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My reading goal for 2019 is 100 books.

Finished (14)

Bauman, Dean C.  Possible:  A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World.  Colorado Springs:  Multnomah Books, 2015.  205p.  (Bauman addresses the problems of hunger, poverty and socil injustice in the US and around the world.  He looks at the scriptural mandate for Christians to be involved in alleviating these conditions and working for social and legal justice.)  Bought 25 August 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 9-11 January 2019.  Church & Culture

Bennett, Christopher.  Yugoslavia’s Bloody Collapse:  Causes, Course and Consequences.  Washington Square, NY:  New York University Press, 1995.  272p.  Bought 8 April 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 23 February - 7 March 2019.  History (Europe)

Bibi-Bikan, Robert N’Kwim.  The Mission of the Church in Africa for the 21st Century:  Paradigm Shifts and Challenges.  Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo:  Les Editions Vin Nouveau, 2016.  121p.  Bought 19 January 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 31 March - 1 April 2019.  Church & Culture

Curry, Dean C.  A World Wthout Tyranny:  Christian and International Politics.  Westchester, Illinois:  Crossway Books, 1990.  236p.  Bought 16 June 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 3-6 January 2019.  Church & Culture

Eberhart, Mignon G.  El Rancho Rio.  NY:  Detective Book Club, by Walter J Black (Random House, 1970.  162p.  Borrowed 16 March 2019.  Read 16-21 March 2019.  Fiction (Murder Mystery)

Forsyth, Frederick.  Icon.  Pleasantville, NY:  Reader's Digest, 1997.  190p.  Borrowed 25 January 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 27 January - 1 February 2019.  Fiction (International Intrigue)

Garrison, Webb.  True Tales of the Civil War:  A Treasury of Unusual Stories During America’s Most Turbulent Era.  NY:  Gramercy Books, 1988.  256p.  Bought 6 April 2018 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 23-25 January 2019.  History (US Civil War)

Grant, Michael.  The Etruscans.  NY:  Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1980.  317p.  Bought 29 September 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 19-22 January 2019.  History (Peoples and Cultures)

Grech, Prosper.  An Outline of New Testament Spirituality.  Grand Rapids/Cambridge, UK:  Eerdmans, 2011.  140p.  Bought 9 October 2018 on Christianbook.com.  Read 14-15 March 2019.  Bible (Faith and Life)

Grisham, John.  Runaway Jury.  Pleasantville, NY:  Reader's Digest, 1997.  190p.  Borrowed 25 January 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 25-26 January 2019.  Fiction (Legal Intrigue)

Heard, Matt.  Life with a Capital L:  Embracing Your God-Given Humanity.  Colorado Springs:  Multnomah, 2014.  238p.  Bought 1 July 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read in 2018.  Read again 31 January - 2 February 2019.  Faith and Life

Hearn, Chester G.  The Capture of New Orleans 1862:  Richmond in the Civil War.  Baton Rouge and London:  Louisiana State University Press, 1995.  292p.  (This historian presents a very readable and informative story of the origins and progress fo the Civil War with focus on the critical port of New Orleans and the long-range goal of the Union to capture this city.  He references official records of both governments, official and personal correspondence, city government minutes, newspaper articles and local testimonlials to lay out the mis-steps on both sides, the incompetent leaders, the self-serving approach to positions and titles, misuse of resources and the other disastrous decisions that led to losses on both sides.  It is a very readable story and very enlightening on how disorganized that whole undertaking was.  Sadly revealing and satisfyingly informative and helpful in understanding many social and political currents often ignored in our contemprary simplistic references to the past events that have shaped us as a nation.)  Bought 25 December 2016 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-18 January 2019.  History (US Civil War)

Holmes, Michael.  King Arthur:  A Military History.  NY:  Barnes and Noble, 1996.  179p.  (Homes probes the extensive medieval romance and early historical references to the name Arthur and the romantic and mythical stories about him to explore whether there might be a core of historical reality discernible.  He is seeiking an objective historical foundaoi for the character underlying these popular ideas and stories of Arthur.  He adds little-referenced sources to make connections with places by description and personalities by other names.  He analyzes the records and references to battles in comparison to possibly factual details in the romances.  He manages to come to a well-supported identification with the persons and names known in history.  A fast-moving, intriguing story that kept my attention and involved intrigue and suspense like a mystery novel.)  Bought 6 April 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 7-12 March 2019.  History

Jabbal, Rajinder Singh, ed.  Nanak Prakash, 1973.  Nairobi:  Sikh Students' Federation, 1973.  141p (English section).  Received 1973 in Nairobi, Kenya.  Read in 1973, then again 15 September 2010.   Read again 6 January 2019.  Religions (Faith and Life)

Kariuki, J M.  J M Kariuki in Parliament.  Nairobi:  Gazelle Books, 1975.  131p.  Bought 5 June 1984.  Read 2-4 April 2019.  History (Peoples and Cultures)

