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Did God Create the World?
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

How did this world exist? Is it created by God? Will God destroy it some day?

Various theories of "auto-genesis" (that the universe created ITSELF) share the same weakness.  They cannot account for the intelligence or causation factor -- how something could come out of nothing, especially from a non-intelligent source.

The difference in this perspective and a theocentric (God-centered, or God-based) explanation is that the claims related to God indicate plan, intention and purpose -- that is, intelligence and will.  This does explain the cause, and perhaps the reason, why something could begin existing.  

The Problem of Purpose
The non-theistic theory of auto-genesis leaves unanswered the question of cause and purpose.  Thus there is a good rational support for the belief that a Creator created the universe (by whatever process).  A common English term for this is "God."

I believe this is a more satisfactory explanation.  A self-existent, thinking, ultimate being makes more sense than a dead clump of matter or energy that decided (!) to become!  Where is the intelligence, the initiative!?  How did the forces come into play that led the original life activity to develop?

The End of the World
Most religious concepts of the world claim that the world as we know it will be reclaimed, recreated, purified, or whatever, to restore it to the original intended state.

Destruction of part (the evil, corrupting influences) or all (to start over afresh) of it are portrayed in various scenarios.  Various Christian apocalyptic views include some scenario of destruction and renewal and establishment of total justice.  Non-Christian apocalyptic views are similar.

The general Christian view is that God will purge evil in a final judgement and establish right and good in a new era that will no longer be subject to the corrupting influences of humanity we currently see.  The various views do not agree on how this will be done.

The discussions of this in the Bible are in symbols, with no direct "teaching" on the matter, but the common thread is that right and justice will ultimately win.  This is the hope of the believer, and faith in God, as he was revealed in Jesus of Nazareth, is the basis of salvation and success.

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First written 14 Nov 2000 on an internet discussion group.
First posted 12 September 2005
Last edited 12 December 2007

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