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My reading goal for 2020 is 110 books.

Finished (40)

Andrews, Andy.  The Bottom of the Pool:  Thinking Beyond Your Boundaries to Achieve Extraordinary Results.  Nashville:  W Publishing Group (Nelson), 2019.  178p.  Bought January 2020 from Amazon.  Read 25 January - 2 February 2020.  Personal Development

Andrews, Lori B.  The Silent Assassin.  Westminster, Maryland:  Nooks on Tape, 2007.  (An Alexandra Blake Medical Murder mystery.)  Audiobook.  Borrowed 2 June 2020.  Heard 3-6 June 2020.  Fiction

Barton, James L.  The Unfinished Task of the Christian Church.  NY:  Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 1908.  211p.  (“Introductory Studies in the Problem of the World's Evangelization”)  Received as a gift from a personal library in November 2010.  Read in 2011.  Read again 20-24 February 2020.  Theology (Missiology)

Battaglia, Joe.  Unfriended:  Finding True Community in a Disconnected Culture.  Savage, Minnesota:  Broad Street, 2018.  146p.  Bought 9 March 2020 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 12 May 2020.  Faith and Life

Bauman, Stephan.  Break Open the Sky:  Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear.  NY:  Multnomah Books, 2015.  205p.  (Bauman addresses the rising level of fear and anxiety produced in the United States exhibited in fear of foreigners and people of other religion, and the way in which certain segments of Christian religion have succumbed to the cultural patterns of thought and recrimination, distrust, cynicism and blame.  He discusses the factors involved and alternatives, based on his international experience as a faith worker, sharing his encounters with people of many cultures and religious faiths, and shares the stories of others.  A refreshing refocus of faith and hope in the Gospel perspective.)  Bought 21 December in Arlington, Texas.  Read 8-10 January 2020.  Church & Culture

Berg, Elizabeth.  Talk Before Sleep.  NY:  Random House Audio, 1995.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 27-28 February 2020.  Fiction

Bliss, Kathleen.  The Future of Religion.  Hammondsworth, Middlesex, England:  Penguin, 1972.  193p.  Bought 10 March 1975 in Dallas, Texas.  Previously read twice.  Read 3-8 May 2020.  Religions

Bradford, Barbara Taylor.  Heirs of Ravenscar.  NY:  HarperCollinsAudiobooks, 2007.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 3-4 February 2020.  Fiction (Historical Romance)

Brandman, Michael.  Robert B Parker’s Fool Me Twice.  Random Audio, 2012.  Audiobook.  Borrowed 3 March 2020.  Heard 4-8 March 2020.  Fiction (International Intrigue)

Brantley, Kent & Amber.  Called for Life:  How Loving Our Neighbor Led Us into the Heart of the Ebola Epidemic.  NY:  Waterbrook (RandomHouse), 2015.  225p.  Bought January 2020 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 25 May - 5 June 2020.  Biography (Medicine; Faith & Life)

Bridges, Kynan.  The Power of Prophetic Prayer:  Release Your Destiny.  New Kensington, Pennsylvania:  Whitaker House, 2016.  223p.  Bought December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-5 January 2020.  Faith and Life

Clancy, Tom.  SSN.  NY:  Simon & Schuster Audio, 1996.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2020.  Heard 13 January 2020.  Fiction (International Intrigue)

Clark, Mary Higgins.  We’ll Meet Again.  NY:  Simon & Schuster Audio, 1999.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 13-17 January 2020.  Fiction (Murder and Court)

Crump, Léonce B Jr.  Renovate:  Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are.  Colorado Springs:  Multnomah, 2016.  205p.  Bought 21 December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-17 January 2020.  Faith and Life

Dungan, Myles.  How the Irish Won the West.  NY:  Skyhorse Publishing, 2011.  304p.  Bought 28 August 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2-8 February 2020.  History (USA)

