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Was it 4 B.C.?
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
Question: The second millenium since Jesus started no later than 1997, or was it 1996?  Anyway, happy new year, but not new millenium.

You are right, in two ways:

1. 2000 years of our current calendar are not over yet.

2.  But it is more than 2000 years since Jesus was born!  Ironic isn't it?

4 - 7 B.C.
2000 years from the actual birth of Jesus was 1996 at the latest, because King Herod died in 4 BC, by our revised history, but more likely 1994, to allow for the 2 years by age of the babies he killed, but possibly as far back as 7BC by some scholars.

We Now Know Better
These proposed dates indicate the greater knowledge of fact available to us, but also a changed cultural concept of knowledge and how you get it!  They counted with what they knew and thought they had it right, after some adjustments way back when.  So our calendar does not accurately measure the time since Jesus' birth.

Almost 2000
But using the current calendar, we assume it is measuring 2000 years.  By that calendar, we have ENTERED the 2000th year, as pointed out, and we will COUNT the year as tallied (finished) when we finish it.

But then, by the Muslim calendar it was only 1420, and for the Berbers it was 2950.  in China it was 4698.  And on the Julian Calendar, still in use in certain places, it was only 1999.

Cheers for the New Year and the New Millennium, whatever calendar you use.
Originally written in 1999
Page updated 1 January 2010

Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD

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