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My reading goal for 2012 was 145 books.  This was a busy year, but I just made that goal, reading the last one on 31 December

Finished (145)

Achtemeier, Elizabeth.  Not Til I Have Done:  A Personal Testimony.  Louisville:  Westminster John Knox, 1999.  127p.  (Achtemeier and her husband studied in Heidelberg for a year then for a longer period in Basel, where they studied under Karl Barth and other biblical scholars and theologians.  She tells the story of her experiences in calling and following God in faith.  She emphasizes how the written Word in the Bible mediated and affirmed the Living Presence of the Risen Christ in her life.  She and her husband Bud taught in several places, but for long at Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, retiring there in 1997.  Achtemeir was a professor of Old Testament and Preaching.  She is well-known as a speaker in various venues on many topics of faith and theology, as well as social justice. See the book on Amazon with my review.)  Bought 1 August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-4 November 2012.  Biography (Theology)

Acquinas, Thomas, trans Richard J Regan, ed William P Baumgarth etal.  On Law, Morality and Politics.  Indianapolis/Cambridge:  Hackett Publishing, 2002.  224p.  Bought 25 October 2010 in Round Rock, Texas.  Read 10-14 February 2012.  Philosophy

Adeleye, Femi.  Preachers of a Different Gospel.  Grand Rapids and Nairobi:  HippoBooks (Zondervan, Word Alive etal), 2011.  148p.  Bought 5 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 8 April 2012.  Theology

Ahmad, Salman with Robert Schroeder.  Rock and Roll Jihad:  A Muslim Rock Star's Revolution.  NY:  Free Press, 2010.  229p.  (The autobiograpy of a Pakistani Sufi musician who founght prejudice and police to play the kind of music he wanted and proclaim the message of peace and non-violence he believed in, until he became a world-famous rock presence and influence.  See my review of the book on Amazon.)  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-26 March 2012.  Autobiography

Allen, Robert G.  Multiple Streams of Income.  Multiple Streams of Income, 2001.  Audio Presentation.  (An audio recording of a live course by Allen.)  Received as a gift 21 January 2012.  Heard 24 January 2012.  Business

Allender, Dan B.  Sabbath.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009.  212p.  (A volume in the Ancient Practices series.)  Bought 11 August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25 September 2012.  Faith and Life

Alpert, Hollis.  Burton.  (A detailed biography of Richard Walter Jenkins, the Welsh actor better known as Richard Burton.)  NY:  G P Putnam's Sons, 1986.  270p.  Bought 15 October 2009 in Richmond, Texas.  Read 30 March - 6 April 2012.  Biography

Azumah, John.  My Neighbour's Faith:  Islam Explained for African Christians.  Grand Rapid:  HippoBooks (Zondervan)/WordAlive:  Nairobi, 2008.  162p.  Bought 2 July 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5-8 July 2012.  Religions (Islam)

Bauder, Kevin T etal.  Four Views of the Spectrum of Evangelicalism.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2011.  222p.  Bought 5 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26-27 May 2012.  Theology

The Book of Jasher.  Springville, Utah:  CFI, 2010.  259p.  (Reprint of an anonymous 1840 translation of the Hebrew manuscript purported to be the ancient Book of Jasher, referred to in Joshua and 2 Samuel as a source.  Sections of this read like they could have been the real Book of Jasher, but parts of it read like a later knockoff version of the story.  There are some tipoffs in terminology and naming that indicates at least sections of it were written quite late in Hebrew/Jewish history.  The reference Ur of the Chaldeans, for instance, is a late reference, since in the time of Abraham, the city of Ur and surrounding area of Mesopotamia did not belong to the Chaldeans.  The latter were a people father down river toward the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates, who took over the Assyrian Empire in the 500s BC.  The famous Nebuchadnezzar was a Chaldean.  It was the Chaldeans who conquered Jerusalem and took groups of Judeans into exile in their domains of Babylon.  The phrase "Ur of the Chaldees" (Ur of the Chaldeans) comes from that era of the Babylonian Exile, when the Chaldeans has conquered Babylon and the Assyrian Empire.  See my review on Amazon.)  Bought 7 April 2012.  Read 8-16 April 2012.  Theology (History)

Braden, Gregg.  The Divine Matrix:  Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief.  NY:  Hay House, 2007.  212p.  (Braden discusses recent findings and theories about the stable field of life and how human emotion affects our DNA and how the presence of DNA - with the emotional effects it bears at the time - affect photons and the structure of the universe.)  Bought 8 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-21 December 2012.  Science

Bronleewe, Matt.  Illuminated.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2007.  314p.  Bought in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-25 August 2012.  Fiction

Brown, Don.  Black Sea Affair.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2008.  322p.  Bought 2 July 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-11 June 2012.  Fiction

Brown, Raymond E, Karl P Donfried and John Reumann, Eds.  Peter in the New Testament.  Minneapolis:  Augsburg Press/NY:  Paulist Press, 1973. 180p.  (A study by Protestant and Catholic scholars of the books and passages of the New Testament that talk about Peter, looking at his role and personality.)  Bought April 1982 in Nairobi, Kenya.  A portion read earlier.  Read 28 June - 1 July 2012.  Bible

Buchan, John.  The Thirty-Nine Steps.  Boston:  Houghton-Mifflin, 1915, 1919.  231p.  (This was an original edition 1919 bought in an estate sale.  This is a story about German spies posing as Brits, what later came to be called "sleeper agents" in the UK before World War I, at the brink of the war.)  Bought February 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-24 July 2012.  Fiction

