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More than Music
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
A review of the book by Rich Stim
Music Law:  How to Run Your Band's Business (Berkeley, California: Nolo, 2009. 421p.)

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I was impressed with the practicality of this book.  Having organized musical bands and produced studio and live recordings for music groups, I was very interested to get this update on the current business and professional picture new bands must deal with.

Dangerous Business
The music business is exciting and thrilling, but it is dangerous in the commercial sphere.  A band can quickly lose much more than its shirt, getting mired in the legal and financial quicksand.  Most musicians just want to make music.  As things get more complex, the practical factors can be daunting.  Like even getting gigs, working with local club owners, making a demo.

How do you know what is fair, what is expected?  How do you insure you will get paid.  What do you have to do besides show up and set up on time, and do what you really do -- play and sing your heart out!?  Stim has put together and admirable, even amazing set of easy-to-understand-and-follow guidelines.

Legally Lucid
This volume meets the normal high standards set by Nolo for a legal manual.  This articulate manual will serve as an ongoing reference for any band hoping to "make it big," even on the regional level.

The lucid detail addresses every aspect of business and logistics related to organizing and running a band and developing your business.  The book is written by a knowledgeable and articulate lawyer, who is very comfortable with the music industry.  Stim fulfills his stated purpose of dealing with all the important legal details necessary to protect the band as a group and its individual members.

The second part of his promise is happily fulfilled, that this book is written in normal English and can be used as a guide for your practical challenges.  Every aspect of each sphere of a band's life in performance and finance is covered  and forms and contracts printed in the book.

Stim does an admirable job of discussing each section of each contract or agreement, going section by section to provide instructions and explain options.  This book will serve as a manual for negotiations at each stage of a band's business life.  He clarifies and illustrates each topic or situation with actual real-life examples.

The book includes a CD companion that contains all the contracts and support documents in the book.  As with all Nolo products, the company website provides excellent update and other support.  Nolo provides an extensive legal free support system for its clients/customers.

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First review notes made and reviewed on Amazon 27 April 2010
Review posted on OJTR 2 May 2010

Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD
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