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Why Should I Believe in God?
Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

Why Should I Believe in God?

The word "should" is an interesting one -- usually indicating force or compulsion, or obligation.  Basically from that perspective, you shouldn't.

But on the other hand, it is nice to try to understand the forces beyond us which we cannot understand, which is just about everything outside ourselves!  It is an opportunity, not a compulsion.

But then again, what are your options for some understanding of life that is beyond the limits of your control?  In that sense, yes, everyone should believe in God.  It does not make sense not to.  Read further.

The Real Question
The more realistic question is more like, "Why not believe in God?"  That is the question I have never heard an adequate answer to.  It is pretty hard to explain how everything comes to be with no source!  The word "God" or other names, refer to that source.

How much of life around you can you control?  Well, all the rest of it, the parts you can't control (most of it -- other people, the weather, death, etc.) has some force, or substance holding it together, allowing it to work.  

What is that?  Well, the name or word is not critical, but whatever it is, that is what we mean by God.  It does not make sense that there is not something summing up everything.  

The Source?
We normally believe everything has some cause or source.  Why should the WHOLE of everything be the only thing that has no source?  Isn't that a funny concept?

Besides this, the recorded experience of hundreds of millions in the history of the world indicate that there is a personal, not just an intelligent and powerful, aspect of "God."  

I would think it is better to be in proper tune, alignment or relationship with the ultimate source, or purpose or goal of the universe, cooperating with it, not crossways with it.  

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Topic first addressed on an Internet discussion group December 2000
Finalized article Posted 24 June 2005

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