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Music Bibliography

Music Productions

1971     "New Light for a New Day," Record Album, with The New Light; Producer, editor, vocalist, guitarist.  Conway, Arkansas: Quest Records.
             Original songs on this album:
                        Age of Worry (Written by Orville)
                        A God Who Cares (Written by Orville)
                        Pretend to Pretend (Written by Orville)
                        She's Gone (Written by Jerry Foshee)
                        Without Love (Written by Jerry Foshee)

1972     "The CrossFire Kenya Album," Cassette Album of CrossFire; Producer, Editor. Nairobi: Baptist Communications Centre.

1977     "The Mary Ballance Concert," Cassette Album by Mary Ballance; Producer, Editor. Nairobi: Baptist Communications Centre.

1993     "Qasiidooyin Ilaah Amman Ah," Somali Language Hymnal on Tape; Producer, Editor. Nairobi: SIM International, Radio Department.

1994     "Wisdom Blues," Cassette Album by the Jazz Group Some Guys; Producer, editor, saxophonist, guitarist, vocalist, graphics setup of album cover.  Private Production by Orville Boyd Jenkins and Some Guys.
             Original songs on this album:
                        I See the Glory
                        Christ is Wisdom
                        I've Been Practicing
                        I Will Lift You Up

                "Blackaby Renewal Conference: Musical Selections," Music from the Experiencing God conference by Dr. Henry Blackaby, Limuru, Kenya.  Producer, Editor.  4-hour cassette tape collection.  Nairobi: Baptist Area Office.


1982     English text adaptation from Swahili, of song by M. Mutsoli, with Nathan Corbitt, "The Way, The Truth, The Life," Tumsifu Mungu Kwa Sauti ya Kienyeji. Nairobi: Baptist Music Publications.

1988     "Bless the Lord," in KenKug Newsletter, July. (Original composition and staff notation on computer software.)

1994     "Mwanga ni Mwema," Nyimbo za Imani Yetu. Nairobi: Kenya Baptist Media, song no. 258. (Swahili translation of English gospel hymn "Walking in Sunlight.")

Additionally on the World Wide Web

2000     Desire of Nations.  The Jenkins Millennium Cultural Centre

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Last updated 18 June 2013
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