Bugliosi, Vincent.  No Island of Sanity.  NY:  Library of Contemporary Thought, 1998.  147p.  Borrowed 6 January 2012 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 6-7 January 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Burstein, Dan and Arne de Keijzer etal.  Secrets of the Lost Symbol:  The Unauthorized Guide to the Mysteries Behind The Da Vinci Code Sequel.  NY:  William Morrow (HarperCollins), 2010.  410p.  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 24-28 June 2012.  Philosophy

Campbell, Harry.  Whatever Happened to Tanganyika?:  The Place Names that History Left Behind.  London:  Portico (Nova Books), 2009.  158p.  Bought 8 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 9-13 December 2012.  History

Carlson, David.  Peace Be With You:  Monastic Wisdom for a Terror-Filled World.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2011.  276p.  Bought June 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18-21 October 2012.  Faith and Life

Chalker, William H.  Science and Faith:  Understanding Meaning, Method and Truth.  Louisville/London:  Westminster John Knox, 2006.  218p.  Bought 10 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-12 February 2012.  Philosophy

Chilton, John.  Jazz.  NY:  David McKay/London:  Hodder and Stoughton, 1979.  186p.  (This is an excellent historical and stylistic review of the jazz musical phenomenon.  A book in the Teach Yourself series, this is written by an accomplished musician and band leader.  This volume proves him also a skilled analyst and reporter of history and personality.  This was an informative and delightful history with no names left out no event or development uncovered.  Chilton covers the cultural and economic factors in the development of a unique form of music and its creative variations, formal and popular.  See my full review on Amazon.)  Bought 11 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-14 January 2012.  Music (Biography)

Clements, Greg.  Websites Suck, Squeeze Pages Rule! RealeFlow, Inc, 2010.  Ebook, 79p.  Read 4 February 2012.  Business

Colvin, Geoff.  The Upside of the Downturn:  Ten Management Strategies to Prevail in the Recession and Thrive in the Aftermath.  NY:  Portfolio (Penguin), 2009.  182p.  Bought 8 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 30-31 December 2012.  Business

Craddock, Fred B.  Luke.  Louisville:  Westminster John Knox Press, 2009.  298p.  (A volume in the Interpretation Bible Commentary series for Preachers and Teachers.)  Bought 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 28 October - 2 November 2012.  Bible

Cross, Kevin.  Embezzlement:  A True Crime Story.  Alachua, Florida:  Bridge Logos Foundation, 2010.  227p.  Bought 7 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 27-31 January 2012.  Biography

Day of Discovery Television.  The Life of C S Lewis.  Grand Rapids:  Day of Discovery, 2005.  DVD, 4-part series.  Received as a gift 25 December 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Viewed 5 January 2012.  Biography

De Haan, Jakob and Sander Oosterloo and Dirk Schoenmaker.  Financial Markets and Institutions:  A European Perspective.  NY/Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2012.  467p.  (This is a very readable university level textbook on finance and economics.  This is an excellent analysis of the principles and processes involved in current financial markets and the institutions that are involved.  The writers focus on the European market and discuss the political and social factors involved in the economics of Europe.  The historical perspective is helpful, reviewing the development of Europe since WWII into an integrated, multi-level cooperative community.  This book is quite readable, and these authors have excelled in balancing detailed coverage with maintaining flow and clarity.  The factors they discuss will provide focus for the problems facing the US and other world economies in the long-term recovery now needed.  See my full review of this book on Amazon).  Review Received copy received from the publisher 30 November 2012.  Read 3-29 December 2012.  Business

Dick, Michael B.  Reading the Old Testament:  An Inductive Introduction.  Peabody, Mass:  Hendrickson Publishers, 2008.  367p.  Bought 1 September 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 12 October - 3 November 2012.  Bible

Dickerson, Matthew.  The Mind and the Machine:  What it means to be Human and Why it Matters.  Grand Rapid:  BrazosPress, 2011.  230p.  (Dickerson discusses the concept of computers and self-consciousness, in the broader context of the mind-matter question.  He reviews the physicalist argument that nothing exists except physical and biological processes, and a brain that has developed as a biological machine, with no mind or identity behind or within it.  He discusses common arguments of physicalists, who deny any mental or spiritual reality, pointing out the logical fallacies and circular reasoning, with ample examples from all the major proponents.  This is a clear and detailed philosophical discusssion, with practical implications for daily personal and social life.  He concludes that physicalism is an insufficient philosophy to account for reality and is in fact self-contradictory.  See my review on Amazon.)  Bought 3 May 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-5 July 2012.  Philosophy

Dobson, Ed.  The Year of Living Like Jesus:  My Journey of Discovering What Jesus Would Really Do.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2009.  291p.  Bought 9 July 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 28-30 November 2012.  Faith and Life

Donnelly, Ignatius.  Atlantis:  The Antediluvian World.  NY:  Dover Publications, 1976.  490p.  Received as a gift Christmas 2011.  Read 16-21 September 2012.  Peoples and Cultures

Duvall, Scott J and J Daniel Hays.  Journey Into God's Word:  Your Guide to Understanding and Applying the Bible.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2007.  160p.  Bought 3 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 6-7 April 2012.  Bible

Evans, Rachel Held.  Evolving in Monkey Town:  How a Girl Who Knew all the Answers Learned to Ask Questions.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2010.  232p.  Bought 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 7-10 August 2012.  Faith and Life

Feldhahn, Shaunti.  The Male Factor:  The Unwritten Rules, Misperceptions, and Secret Beliefs of Men in the Workplace.  Colorado Springs:  Multnomah, 2009.  320p.  Bought 1 March 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 27-31 July 2012.  Science (Psychology, Genetics)

