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Does God Really Exist?
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

Does God really exist?  (Is there really a God?)

Well, it depends on what you mean by the term "God" and what you mean by the term "exist."  These terms refer to different concepts in different worldviews.

Probably it is best to ask the question in a more practical manner, like "What does the term 'God' refer to." Much of our problems are. The different things people think when they use the term "God."  

It is pretty hard to explain how everything comes to be with no source!  The word "God" -- or other names some people might use -- refer to that source.

Out of Control?
How much of life around can you control?  Well, all the rest of it, the parts you can't control (most of it -- other people, the weather, death, etc.) has some force, or substance holding it together, allowing it to work.  

What is that force?  Well, the name or word is not critical, but whatever it is, that is what we mean by God.  It does not make sense that there is not something summing up everything.  

We normally believe everything has some cause or source.  Why should the whole of everything be the only thing that has no source?  That is a very funny concept!

A basic definition of God might be "That without which nothing else would or could exist" or "The basis of whatever exists."  This is the simple core of the Christian claim.

Minds in Alignment
Besides this, experience of hundreds of millions in the history of the world indicate that there is a personal, not just an intelligent and powerful, aspect of "God."  I would think it is better to be properly in tune, alignment or relationship with the ultimate source, or purpose or goal of the universe, cooperating with it, not crossways with it.  

God, Religions and Faith
Various people have different ideas of how getting right with God, or in "tune" with God, is done, and that is why there are "religions."  Religions are not the same as faith, but usually involve an aspect of faith.  

I believe it is in trusting the Creator, who I understand to have only good intentions for us, that whatever he "leads" to will be better than what I in my limited knowledge of the forces of the universe could have decided.  


First written December 2000 on an internet discussion group.
Last posted 12 September 2005

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