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Music has been a part of my life as long as I remember.  Music is an expression of the creative image of God in us.  I play music to please God, and enjoy it for him.  I enjoy many styles of music from many cultures.

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My Music Interests

Since September 2011 I have played saxophone in the worship band of Crossroads of Arlington Church (Pantego, Arlington, Texas).  In 2010 and 2011 I was the saxophonist in the worship team of Sagamore Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.  When I first moved back to Texas in 2009, I played saxophone in the worship team of North Pointe Baptist Church (Now Life Church) in Arlington, Texas.  I also played bass guitar at Northpointe the last few months I was there.

Before moving to Texas, I was living in Edenvale, South Africa (near Johannesburg) for three years.  There I played tenor saxophone with worship bands at Edenvale Baptist Church as well as other music events.  For the three years before moving to South Africa I played sax for the Silverback Blues Burners of Richmond, Virginia.

While in Richmond, I also played saxophone in two worship bands.  In addition, I write gospel songs and play and sing with the guitar.  I also like to play bass guitar periodically, and have participated in several bluegrass and gospel music programs.

I grew up in the radio business, so learned the music and business sides of it together.  I had early music training in graded choirs in my church, first Baptist Church of Quanah, Texas.  I played tenor saxophone in school band from grade 5.  I taught myself to play guitar my first year in college, and played with a couple of country bands during that period.

In college, though a Philosophy major and French minor, I took several courses in Music Theory, to improve my composing and arranging for, first a folk group, then a band I was leading during that period.

My Favorite Styles

I like many styles, but resonate most with blues, both hot and slow.  I like electric blues, some traditional Delta Blues.  I like classic rock and roll, which has much blues flavor.  Bands like Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Lynnard Skynnard were great blues interpreters.

I like some forms of jazz, and the baroque period has a special attraction.  I don't care for opera, and prefer a trained, but more natural-sounding, voice.

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