Fields, Doug and Erik Rees.  Descubriendo tus Talentos:  Para Dejar Una Marca En El Mundo.  Miami, Florida:  Editorial Vida, 2011.  215p.  Bought October 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 30 November - 2 December 2012.  Faith and Life

Fowler, Thomas B and Daniel Kuebler.  The Evolution Controversy:  A Survey of Competing Theories.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2007.  382p.  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-8 December 2012.  Philosophy (Philosophy of Science)

Fox, Elio.  Rome:  In History - In Christianity - In Civilization.  Verona, Italy:  Edizione AGB, 1973.  Received as a gift from an estate library in Lindsay, Oklahoma March 2011.  Read 31 January - 1 February 2012.  History (Architecture)

Freddoso, David.  Gangster Government:  Barack Obama and the New Thuggocracy.  Washington, DC:  Regnery Publishers, 2011.  256p.  (Another anti-Obama book, following up on the author's The Case Against Barack Obama.) Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 17-19 November 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Frost, Michael.  Jesus the Fool:  The Mission of the Unconventional Christ.  Peabody, Massachusetts:  Hendrickson 2010.  208p.  Bought 5 November 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18 February 2012.  Church and Culture

Gallagher, Nora.  The Sacred Meal.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009.  143p.  Bought 5 April 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-2 August 2012.  Faith and Life

Garrett, Ginger.  Chosen:  The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther.  Colorado Springs:  David Cook, 2010.  288p.  (A story about Esther of the biblical story.) Bought 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-4 September 2012.  Fiction

Gempf, Conrad.  Jesus Asked What He Wanted to Know.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2003.  152p.  (Interesting and insightful study of Jesus' use of questions in his teachings and in answering the questions of his critics.)  Bought 3 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 22-23 May 2012.  Bible

Gerson, Michael and Peter Wehner.  City of Man:  Religion and Politics in the New Era.  Chicago:  Moody, 2010. 140p.  (Two experienced political observers comment on the role of organized religion and personal faith in contemporary American politics.  They discuss the radicalizing of political questions and factions in recent decades and analyze the erroneous assumptions on which the Religious Right was built and how this has short-changed Evangelical Christians and led to a wholesale rejection of Christian faith in reaction to the simplistic and negative perspective presented by the Religious Right.  They discuss the biblical and theological problems with identifying God's kingdom with any political party, government or nation.  See the book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 4-5 November 2012.  American Politics and Culture (Theology)

Glavin, Terry.  The Sixth Extinction.  NY:  Thoma Dunne Books/St Martin's Press, 2006.  318p.  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 23-26 May 2012.  Science

Goldingay, John.  Numbers and Deuteronomy for Everyone.  Louisville, Kentucky:  Westminster John Knox, 2010.  206p.  Bought 1 August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-16 August 2012.  Bible

Graham, Billy and Ruth.  This Christmas Night: Reflections from Our Hearts to Your Home.  Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007.  189p.  Received as a gift 5 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 22 December 2012.  Faith and Life

Graziosi, Dean.  Profit from Real Estate Now:  What's Working Now.  Dean Graziosi Education, 2010.  110p. Bought 24 February 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  A portion read 21 October 2011.  Finished 2 April 2012.  Business

Graziosi, Dean.  Your Town, Your Real Estate Profits.  DeanGraziosi.com:  Dean Enterprises, 2009.  325p. Received as a gift from the author 16 February 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Read 19-23 February 2012.  Business

Green, Joel B.  Reading Scripture as Wesleyans.  Nashville:  Abingdon, 2010.  186p.  Bought 3 May 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25-27 August 2012.  Theology

Guffin, Gilbert.  The Gospel in Isaiah.  Nashville:  Convention Press, 1968.  327p.  Borrowed 6 January 2010 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 6 January 2012.  Bible

Guillén, Michael.  Can a Smart Person Believe in God?  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2004.  170p. (This former ABC News Science Correspondent is also a theoretical physicist.  He discusses the logical fallacies of the religious campaign among the atheist minority in the scientific community, and presents the perspective of the vast majority of scientists about the wonder and mystery of the universe.  He discusses the religious aspects of scientism.  He develops a view he calls Stereoscopic perspective encouraging people to consider reality from the full range of our spiritual and material perceptions in combination.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 3 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26-27 March 2012.  Science

Gulley, Philip and James Mulholland.  If Grace is True:  Why God Will Save Every Person.  NY:  HarperSanFrancisco, 2004.  224p.  Bought 7 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 13-15 December 2012.  Theology

Gwynne, S C.  Empire of the Summer Moon:  Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History.  NY:  Scribner, 20120.  371p.  Bought 25 April 2009 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-18 June 2012.  History (Native America)

Gungor, Ed.  There is More to the Secret.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2007.  133p.  Bought 3 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-5 March 2012.  Faith and Life

Halter, Hugh and Matt Smay.  The Gathered and the Scattered Church.  Grand Rapids:  Leadership Network (Zondervan), 2010.  206p.  Bought 7 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 15 February 2012.  Church and Culture

Harrison, Nonna Verna.  God's Many-Splendored Image:  Theological Anthropology for Christian Formation.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2010.  207p.  (Harrison bridges the gap often found between scholarly and devotional writing.  Her study introduces us to the concepts of the early Christian centuries concerning the idea of humanity in God's image.  Likewise she keeps us focused on the meaning of this for our attitudes, relationships and daily living.  Western Christians will benefit greatly from her meaningful reference to eastern and African forms of Christian faith and the foundational early movements of this vibrant practical faith in the first 4 centuries.  The author investigates the implications of the Image of God for the critical biblical and social themes of Social Justice, care of the earth and the meaning of community in our modern urban and technological world.  She does not avoid the difficult and serious implications of the belief that all humans are bearers of the image of God, whether "saved" or not.  Every individual has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, by virtue of the biblical teaching of the common image of God in the original creation.  This book will help you go beyond the ordinary while your feet are firmly planted in real daily life.  (See my review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 2 December 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-3 February 2012.  Theology

