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New articles in 2006 -- Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
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               List of all Articles Updated in 2006

** January (6)

Aramaic Primacy -- Was the New Testament
      First Written in Aramaic?
Names of God and Words for God: Thoughts
      on Beliefs and Usages
Koine Greek as a Mother Tongue
Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa
Peoples and Languages
How Do You Know?

** February (1)

Christian Persecution

** March (4)

Italians and Race
The Yansi of Democratic Republic of Congo
Hebrew Usage in the First Century

** April (8)

The Dinka of Sudan
The Gwikwe of Namibia and Botswana
The Mbarakwengo Bushmen of the Kalahari
The Nsenga People of Mozambique
Looking for the Nyanga-li, Gbati-ri and
      Mayeka Language Cluster of DRC
The Nyankore of Uganda
The Suba of Kenya and Tanzania
The Turkana of Kenya

** May (9)

Arabic in East Africa
Botswana:  Country Profile
The Daju of Sudan and Chad
Ethnicity in a Multi-cultural Society:
   What is meant by "Hispanic" or "Latino" in the United  States?
The Lomwe of Mozambique and Malawi
The Masalit of Sudan and Chad
"Nation" & "People" in Hebrew and Greek
The Taabwa of DRC and Zambia
Transfer of Language Experience

** June (7)

Dealienation:  Thoughts on Culture Acquisition
      in Language Learning
Language:  The Window to Their World
Learning as a Communication Event
The Nubi of Kenya (old topic rewritten)
Scots, Irish and English
Stories and Storytelling: Reclaiming our Oral Heritage
Storytelling for Learning and Teaching

** July (2)

Concerns with the Lighthouse Lambast:
      A Response to an Attack on Major
      Christian Mission Movements
Rough Edges of Ethnicity:
       Determining Ethnicity in the Changing Streams
      of Language and Culture

** August (2)

Language, Tribe and Ethnic Clusters:  Analyzing
      the Ndengereko Cluster in Tanzania
Dialects, Languages and Ethnicity

** September (23)

Ethnicity, Language and Population
Polity, Funding and Authority in Southern Baptist Life
What is an Ethnic Group?

Book Reviews (17) [TXT]
     A New Testament Window into First Century Jewish Literature
     Christians Started with a Greek Old Testament
     Critical Thought Construction
     Divine Concepts Compete
     Jewish Analysis of Christian Beginnings with Paul
     Maturing Dead Sea Scrolls Scholarship
     More Speculation about Angels
     Postmodern Challenges to a Rising Evangelicalism
     Recurring Classic of Western Christian Mysticism
     Refreshing Current Outlook on the Old Testament Makes Sense
     Saved without the Overt Gospel? -- A Deep Analysis
     Sci Fi Foundations of Space Science
     Textual Themes and Language Variations in the late Prophets
     Texas Roots in American Music
     Thessalonica, Qumran and the Cult of the Emperor
     Too Much Supposition
     Umbanda, Spirits and Demons and Christianity

Genealogy (3)
     Arthur Carthel Jenkins
     Joseph Asa Jenkins Family Notes
     Orville Lee Jenkins

** October (5)

Book Reviews [TXT]
     Civilian Kirk Commands a non-Federation Enterprise
     Fantasies and Fictions:  Mary Magdalene as the Gaulic Christian Goddess
     It's OK Not to Know Everything
     More Fantasies and Fictions:  Mary Magdalene and an Epic of Scholarly Sleight-of-Hand
     Time as Experience and Idea

** November (10)

Amhara Clothing
Amhara-Tigrinya Names
Faith or Fate  
The Kore of Kenya -- Maasai or Somali?
Kwavi, Baraguyu and Maasai -- Dialects, Historical Names and Ethnicities

Book Reviews (5) [TXT]
     Postmodernism – The Church's Challenge and Opportunity
     Reclaiming the Greek Heritage: A Modern Mathematical Philosophy
     Supersymmetry:  Microperceptions in a Theory of Everything
     Too Honest for the White House
     What Did You Say This Book is About?

** December (18)

Language Continuums and People Clusters:
 Adjusting Ethnic Entities in Reference to Language Research Updates (Ndengereko/Yao)

Book Reviews (17) [TXT]
     Archaeology and the Biblical Texts
     Are We Free, and Does God Really Love Us?
     The Awe of Scientific Discovery
     Backdoor Insights into the Essene Community
     Bringing Deuteronomy to Life
     Colorful, Agonizing Clydebank Culture
     Delay, Deception and Delivery of the Dead Sea Scrolls
     The Gospel of Judas -- Is this Really Good News?
     Gospel Time Travel
     Pastoral Teaching in the High Methodist Tradition
     A Phenomenology of Jesus
     Practicing the Presence of God
     Pre-History of the World's Favorite Mystery Island
     A Real-Science Time Travel Plan!
     Souls from Science
     The Watchers are Judged
     Weird Physics

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Permission granted for free download and transmission for personal or educational use.  Please give credit and link back.  Other rights reserved.

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