Fahs, Sophia and Dorothy T Spoerl.  Beginnings:  earth, Sky, Life, Death.  Boston:  Beacon Press, 1964.  248p.  (This is a revision of a book originally published in 1937 and revised in various editions since that time.  It s beginning was two separate books by the two authors here, published in 1937 and 1938.  I doubt if it is still being published.  This is a fascinating collection of origin stories, in mythical figurative language from ancient cultures of peoples and cultures now passed away, current peoples of the world, the Genesis stories of the Bible, and modern scientific findings and understandings.  “Myths, legends, and scientific narratives of how things began -- from a score of ancient and modern cultures, races, and religions.” It was interesting to read the perceptions from 1964, in light of the extensive and enlightening new discoveries since the 1990s and the turn of the century, especially concerning DNA.  But the book was very forward looking and on point in most regards.  It was entertaining and informative.)  Bought 6 January 2019 in a used book store in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas.  Read 24-30 April 2020.  Science (Philosophy of Science)

Fleming, Joan.  How to Live Dangerously.  NY:  Detective Book Club, by Walter J Black (Random House, 1970.  137p.  Read 5-12 March 2019.  Fiction (Murder Mystery)

Griffin, WEB and William E Butterworth IV.  The Outlaws.  NY:  Recorded Books, 2011.  Audiobook.  Bought 29 March 2019.  Heard 4-25 February 2020.  Fiction (Historical Romance)

Hadaway, Robin Dale.  A Survey of World Missions.  Nashville:  B & H Academic, 2020.  338p.  (A competent scholarly study of the mission outreach formats and strategies of Christian faith worldwide.  Hadaway presents a competent historical survey with important cultural and strategy analysis in every age of the Christian era.  The book is quite readable, but is suitable as a textbook in college or seminary courses of study.  While providing incisive analysis of the various strategies and patterns of outreach, Hadaway keeps us focused on the practical level, with many stories of current and past engagement, experiences, testimonials, cultural details and the full range of theological considerations.  He references his own extensive experience in unreached cultures and his work as a mission team supervisor, trainer and mentor in various parts of the world.  His work demonstrates a mastery of a full range of historians, missiologists, anthropologists, linguists and other specialists in various ages of the Christian era and the volume entails a good view of recent and current approaches in academic and practical theories and strategies of Christian outreach.  Hadaway proves himself competent in the dynamics of cross-cultural communication and widely-varying worldviews around the world.)  Received as a gift from the author 4 May 2020.  Read 7-11 May 2020.  Theology (Missiology)

Heintz, Joss.  In the Perimeter of Bastogne.  (no publication information), 1987.  223p.  (This is the story of the huge Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, which turned the tide of World War II and stopped the German advance on the western front.  This was the last great thrust of the National Socialist government of Adolph Hitler, throwing 500,000 troop, 100 tanks and 800 planes into the Ardennes area of Belgium, with Bastogne the goal.  Primarily one division of US Air Command with some allies and local Belgian partisans held the thrust of the German army to prevent their entry into Bastogne , the center of Allied operations and communication.  The battle lasted form 16 December 1944 to 28 December January 1945.  Most of the villages surrounding the strategic city of Bastogne were destroyed and hundreds of civilians were killed in the fighting or murdered by the elite German SS troops when they would take a town.  Towns were taken in turn by the Americans and the Germans over and over in the height of the long battle.)  Bought 6 April 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 21-24 May 2020.  History (USA)

Innes, Hammond.  North Star.  NY:  Detective Book Club, by Walter J Black (Random House, 1970.  212p.  Read 1-18 April 2020.  Fiction (Murder Mystery)

Krusen, Cristobal.  They Were Christians:  The Inspiring Faith of Men and Women Who Changed the World.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books, 2016.  214p.  Bought 20 March 2018 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 5-7 January 2020.  Biography

Kuykendall, Alexandra.  Loving My Actual Christmas:  An Experiment in Relishing the Season.  Grand Rapids:  Baker, 2017.  137p.  Bought 9 March 2020 in Arlington, Texas. Read 27-29 March 2020.  Faith and Life