Hay-Whitton, Lesley and Pippa Parker, eds.  South Africa Magic Land.  Cape Town:  Struik Publishers, 1995.  144p.  Received as a gift in December 2008 in Edenvale, South Africa.  Read 18 July 1 August 2012.  Peoples and Cultures

Healy, Mary.  The Gospel of Mark.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2008.  349p.  (A volume in the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture.)  Bought 3 July 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 8-20 July 2012.  Bible

Heller, Andy and Scott Frank.  Money Talks.  RegularRiches, 2009.  Audio Presentation.  Heard 31 January 2012.  Business

Henson, Dennis.  Single Family Fortunes.  Arlington, Texas:  Vanguard Marketing and Investments, 2010.  Audiobook.  (This is an audio set of one of Dennis' courses on strategies in real estate investment.)  Gift from the author 2 July 2012.  Heard 2-3 July 2012.  Business

Hersh, Sharon A.  The Last Addiction:  Why Self Help is Not Enough.  Colorado Springs:  Waterbrook Press, 2008.  225p.  (This provides excellent insights on addictions.  A former alcoholic who has become a counselor for addicts tells her own and other stories.  This author provides important insights into the psychology and sociology of addiction.  The basic assertion of the book is that we cannot cure ourselves of addition - of any kind.  It is a community process.  She focuses on Forgiveness and Love as the curative attitudes and powers.  Written within a Faith framework, many of the addicts she deals with are active Christians, church leaders, teachers, respected business leaders, and yet they get caught up in self-destructive addictive behavior.  She deals with many kinds of addictions not just drugs but social and emotional addictions, including sex addictions of various kinds.  See the book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 18 October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 12-16 November 2012.  Psychology

Hillerman, Tony.  Hunting Badger.  Prince Frederick, Maryland:  HarperCollins/Recorded Books, 1999.  Audiobook.  (Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police is called to assist in a manhunt for three who robbed a Ute casino, killed one officer and wounded another.  His retired former boss Joe Leaphorn gets involved incidentally when he discovers the body of a rancher in the area, who has a suicide note on his computer naming himself and two accomplices as the robbers.  Of course, the feckless Feds who are in charge flub the case, and Chee and Leaphorn team up again from their separate sides of the case, though Leaphorn is now a civilian.  The charm and mystery of the west and the Indian cultures flows through the story, as Chee's uncle the shaman nears death and hands over to Chee the final secret Chee needs to be certified as his successor.  In the process, his uncle Hosteen Akai gives Chee a critical clue from the past to the identify the leader of the casino gang.  See this book with my review on GoodReadsSee this book with my review on Amazon.)  Borrowed 9 February 2012.  Heard 10, 13, 28 February 2012.  Fiction (Mystery)

Horowitz, David.  Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution:  The Alinsky Model.  Sherman Oaks, California:  David Horowitz Freedom Center, 2009.  51p.  Received as a gift 5 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5-6 March 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Hundley, Raymond C.  Will the World End in 2012?:  A Christian Guide to the Question Everyone's Asking.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2010.  184p.  Received as a gift 25 December 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1 January 2012.  Science

Hylton, Jim.  The Supernatural Skyline: Where Heaven Meets Earth.  Shippensburg, Pennsylvania: Destiny Image, 2010.  302p.  Bought 10 November 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 29-30 December 2012.  Church and Culture

The Irish Jesuits.  Sacred Space for Lent 2012.  Notre Dame, Indiana:  Ave Maria Press, 2011.  115p.  Read 12- October 2012.  Devotion

Iweala, Uzodinma. Beasts of No Nation.  Prince Frederick, Maryland:  HarperCollins/Recorded Books, 2005.  Audiobook.  (This story by a West African writer is recounted by an excellent narrator in African English accent, completing the context and atmosphere for this tale of a teen conscripted into one of the rebel guerilla armies in a West African Civil War.)  Borrowed 29 March 2012.  Heard 2-3 March 2012.  Fiction

Jethani, Skye.  With:  Reimagining the Way You Relate to God.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2011.  207p.  (Jethani, a pastor and teacher, presents an analysis and categorization of primary popular concepts in religious system.  He is especially concerned to show how 4 common approaches/theologies and lifestyles in American churches violate the concept of the Kingdom Jesus presents in the Gospels and miss the point.  That point is that the goal of faith is Relationship with God, not service to God.  The goal is God, not ritual or manipulation to get God to do what we need.  The goal is not to earn his favor by obedience or service, but just to Love Him as He Loves us.  Knowledge about God, Obedience to God's supposed commands, Working for God - these are not the point.  Being With God is the point.  Not satisfying a religious mandate or category of activities or beliefs, but organizing all of Life around God's relationship with us and Love for us! Refreshing and liberating, Skye captures perspectives here that most people never achieve with the miss-the-point church systems they encounter.  See the book on Amazon with my review.)  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-22 November 2012.  Church and Culture

Johnson, Dani.  Prospect and Close Your Way to Millions.  Http://DaniJohnson.com: 2006.  Audiobook.  Bought 15 December 2012.  Heard 15, 18 December 2012.  Business

Khan, the Aga.  The Memoirs of the Aga Khan.  London:  Cassell and Company, 1954.  350p.  Bought in 2006 in Edenvale, South Africa.  Read 8 January - 6 February 2012.  Biography (History)

