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Internet Sources on Eastern Orthodoxy

Eastern (Greek) Orthodoxy

The Church in Cyprus
Facts about Eastern Orthodoxy

Extensive Explanations and Discussions of Eastern Orthodoxy

Council of Calcedon 451, Official Papers Translated

A Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue on the Filioque
Council of Chaceldon 451 Papers
Council of Constantinople 680-81 Papers
Eastern Orthodoxy Index Page
Greek Christianity -- Excite Search Results
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa
Greek Orthodox Resources -- Cyprus and Others
Orthodox Christian Page in America

Theological Concerns

Egyptian Christianity -- The Monophysite Controversy
Orthodox Unity Dialog -- Natures of Christ

The Coptic (Egyptian/Ethiopian) Churches

Encyclopedia Coptica -- The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt
History of the Ethiopian Church
What the Ethiopian Orthodox have learned from the expansion of evangelicals

The Old Eastern Churches

Aramean (Syriac) Theology Group Knock and Seek
Assyrian Ch of the East
Assyrian Organizations
Eastern Catholic Churches -- Assyrian and Chaldean
Maronite Research Council (MRC) Le Conseil des Recherches Maronite
Nineveh Online

Compiled by Orville Boyd Jenkins April 2003
First posted 03 May 2003
Last edited 19 September 2011

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