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The Carnival of Life
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
A review of the book by N D Wilson
Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl:  Wild-Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World (Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009.  201p.)

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The author has a humorous and perceptive perspective, in which he shares insights and questions with reflections on the philosophers of the western world and moral considerations.

Entertaining, and perceptive of the scientific and epistemological wonders of our universe.  there is no self-conscious, artificial religiosity here.  Nor is it an abstract dissertation of the mechanics of life processes or physics formulas.  This work is an enthusiastic acceptance of the mystery and wonder of the world around us.

This is a transparent, natural celebration of life and the wonders around us.  Wilson experiences all the obsrvations and events of the universe as it touches him in a grand open-arm gratitude.

This gratitude is exuded in terms of a firm faith in a Living God that encompasses the whole of creation.  Gratitude and celebration bubble over here in the form of Worship and Wonder.  Life is an exploration of the stupendous reality around us and every new discovery evokes expressions of gratitude, which are framed as worship.

This sort of gratitude and engagement with reality could renew the human commitment to care for the world around us, rather than persisting to selfishly destroy its beauty, integrity and qualtiy for short-term economic or material gain.  Wilson considers the questions of meaning and purpose that arise we we realize the complexity and intricacy of life on earth.

Wilson shares with us his admirable knowledge of the disciplines of scientific enquiry and knowledge, appearing to be well-read in the overlapping spheres of intellectual endevour, investigation and reflection.  His interdisciplinary, or cross-discplinary, perspectives bring a vibrance to the findings of science often missing in analytical approaches.

You will enjoy seeing the world as a dynamic entity with which we engage at every level, a refreshing view free from the stifling abstract view of the Modern analytical that sees everything as just a collection of inert objects.  Life and Reality come alive in Wilson's word portrait here.

Wilson writes in a thoughtful and powerful manner that does not take itself too seriously.  His book follows the philosophy it advocates – enjoy life, enjoy the ride, see where things take you.  But that does not mean he just meanders around.  He has a firm focus, and brings out this wonder and thrill of life to infuse the safari on which he leads us!

There is nothing dry, pedantic or traditional about this quirky, rich and well-crafted book.  Wilson is managing editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine.

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First reading notes written 10 September 2010
Reviewed on Amazon 31 January 2011
Developed 12 July 2011
Final review posted on Thoughts and Resources 14 July 2011

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