Kieschnick, Gerald B.  Waking the Sleeping Giant:  The Birth, Growth, Decline, and Rebirth of an American Church.  St Louis:  Concordia Publishing House, 2009.  288p.  Bought 18 November 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-23 January 2012.  Theology (History)

King, Stephen.  The Colorado Kid.  Prince Frederick, Maryland:  Simon & Schuster/Recorded Books, 2005.  Audiobook.  (This is a different genre from King, known for his surreal horror suspense stories and movies.  This is a fascinating recounting of a puzzling death on a Maine island.  The story is told through the narration of two ancient newspaper reports to their young intern. I loved the recounting of the story by Jeffrey DeMunn, who interprets the tale of the two journalists perfectly in their charming rural Maine accent.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Borrowed 29 February 2012.  Heard 1-2 March 2012.  Fiction (Mystery)

Knight, George W.  The Illustrated Guide to Bible Customs and Curiosities.  Uhrichsville, OH:  Barbour, 2007.  256p.  Bought 3 October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 7-9 October 2012.  Bible Backgrounds

Kullberg, Kelly Monroe and Lael Arrignton, eds.  Faith and Culture:  The Guide to a Culture Shaped by Faith.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2008.  302p.  (This thoughtful and informative collection of short essays - two to four pages - looks at various aspects of culture and life which have been influenced or inspired by faith in various cultures and nations, but with emphasis on European and American societies.  Philosophers, artists, musicians, theologians, professors of literature and other disciplines - all look at the interaction of faith in the society.)  Bought June 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 23-24 November 2012.  Church and Culture

Kurtz, Stanley.  Radical-in-Chief:  Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism.  NY:  Threshold Editions, 2010.  485p.  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5-9 November 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Lane, Eric and Michael Oreskes.  The Genius of America:  How the Constitution Saved our Country - and Why it Can Happen Again.  NY:  Bloomsbury, 2007.  Bought 4 August 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25-26 January 2012.  History (American Politics and Culture)

Lang, J Stephen.  The Bible on the Big Screen:  A Guide From Silent Films to Today's Movies.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2007.  301p.  Received as a gift 25 December 2011 in Bedford, Texas.  Read 5-9 February 2012.  Church and Culture

LeGrand, Ron.  The New Masters of Real Estate.  Winter Park, Florida:  Celebrity Press, 2010.  194p.  Received as a gift from the author May 2012.  Read 7-13 May 2012.  Business

Levitin, Daniel J.  The World in Six Songs.  NY:  Dutton, 2008.  354p.  (In this fascinating book, Levitin discusses how music is connected to the way humans think and feel.  This volume is a safari into neurology, science of mind, musicology, religion and science.  Very informative and thoughtful, providing reflections on our human identity and our relationship to other life and the music of the spheres.)  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26 April - 1 May 2012.  Science/Psychology

Lindahl, David.  Multi-Family Millions.  Hoboken, New Jersey:  2008.  256p.  Received as a gift from the author 14 April 2012 in Dallas, Texas.  Read 15-27 April 2012.  Business

Lindahl, David.  Prospecting for Gold.  Rockland, Maryland:  RE Mentor, no date.  Video Presentation.  (A set of DVD video presentations on apartment complex rehab and market repositioning.  Lindahl walks through complexes of different size units analyzing, pointing out areas of concern, structuring of deals and evaluation of market value and liability, and rehab techniques and strategies.)  Received as a gift 21 January 2012.  Viewed 24 January 2012.  Business

MacArthur, John.  Anxious for Nothing.  Colorado Springs:  David C Cook, 2006.  220p.  (Focus for a home group study.)  Bought 11 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-14 January 2012.  Faith and Life

MacArthur, John.  The Jesus You Can't Ignore.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2008.  234p.  (Most casual readers will find benefit and a lot of positive value in this study.  But I found this to be as frustrating as other works of MacArthur's.  In previous studies of his books, I have been disappointed and frustrated that his prior philosophical commitments seem to prevent him from following through with the implications of the actual passage.  I generally find his comments and conclusions limited and even superficial.  He likes to be combative, but his belligerent approach often ignores and sidelines the valid gospel concerns of those he attacks.  MacArthur seems unaware of the historical, philosophical and culture-bound viewpoints that guide his own analysis and conclusions.  See this book online with my review on Amazon and GoodReads.)  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-22 May 2012.  Faith and Culture

MacDonald, Gordon.  Who Stole My Church:  What to Do When the Church You Love Tries to Enter the Twenty-first Century.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2007.  248p.  Bought 11 August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 4-7 September 2012.  Church and Culture

Mandisa, with Angela Hunt.  IdolEyes.  Carol Stream, Illinois:  Tyndale House Publishers, 2007.  239p.  (A winner of one season of American Idol, Mandisa was one of the oldest contestants.  This is her story of how her passion for music drove her, and how her faith enabled her to recognize doors s they opened, and the struggles along the way to musical success.  Autobiographical and inspiring.)  Bought 2 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2-6 May 2012.  Biography

Manwaring, Paul.  What on Earth is Glory?:  A Practical Approach to a Glory-Filled Life.  Shippenburg, PA:  Destiny Image, 2011.  220p.  (Focuses on concepts of "glory" in the Bible.  One interesting insight is that Glory is not limited to God, but God gives us glory, an often-overlooked aspect of the relationship of God to humans.)  Bought 2 May 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 6-7 October 2012.  Faith and Life

McLaren, Brian and Elisa Padilla and Ashley Bunting Sieber, eds.  The Justice Project.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books, 2009.  284p.  Bought 3 July 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-23 October 2012.  Church and Culture