Kaur, Surinder, ed.  Nanak Prakash, 1979.  Nairobi:  Sikh Students' Federation, 1979.  108p (English section).  Received 25 September 1981 in Nairobi, Kenya.   Read in 1979, then again 15 September 2010.  Read again 22 February 2019.  Religions (Faith and Life)

McMurtry, Larry.  Sin Killer.  NY:  Recorded Books, 2002.   Audiobook.  Bought 29 September 2018.  Heard 14, 26 January 2019.  Fiction (Western Adventure)

Mikulski, Barbara and Marylouise Oates.  Capitol Offense.  Pleasantville, NY:  Reader's Digest, 1997.  193p.  Borrowed 25 January 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 5-8 February 2019.  Fiction (Political Intrigue & Murder Mystery)

Orlmeyer, Roger, Ed.  The Perkins School of Theology Journal Minister’s Week 1966).  Dallas:  Perkins School of Theology, SMU, 1966.  64p.  Read 13-14 March 2019.  Theology (Church & Culture)

Palmer, Michael.  Critical Judgement.  Pleasantville, NY:  Reader's Digest, 1997.  140p.  Borrowed 25 January 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 5-8 February 2019.  Fiction (Medical and Business Intrigue)

Sider, Ronald J and Ben Lowe.  The Future of Our Faith:  An Intergenerational Conversation on Critical Issues Facing the Church.  Grand Rapids:  BrazosPress, 2016.  230p.  Bought 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-22 March 2019.  Church & Culture (Theology)

Slivinski, Stephen.  Buck Wild:  How Republicans Broke the Bank and Became the Party of Big Government.   Nashville:  Nelson Current, 2006.  260p.  Bought 11 December 2018.  Read 31 December 2018 - 2 January 2019.  American Politics and Culture

Smith, Alexander McCall.  The Sunday Philosophy Club.  NY:  Recorded Books, 2004.   Audiobook.   Bought 29 September 2018.  Heard 20, 24 March 2019.  Fiction (Murder Mystery)

Smith, James A K.  Who’s Afraid of Relativism? Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2014.  317p.  (Smith provides and entertaining and astute serious philosophical analysis of the characteristics and implications of Relativism in late modern thought.  He approaches this movement as an e[pistemological analysis, in terms of cognitive theory and theory of knowledge.  As he develps his analysis, Smith zeroes in on the difference between concepts of knowledge in the modern forcus on information as “Know-what” in contrast to the practical “know-how” of life.  Smith shows how social movements, conditions and the common ad hoc critiques miss the underlying streams of thought in the desire for a simple analysis for easy reference and miss the real import.  Smith writes like a novelist, with the keen incisive insight of a highly-knowledgeable academic who is in touch with current events and social trends and who can see the patterns through history.  He focuses on the corrective insights Relativism brings in recognizing the limitation of human knowledge.  Writing as a philospher who lives within the stream of Christian faith, he makes application of these cautions about human pretensions to absolute knowledge that show up in the dogmatism we see in contemporary “evangelical” Christianity in the US and the similar error in European Christianity in its dogmatic control of minds and lives.  He looks at classical and medieval social and philosophical movements in a congenial and knowedgeable manner in this regard.  He also show s how the modern Enlightenment makes the same error.  Relativism brings a healthy reminder of the fallibility of human knowledge and warns against the unwarranted hubris modernism fostered.  He likens this mindset to the “orignal sin” in the Genesis story where the desire to “know like God” led to what has been called the Fall.  Easy to read, at the popular or academic level.)  Bought 9 October 2018 from Christianbook.  Read 19-21 February 2019.  Philosophy

Tooley, Mark.  The Peace that Almost Was:  The Forgotten Story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the Final Attempt to Avert the Civil War.  Nashville:  Nelson, 2015.  297.  Bought 14 April 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 7-11 January 2019.  History (US Civil War)

Were, Gideon and M A Gout.  Essays on the History of Southern-Central Africa.  Nairobi:  Kenya Literature Bureau, 1978.  112p.  (An excellent summary of the migration of peoples over the centuries into Central and Southern Africa, but two distinguished Kenyan historians, both professors at the University of Nairobi., and their interaction and encounters leading to the development of new peoples.)  Bought April 1979.  Read 4-6 April 2019.  History (Peoples and Cultures)

Wilson, Andrew L.  Here I Walk:  A Thousand Miles on Foot to Rome with Martin Luther.  Grand Rapids:  BrazosPress, 2016.  229p.  Bought 4 April 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 22-29 March 2019.  Theology (History)

Wright, Mike.  City Under Siege:  Richmond in the Civil War.  NY:  Cooper Square, 1995.  356p.  (The story of the Civil War, told from actual military records and diaries of soldiers and officers, as well as letters to families on both sides of this devastating ordeal.  The stories gives insider insight into the gruesome battles, strategies of major battles, the movement of troops, political maneuvers and step-by-step events over the four year period.)  Bought 25 December 2016 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 23-25 January 2019.  History (US Civil War)

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