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As of 29 February 2020

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My reading goal for 2020 is 110 books.

Finished (19)

Andrews, Andy.  The Bottom of the Pool:  Thinking Beyond Your Boundaries to Achieve Extraordinary Results.  Nashville:  W Publishing Group (Nelson), 2019.  178p.  Bought January 2020 from Amazon.  Read 25 January - 2 February 2020.  Personal Development

Barton, James L.  The Unfinished Task of the Christian Church.  NY:  Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, 1908.  211p.  (“Introductory Studies in the Problem of the World's Evangelization”)  Received as a gift from a personal library in November 2010.  Read in 2011.  Read again 20-24 February 2020.  Theology (Missiology)

Bauman, Stephan.  Break Open the Sky:  Saving Our Faith from a Culture of Fear.  NY:  Multnomah Books, 2015.  205p.  (Bauman addresses the rising level of fear and anxiety produced in the United States exhibited in fear of foreigners and people of other religion, and the way in which certain segments of Christian religion have succumbed to the cultural patterns of thought and recrimination, distrust, cynicism and blame.  He discusses the factors involved and alternatives, based on his international experience as a faith worker, sharing his encounters with people of many cultures and religious faiths, and shares the stories of others.  A refreshing refocus of faith and hope in the Gospel perspective.)  Bought 21 December in Arlington, Texas.  Read 8-10 January 2020.  Church & Culture

Berg, Elizabeth.  Talk Before Sleep.  NY:  Random House Audio, 1995.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 27-28 February 2020.  Fiction

Bradford, Barbara Taylor.  Heirs of Ravenscar.  NY:  HarperCollinsAudiobooks, 2007.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 3-4 February 2020.  Fiction (Historical Romance)

Bridges, Kynan.  The Power of Prophetic Prayer:  Release Your Destiny.  New Kensington, Pennsylvania:  Whitaker House, 2016.  223p.  Bought December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 1-5 January 2020.   Faith and Life

Clancy, Tom.  SSN.  NY:  Simon & Schuster Audio, 1996.  Audiobook.  Heard Bought 7 October 2020.  13 January 2020.  Fiction (International Intrigue)

Clark, Mary Higgins.  We’ll Meet Again.  NY:  Simon & Schuster Audio, 1999.  Audiobook.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Heard 13-17 January 2020.  Fiction (Murder and Court)

Crump, Léonce B Jr.  Renovate:  Changing Who You Are By Loving Where You Are.  Colorado Springs:  Multnomah, 2016.  205p.  Bought 21 December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-17 January 2020.  Faith and Life

Dungan, Myles.  How the Irish Won the West.  NY:  Skyhorse Publishing, 2011.  304p.  Bought 28 August 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 2-8 February 2020.  History (USA)

Griffin, WEB and William E Butterworth IV.  The Outlaws.  NY:  Recorded Books, 2011.  Audiobook.  Bought 29 March 2019.  Heard 4-25 February 2020.  Fiction (Historical Romance)

Krusen, Cristobal.  They Were Christians:  The Inspiring Faith of Men and Women Who Changed the World.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books, 2016.  214p.  Bought 20 March 2018 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 5-7 January 2020.  Biography

Lamoureux, Denis O.  Evolution:  Scripture and Nature Say Yes! Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2016.  186p.  (A Christian professor presents a testimonial biography of his experience of learning the truth about evolution.  He explains the process of how he discovered the the extensive scientific information and evidence about it. The author is a PhD in Theology and a PhD in Biology and is a professor of Science and Religion at the University of Alberta.  He details the thrilling discovery of the Bible’s worldview when he read it with a view to seeing what it actually said when his reading was not preconditioned by the expectations of modern empirical science.  He explains how the biblical testimony and the modern scientific worldview with all its empirical findings about our fascinating world jointly testify to the concept of evolution and God’s loving involvement with his creation.) Read 8-11 February 2020.  Church & Culture

Mukherjee, Siddhartha.  The Gene:  An Intimate History.  NY:  Scribners, 2016.  594p.  Bought 12 January 2018 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 18-30 January 2020.  Science

Pelikan, Jaroslav.  Whose Bible Is It? A History of the Scriptures Through the Ages.  NY:  Viking (Penguin), 2005.  274p.  Bought 24 June 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-15 January 2020.  Bible (History, Religions)

Rothman, Stephen.  The Paradox of Evolution:  The Strange Relationship Between Natural Selection and Reproduction.  Amherst, New York:  Prometheus Books, 2015.  248p.  Bought 6 January 2019 in Mansfield, Texas.  Read 23-27 February 2020.  Science (Philosophy of Science)

Stanley, Andy.  Making Vision Stick.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2007.  74p.  Read 25 January 2020.  Personal Development

Wex, Michael.  Just say nu:  Yiddish for Every Occasion.  NY:  St Martin’s Press, 2007.  304p.  Bought 13 November 2010 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 11-19 February 2020.  Linguistics

Wilson, Andrew.  Spirit and Sacrament:  An Invitation to Eucharismatic Worship.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2018.  140p.  (A practical and theological review of the full approach to Christian worship including eucharistic and liturgical practices centered on the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist) and baptism and pints of celebration and the expression of charismatic gifts and celebration in the church.  A good theology of worship and theology of spiritual gifts.  Wilson is a British Reformed charismatic pastor.  He deftly presents a strong historical perspective over the 20 centuries of Christian history for the presence and continuation of spiritual gifts and the centrality of celebration and joy in Christian worship.  He provides an excellent hermeneutical study of the role and character of spiritual gifts (the charismata).  He begins the study with a perspective on the concepts entailed in the related words in Greek from the same root, which we know in English as grace, also used for the concept of gift, thanksgiving and joy, all culminating in celebration.)  Bought 21 December 2019 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 27-29 February 2020.  Theology (Charismata)

Now Reading (1)

L'Amour, Louis.  Sackett.  Toronto/NY:  Bantam Books, 1989.  131p.  Received in Lindsay, Oklahoma in August 2019.  Read 29 February 2020.  Fiction (Western)

To Read (1)

Diaz-Ortiz, Claire and Samuel Ikua Gachagua.  Hope Runs: An American Tourist, a Kenyan Boy, a Journey of Redemption.  Farmington Hills, Michigan:  Thorndike Press (Gale Cengage, by arrangement with Revell/Baker Publishing), 2014.  Heard as an audiobook in 2015.  Received as a gift 18 January 2020.  Read 2020.  American Politics and Culture

Safa, Reza F.  Inside Islam.  Lake Mary, Florida:  Charisma House, 1996.  190p.  Received and read October 2003.  Received again June 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read .  Religions

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