McGraw, Robin.  Inside My Heart:  Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2006.  221p.  Read 12-13 February 2012.  Biography

McManus, Erwin Raphael.  Soul Craving:  An Exploration of the Human Spirit.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2006.  Pages not numbered - diary format.  (McManus has a dynamic focus on life, and an exciting multi-ethnic background.  He was born in El Salvador, emigrated to the US, majored in philosophy, and now serves a Pastor of the creative Mosaic church in Los Angeles, and a national consultant on change, culture, leadership and creativity.  His foundations as a philosophy major inform his theological reflections on life and faith, and he has plunged into the mystery and excitement of actually exploring the Gospels and the meaning of Faith outside the confines of organized religion.  His refreshing insights and challenges here will be encouraging to people at all stages of faith and non-faith.  See my full review of this book on Amazon.)  Bought 4 October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-21 November 2012.  Theology

McWilliams, Warren.  Where is the God of Justice:  Biblical Perspectives on Suffering.  Peabody, Mass:  Hendrickson, 2005.  259p.  Bought 3 July 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 29-31 August 2012.  Theology (Bible)

Mettey, Wendell E.  Meet Those who Met the Master.  (no location) http://m25m.org/theleastofthese, 2012.  123p.  (Read my review of this book on Amazon and GoodReads.)  Preview copy from the publisher for review received 23 October 2012.  Read 25-27 October 2012.  Bible Backgrounds

Miller, Donald.  Through Painted Deserts:  Light, God and Beauty on the Open Road.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2005.  256p.  (Real-Life Reflections and perceptions from real-life situations from the honest guy who wrote Blue Like Jazz.  A delightful travelogue with a point and a theme.  This guy is one of the funniest authors I've read, and poetic in his descriptions.)  Bought 20 October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 22-23 December 2012.  Faith and Life

Moody, Raymond A.  Life After Life.  NY:  HarperOne, 2000.  175p.  (25th Anniversary Edition, Updated and Expanded, of the 1975 classic on Near-Death Experiences.)  Bought 10 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-17 December 2012.  Science (Neurology, Philosophy)

Morgan, Christopher W and Robert A Peterson.  Is Hell For Real or Does Everyone Go to Heaven.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2011.  89p.  Bought 3 May 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5 May 2012.  Theology

Morris, J N.  Renewed by the Word:  The Bible and Christian Revival Since the Reformation.  Peabody, Mass:  Hendrickson, 2015.  160p.  Bought August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2 October 2012.  History (Theology)

Muller, Roland.  The Messenger, The Message, the Community:  Three Critical Issues for the Cross-Cultural Church Planter.  (no city) Canada:  CanBooks, 2010.  315p.  Preview copy from the publisher for review received 4 October 2012.  Read 13-17 October 2012.  Anthropology

Murray, David Kord.  Borrowing Brilliance:  The Six Steps to Business Innovation by Building on the Ideas of Others.  NY:  Gotham Books, 2009.  293p.  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 24-28 November 2012.  Business

Nichopoulos, George.  The King and Dr Nick:  What Really Happened to Elvis and Me.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2009.  270p.  Bought 9 July 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 10-16 September 2012.  Biography

Niffenegger, Audrey.  The Time Traveler's Wife.  Minneapolis:  HighBridge Audio, 2003.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 15 November 2012.  Heard 15-17 November 2012.  Fiction

Noland, Rory.  Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2011.  226p.  Bought 6 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 7-10 September 2012.  Faith and Life

Patrick, Darrin and Matt Carter.  For the City:  Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2010.  181p.  (These two non-traditional pastors, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in St Louis, Missouri, lay out their trek, their experiences and their vision for their churches and the church in America to serve their cities on their own terms in missional living.)  Bought 3 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5-6 August 2012.  Church and Culture

Paul, Ron.  End the Fed.  NY:  Grand Central Publishing, 2009.  212p.  (This is an excellent, readable, instructive book by an authority, Congressman and former candidate for President.  Paul provides helpful insights into the history of money and finance and the specific factors in the development and operation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US.  He documents the exploitative patterns and attitudes behind the Fed and the ignorance or active collusion in Congress, that led to the 2007-8 collapse.)  Bought 8 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 17- December 2012.  Economics

Olson, Roger E.  How to Be Evangelical Without Being Conservative.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2008.  202p.  Bought August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 28-29 September 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Perry, Tim, Ed.  The Legacy of John Paul II:  An Evangelical Assessment.  Downers Grove, Illinois:  IVP Academic, 2007.  327p.  Bought 7 January 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2-5 January 2012.  Religions

Piper, Everett.  South Why I am a "Liberal" and Other Conservative Ideas.  Tulsa, Oklahoma:  Camden House Books, 2010.  246p.  Bought 3 May 2012.  Read 24-27 July 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Piper, John.  A Sweet and Bitter Providence.  Wheaton:  Crossway, 2010.  159p.  Bought 18 October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-23 October 2012.  Bible

Poole, Bob, Jr.  Exploring Science and Belief.  Peabody, Massachusets:  Hendrickson Publishers, 2007.  128p.  Bought 10 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 10-11 February 2012.  Science

