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Civilian Kirk Commands a non-Federation Enterprise
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins
A review of the book by William Shatner, with Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Star Trek - The Ashes Of Eden (NY:  Pocket Books, 1995. 303p.)
Also available in paperback

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This is the first Star Trek novel that William Shatner collaborated on.  He has since collaborated on others and written many on his own, in addition to the successful Tek Wars, which was made in to a TV series.  I read the original hardback version of the book, which is now out of print.  A paperback edition now keeps the story in circulation.

Here we find a retired, now civilian, James Kirk in a new adventure to save an independent planet recognized by the Federation, but claimed by both the Romulan and the Klingon Empires.  Kirk is once again asked to become the Captain of the Enterprise.

But the Enterprise is no longer a Federation Ship.  She has now been decommissioned and stripped of much of her equipment, too top-secret to be allowed on a now-civilian vessel.  The vessel has been bought by an independent planet, Chal, and handed to Kirk, for his new assignment.  That assignment is unclear at first, but the full story gradually is revealed, and Kirk finds himself on a different adventure than he first imagined.

Kirk's former crew under Captain Sulu get caught up in a high-level plot to undermine the whole Federation, and the trail leads right to the top.  A showdown occurs at the planet Kirk has been contracted to save, where Kirk's former crew are pitted against Kirk and his new planetary defense force.

Kirk finds himself facing down the Commander in Chief of the Federation, who shows up to join his special team, Sulu and crew, in a new twist of this strange scenario developing on planet Chal.  Kirk in his new role on behalf of Chal, is captain of the private, remiliatarized Enterprise as a defense ship for the almost defenseless planet.

A secret treasure of information the planet holds a key to interpreting this mystery, unexpected even by the beleaguered inhabitants who invited Kirk to develop a defense for them.

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First written and Posted on Thoughts and Resources and Amazon.com 12 October 2006
Last edited 29 April 2010

Orville Boyd Jenkins, EdD, PhD
Copyright © 2006 Orville Boyd Jenkins
Permission granted for free download and transmission for personal or educational use.  Other rights reserved.

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