L'Amour, Louis.  Sackett.  Toronto/NY:  Bantam Books, 1989.  131p.  Received in Lindsay, Oklahoma in August 2019.  Read 29 February - 4 March 2020.  Fiction (Western)

Lamoureux, Denis O.  Evolution:  Scripture and Nature Say Yes! Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2016.  186p.  (A Christian professor presents a testimonial biography of his experience of learning the truth about evolution.  He explains the process of how he discovered the the extensive scientific information and evidence about it. The author is a PhD in Theology and a PhD in Biology and is a professor of Science and Religion at the University of Alberta.  He details the thrilling discovery of the Bible’s worldview when he read it with a view to seeing what it actually said when his reading was not preconditioned by the expectations of modern empirical science.  He explains how the biblical testimony and the modern scientific worldview with all its empirical findings about our fascinating world jointly testify to the concept of evolution and God’s loving involvement with his creation.)  Read 8-11 February 2020.  Church & Culture

Mardus, Elaine.  Man With a Microscope:  Elie Metchnikoff.  NY:  Julian Messner, 1968.  223p.  (This is a biography of the Russian scientist who became known as the Father of Epidemiology.  Gaining his PhD in Science, Elie Metchnikoff had been interested in the microscopic living things in the world around us since childhood.  He attended university classes on his own while still in high school then excelled in science subjects.  Growing up in Tsarist Russia with ongoing upheavals that led him to Germany, Italy and France to study and work.  Elie lived through the Great War, known now as World War I, making discoveries that revolutionized health care and medicine worldwide, finally becoming a fellow of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, working personally with Louis Pasteur and other world-level researchers and healers.  This was a well-written story with excitement and energy.  Filled with history and medical information, it read like a suspense novel.  A wonderful find in a used book store, a cull from a school library originally, published in 1968.) Bought 6 January 2019 in a used book store in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas.  Read 16-17 May 2020.  Biography (Science, Medicine)

McKinley, Rick.  Faith for This Moment:  Navigating a Polarized World as the People of God.  Grand Rapids:  BakerBooks, 2018.  182p.  Read 1-3 May 2020.  Church & Culture (Theology)

McKinley, Rick, Chris Seay and Greg Holder.  Advent Conspiracy:  Making Christmas Meaningful (Again).  Nashville:  Zondervan, 2018.  168p.  Bought 9 March 2020 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 12-15 March 2020.  Faith and Life

Mukherjee, Siddhartha.  The Gene:  An Intimate History.  NY:  Scribners, 2016.  594p.  Bought 12 January 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18-30 January 2020.  Science

Pelikan, Jaroslav.  Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages.  NY:  Viking (Penguin), 2005.  274p.  Bought 24 June 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-15 January 2020.  Bible (History, Religions)

Pentecost, Hugh.  Time of Terror.  NY:  Detective Book Club, by Walter J Black (Random House, 1970.  124pp.  Read 18-21 April 2020.  Fiction (Int’l Intrigue)

Rothman, Stephen.  The Paradox of Evolution:  The Strange Relationship Between Natural Selection and Reproduction.  Amherst, New York:  Prometheus Books, 2015.  248p.  Bought 6 January 2019 in Mansfield, Texas.  Read 23-27 February 2020.  Science (Philosophy of Science)

Shirley, Craig.  Last Act:  The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan. Nashville:  Nelson Books, 2015.  408p.  (An analysis of the post-presidential years and changing perception of Ronald Reagan in that period.)  Bought 8 June 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-25 March 2020.  Biography (History)

Stanley, Andy.  Making Vision Stick.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2007.  74p.  Read 25 January 2020.  Personal Development