Reagan, Michael.  The New Reagan Revolution:  How Ronald Reagan's Principles Can Restore America's Greatness.  NY:  Thomas Dunne/St Martin's, 2010.  369p.  (I learned some good information and details I was not aware of from the Reagan era.  It seemed, however, that Michael left out some important considerations on some events or initiatives.  But this was a rational presentation of what has been called "Conservatism" and has been hijacked by some radical populist efforts and simplistic sloganeering.  I am glad I found this book.  Reagan explains some of the market mechanisms that make more sense of the common "conservative" proposals that make more sense than the cliche slogans that put people off.  Reagan further expresses none of the common emotional attitudes that have become associated with conservatism in the last 20-30 years:  mean, angry, hateful, disrespectful, derogatory, name-calling and casting personal slurs, even made-up, false charges and stories about opponents.  You probably get these in the email like I do.  Reagan decries the name-calling and evil tactics that have become a characteristic of so-called "conservative" attitudes in recent decades.  You may find you disagree with some of Reagan's analysis or proposals, but with his articulate presentation you can disagree rationally rather than emotionally.  Check out this book on Amazon and see my review there.)  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 9- November 2012.  American Politics and Culture

Roberts, Bob, Jr.  Glocalization:  How Followers of Jesus Engage the New Flat World.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2007.  208p.  Bought 2 December 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-5 February 2012.  Faith and Life

Roloff, Jurgen.  Revelation.  Minneapolis:  Fortress Press, 1993.  275p.  (A volume in the Continental Commentary.  Roloff has done an excellent job of summarizing the historical factors behind the symbols and images in Revelation, explaining how every one of them fits the current situation of the young Christian community in the precarious Roman environment of growing pressure in Asia Minor to publicly participate in Emperor Worship.  Roloff traces themes, images and concerns, even specific phrasing, in the Revelation to Jewish-Christian sources, and distinguishes these influences from the Gentile Christian influences in the mixed cultural setting of Asia Minor.  He maintains the integrity of the text, rightly rejecting the modern popular-culture "Rapture" cult of prediction and linear end-time scenario, to place the book of encouragement and hope in its proper historical and cultural context.  (See my review of this book on this website.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 10 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 10-16 January 2012.  Bible

Sarkozy, Nicolas.  Testimony:  France, Europe, and the World in the Twenty-First Century.  NY:  Harper Perennial, 2006.  211p.  (Sarkozy, President of the French Republic from 2007 to 2012, presents here his political and economic philosophy, and provides helpful insights into the relationships of France with its European partners and other world powers.  Sarkozy outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the French society and political life, with clear analysis and practical suggestions for how the problems can be addressed and solutions provided.  He wrote this volume the year before he was elected President.  The book provides important insights into the policies Sarkozy had followed in his previous ministerial positions in the French government and his goals as President.  Find this book on Amazon and read my review there.)  Bought 1 March 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18-21 June 2012.  Peoples and Cultures

Schlabach, Gerald W.  Unlearning Protestantism:  Sustaining Christian Community in an Unstable Age.  Grand Rapids:  Brazos, 2010.  272p.  Bought 2 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-6 October 2012.  Theology (History)

Seale, Patrick.  Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.  NY:  Random House, 1992.  339p.  Received as a gift 25 December 2011 in Bedford, Texas.  Read 28 February - 18 March 2012.  Biography

Seavey, Burton W.  Christian Meditation: Doorway to the Spirit.  Chicago:  IJN Publishing, 1988.  169p.  Bought 2 August 2012.  Read 3 August 2012.  Theology

Segler, Franklin M and Randall Bradley.  Christian Worship:  Its Theology and Practice.  Nashville:  Broadman and Holman, 2006.  333p.  (Third edition of the book originally written by Segler, late professor of Pastoral Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Randall Bradley is professor of Church Music and Director of the Church Music program at Baylor University).  Bought 4 August 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 5-6 January 2012.  Theology

Shah, Hannah.  Imam's Daughter:  My Desperate Flight to Freedom.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2010.  281p.  Bought 1 June 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-2 September 2012.  Faith and Life (Islam)

Shelly, Rubel.  I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian … and I Liked Him Better Then.  Abilene, Texas:  Leafwood Publishers, 2011.  224p.  Bought 3 May 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 6-12 May 2012.  Faith and Life

Simpson, Gary M.  Critical Social Theory: Prophetic Reason, Civil Society, and Christian Imagination.  Minneapolis:  Fortress Press, 1997.  178p.  (Deals with the philosophical backgrounds and streams of thought within Formal western Christian Theology that deal with the focuses stated in the title.)  Bought 10 January 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 22-24 June 2012.  Philosophy

Sire, James W.  The Universe Next Door:  A Basic Worldview Catalogue.  Leicester, England:  InterVarsity Press, 2004.  259p.  Bought 7 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 13-17 May 2012.  Philosophy

Smick, David M.  The World is Curved:  Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy.  NY:  Portfolio (Penguin), 2008.  305p.  Bought 8 June 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 8-12 July 2012.  Business

Smolan, Rick and David Elliot Green.  Viginia 24/7.  Sausalito, California:  DK Publishing, 2004.  144p.  Received as a gift September 2005 in Richmond, Virginia.  Read 17 November 2012.  Peoples and Cultures (Virginia, USA)

Sweet, Leonard and Frank Viola.  Jesus Manifesto:  Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2010.  206p.  (The authors re-evaluate the focus of the Gospels and the Letters of the New Testament, and issue a call to the contemporary church to shift their focus from the modern rationalism that focuses on knowledge and doctrine and reclaim the New Testament commitment to and focus on relationship.  See this book with my review on Amazon.)  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26-30 March 2012.  Church and Culture

Thomas, Oliver "Buzz".  10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You.  NY:  St Martins Griffin, 2007.  108p.  Bought 8 December 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 15 December 2012.  Theology

Turner, Matthew Paul.  Hear No Evil.  Colorado Springs:  Waterpress, 2010.  231p.  Bought 2 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2-14 March 2012.  Biography

Vander Laan, Ray with Stephen and Amanda Sorenson.  God Heard their Cry Discovery Guide.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2009.  248p.  Read 28 May - 2 June 2012.  Bible Backgrounds (Exodus, Egypt)

