ethnologue estimate for 1995 was 220,000 or more.

Like most ethnic groups in DRC, the Ngando are a Bantu people, a term deriving from linguistic classification terms.  The Bantu peoples migrated east, west and south out of Central Africa sometime around the time of Christ, or a little before.

The Ngando are one of many tribes with a history stemming from the Mongo people in earlier history.  They are different from another people also called Ngando in the Central African Republic, who are related to the Yaka people.

The Ngando people are a Bantu group with a language related to the Mongo or Kundu group.  The name is spelled Ngandu in some sources.  Access to their area is very difficult.  There are few roads in that part of DRC.  Information is thus also limited.  They are reported, though, to be a fun-loving people.

The Ethnologue classifies the Ngando language as a Bantu language in the Mongo group.  It is related to Lalia.  Global Recordings Network lists the language under the name of Longando.  The Lo is a Bantu prefix that means "language of."  This language of Ngando (nxd) is not related to another language of the same name in the Central African Republic (code ngd).

CPPI reports the Ngando as Roman Catholic with no evangelical believers.  No details could be found from sources on the status of religion or Christian faith directly related to the Ngando people of DRC.

No details could be found on the status or history of Christian faith directly related to the Ngando people of DRC.  A New Testament was produced in the language in 1941.  Global Recordings Network reports recorded oral gospel resources.

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Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
Originally prepared 25 February 2006
First posted on OJTR 23 November 2007

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