Tabor, James D.  Paul and Jesus:  How the Apostle Transformed Christianity.  NY/London:  Simon & Schuster, 2012.  291p.  (Tabor is a Bible historian and has been a university professor for 30 years at the time of writing this book.  At that time he was the chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He has written previous books on the life and teachings of Jesus.  He has spent his life studying the New Testament texts and the early years of the Christian faith.  In this title he explores the interpretation of the role and significance of Jesus Christ in the Jewish community that accepted him as Messiah and in the Gentile and Diaspora communities that were developed by Paul the Apostle.  He attempts to reconstruct Paul’s life event timeline and teachings with Paul’s primary letters a the reference point, and loos for clues in the other New Testament writings like Acts and the later letters and Gospels.  He takes a historical analytical approach, to any a foundation of the general worldview concepts of the Hebrews and the Jews at the time of Christ, then a similar summary of the pagan Greco-Roman worldview and society in the Roman Empire.  He portrays the conflicts between the Hellenistic Jews and Palestinian Jews, and between the three different categories of people who followed Jesus the Christ: the Jews, the God-fearer Gentiles that arose in Antioch and were the subject of a vision of Peter, and the new pagan converts to Christ in Paul's concerted missions as a result of his personal visions.  His historical sequencing helps clarify the often murky concept among modern Christians from the hit an miss approach out of historical context and sequence, and in regard to the centuries of development in a basically Pauline format of Roman legal penal concepts of justice and guilt, compared with the Hebrew concept of relationship-based societal justice in the Covenant context.  This was a pleasant and satisfying read and enlightening, even exciting review of the scenario of the early dynamics among the followers of Jesus from the various ethnic communities and cultures of his era.)  Bought 1 March 2020 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18-23 April 2020.  Bible (Peoples and Cultures/Religions)

Vidu, Adonis.  Atonement, Law, and Justice:  The Cross in Historical and Cultural Contexts.  Grand Rapids:  BakerAcademic, 2014.  286p.  Bought 28 October 2018 from  Read 5-15 June 2020.  Philosophy (Theology)

Warren, Elizabeth.  This Fight is Our Fight:  The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.  NY:  Macmillan Audio, 2017.  Audiobook.  Borrowed March 2020.  Heard 19-23 May 2020.  American Politics & Culture (Political Science)

Wex, Michael.  Just say nu:  Yiddish for Every Occasion.  NY:  St Martin’s Press, 2007.  304p.  Bought 13 November 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-19 February 2020.  Linguistics

Whyte, Donald.  Scottish Surnames and Families.   NY:  Barnes and Noble, 1996.  312p.  Bought 17 January 2002 in Richmond, Virginia.  Portions read previously.  Read fully again 13-15 May 2020.  Peoples and Cultures

Wilson, Andrew.  Spirit and Sacrament:  An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2018.  140p.  (A practical and theological review of the full approach to Christian worship including eucharistic and liturgical practices centered on the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) and baptism and pints of celebration and the expression of charismatic gifts and celebration in the church.  A good theology of worship and theology of spiritual gifts.  Wilson is a British Reformed charismatic pastor.  He deftly presents a strong historical perspective over the 20 centuries of Christian history for the presence and continuation of spiritual gifts and the centrality of celebration and joy in Christian worship.  He provides an excellent hermeneutical study of the role and character of spiritual gifts (the charismata).  He begins the study with a perspective on the concepts entailed in the related words in Greek from the same root, which we know in English as grace, also used for the concept of gift, thanksgiving and joy, all culminating in celebration.)  Bought 21 December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 27-29 February 2020.  Theology (Charismata)

Now Reading (1)

Parnell, Jonathan.  Never Settle for Normal:  The Proven Path to Significance and Happiness.  NY:  Multnomah (Penguin), 2017.  151p.  Bought 11 June 2020 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 15- June 2020.  Faith and Life

To Read (2)

Diaz-Ortiz, Claire and Samuel Ikua Gachagua.  Hope Runs: An American Tourist, a Kenyan Boy, a Journey of Redemption.  Farmington Hills, Michigan:  Thorndike Press (Gale Cengage, by arrangement with Revell/Baker Publishing), 2014.  Heard as an audiobook in 2015.  Received as a gift 18 January 2020.  Read 2020.  American Politics and Culture

Safa, Reza F.  Inside Islam.  Lake Mary, Florida:  Charisma House, 1996.  190p.  Received and read October 2003.  Received again June 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read .  Religions

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