Vander Laan, Ray with Stephen and Amanda Sorenson.  Prophets and Kings Discovery Guide.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2008.  201p.  Read 21-22 June 2012.  Bible Backgrounds

Verbrugge, Verlyn D.  Early Church History.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 1998.  95p.  Bought 8 June 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 9 June 2012.  Bible Backgrounds

Vernon, Walter N etal.  The Methodist Excitement in Texas:  A History.  Dallas:  Texas Methodist Historical Society, SMU, 1984.  Bought 26 August 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-24 September 2012.  History

Viola, Frank and George Barna.  Pagan Christianity?:  Exploring the Roots of our Church Practices.  Carol Stream, Illinois: Barna (Tyndale Publishers), 2002.  293p.  Bought 8 December October 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25-29 December 2012.  Church and Culture

Volf, Miroslav.  A Public Faith:  How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good.  Grand Rapids:  Brazos Press, 2011.  174p.  Bought 5 April 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 27 September 2012.  Church and Culture

Waters, Steven E.  Creating Wealth Without Risk.  Audiobook download, 4 Disks:  Tax Lien University, 2008.  Accessed at http://www.taxlienuniversity.com/campaigns/new/index.php?ref=taxlienuniversity&source=catfish.  Audiobook.  (An audiobook training course on real estate tax liens and tax deeds.  A 10-step system.)  Heard 6-7 February 2012.  Business

Weaver, Dennis.  All the World's a Stage.  Charlottesville, Virginia:  Hampton Roads Publishing Co, 2001.  314p.  Bought 10 July 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 23-27 February 2012.  Autobiography

Wesley, John.  How to Pray:  The Best of John Wesley on Prayer.  Uhrichsville, Ohio:  Barbour Publishing, 2007.  96p.  Bought 2 August 2012.  Read 3 August 2012.  Theology

Wheeler, Joe.  Saint Nicholas.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2010.  179p.  (Wheeler constructs a life of Nicholas of Myra, setting the real person in his historical setting in the Roman Empire.  He entertainingly probes the many religious and cultural myths that grew up around this influential figure.  He provides a pleasing clarification of the mythical evolution of Saint Nicholas in many parts of the world through the centuries.  The rich picture he paints here recounts the origin of various celebrations around Christmas and the characterizations of Saint Nicholas.  Very intriguing was the story of how the secularization of Christmas and the figure of the Christian holy man Nicholas was set in motion by the Protestant Reformers, leading to the consumer-economy figures we now know as Saint Nick, Santa Claus and such.  Don't miss this!  You will learn a lot of practical and entertaining details about your own culture - wherever your ancestors came from.  Check out this book on Amazon and see my review notes there.)   Read my review of this book on GoodReads.)  Bought 11 August 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 28-29 August 2012.  Biography (History)

Wilson, Scott.  Steering through Chaos:  Mapping a Clear Direction for your Church in the Midst of Transition and Change.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2010.  213p.  (I put this in my business category because it is dealing with change, planning and communication of vision to leaders and members in order to facilitate changes to meet changing situations.  This successful pastor-consultant outlines how he avoids the inevitable slump after a great rise in numbers and participation, to prevent a decline by keeping the church responsive to the community around and within.)  Bought 10 November 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 24-25 December 2012.  Business (Administration, Planning)

Wilson-Hartgrove, Jonathan.  New Monasticism:  What it Has to Say to Today's Church.  Grand Rapids:  Brazos Press, 2008.  147p.  Bought 3 July 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26 September 2012.  Church and Culture (History)

Wolf, Frank with Anne Morse.  Prisoner of Conscience.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2011.  282p.  (Congressman Wolf recounts his visits over the years with many heads of state and other world leaders in his efforts to documents the situations of repressions and violation of universal human rights in many countries of the world.  He gives details of personalities, situations, and events that brought about changes or that still are resistant to change.  He discusses political and economic trends that have supported or hindered the attempt to improve human rights situations around the world.  He especially focuses on two primary concerns for Americans and the American government, freedom of religious expression and political prisoners.  It is instructive of the forces and pressures from within the United States - business or government - that hinder an administration or Congress' attempts to advocate for oppressed minorities or individuals in some countries such as China presently.  He gives specific instances of his letters to and meetings with several US Presidents over the years on such matters.  See this book with my review on Amazon).  Bought 11 August 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 30 September - 1 October 2012.  Peoples and Cultures

Wright, Bradley R E.  Upside:  Surprising Good News about the State of Our World.  Minneapolis:  Bethany House Publishers, 2011.  255p.  Bought 8 June 2010 in Arlington, Texas.   Read 4-5 August 2012.  Sociology

Wright, Bryant.  Seeds of Turmoil:  The Biblical Roots of the Inevitable Crisis in the Middle East.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2010.  223p.  Bought 1 March 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 9-12 October 2012.  Peoples and Cultures

Zuck, Roy B, Ed.  Bibliotheca Sacra, Vol 169, Nr 674.  Dallas:  Dallas Theological Seminary, April-June 2012.  126p.  Received as a gift 14 March 2012.  Read 17-18 March 2012.  Theology

Zuck, Roy B, Ed.  Bibliotheca Sacra, Vol 169, Nr 675.  Dallas:  Dallas Theological Seminary, July-Sept 2012.  125p.  Received as a gift 14 June 2012.  Read 14-18 March 2012.  Theology

Zuck, Roy B, Ed.  Bibliotheca Sacra, Vol 170, Nr 677.  Dallas:  Dallas Theological Seminary, January-March 2013.  128p.  Received as a gift 5 December 2012.  Read 6-9 December 2012.  Theology

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