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Finished (50)

Aleshire, Peter.  The Fox and the Whirlwind:  General George Crook and Geronimo.  Edison, New Jersey:  Castle Books, 2000.   372p.  Bought 7 October 2019.  Read 2-13 February 2022.  History (Apache Wars; also covers the Civil War, the Sioux and Cheyenne Wars)

Anderson, Gerald H and Thomas F Stransky, eds.  Third World Theologies:  Mission Trends No 3.  NY:Paulist Press and Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1976.  254p.  Bought April 1982 in Nairobi, Kenya.  Portions read before.  Read 39 January - 1 February 2022.  Religions (Theology)

Anderson, Jorn.  Hidden in Plain Sight.  Lincoln, Nebraska:  Professional Publishing, 2019.  32p.  Received February 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 6 March 2022.  Health

Biser, Sam.  A Laymanís Guide to Curing with Cayenne and its Herbal Partners.  Van Nuys:  Save your Life Videos, 1999.  336p.  Received April 2022 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Read 25-28 July 2022.  Science (Health)

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, ed Manfred Weber.  Reflections on the Bible:  Human Word and Word of God.  Peabody, Mass:  Hendrickson Publishers, 2004.  115p.  Read 16 July 2022.  Theology (Theology & History, Authority, Justice)

Bradley, Mark.  Too Many to Jail:  The Story of Iran's New Christians.  Oxford, UK & Grand Rapids:  Monarch Books, 2014. 303p.  Bought 9 May 2017 in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Read 31 December 2021 - 4 January 2022.  Church & Culture

Brandes, Nadine.  Romanov.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson, 2019.   337p.  Bought 11 June 2020 in Arlington.  Read 2-6 July 2022.  History (Biographical Fiction)

Bunting, Eve.  Blackwater.  Prince Frederick, Maryland:  Recorded Books, 2000.  Audiobook.  Bought 3 April 2022.  Heard 11 May 2022.  Fiction (Adventure, Mystery)

Butler, Trent C.  Samson Kisia:

Africaís Modern-Day Apostle Paul.  Nairobi:  Heartspring Media/Pamoja East African Ministry, 2022.  85p.  Bought 1 August 2022 from Amazon.  Read 5 August 2022.  Biography (Faith and Life)

Callaway, Kutter, with Dean Batali.  Watching TV Religiously:  Television and Theology in Dialogue.  Grand Rapids:  BakerAcademic, 2016.  269p.  Bought 17 April 2019 from Christianbook.  Read 8-24 June 2022.  Church & Culture (Philosophy)

Charles, J Daryl and Timothy J Demy.  War, Peace and Christianity:  Questions and Answers from a Just-War Perspective.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2016.  413p.  Bought 6 January 2021 from Christianbook.  Read 2-13 April 2021.  Philosophy (Just War Theory, Ethics)

Claiborne, Shane.  The Irresistible Revolution:  Living as an Ordinary Radical.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2016.  390p.  Bought 4 July 2017 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 28 July - 5 August 2022.  Faith and Life (Radical Faith in Practice)

Corbitt, J Nathan.  From My Front Porch:  Restoring History:  Renovating Posey Brownís Cabin From Privy to Barn and Everything Between. Kindle Direct Publishing, 2022.  294p.  Bought 1 August 2022 from Amazon.  Read 6-13 August 2022.  History (Genealogy, Culture)

Crichton, Michael.  Pirate Latitudes.  NY:  HarperCollinsPublishers/Recorded Books, 2009.  Audiobook.  Heard 20 March - 1 April 2022.  Fiction (Adventure)

DeSilva, Jeremy.  First Steps:  How Upright Walking Made Us Human.  NY:  Harper, 2021.  334p.  Bought 4 December 2021 on Amzaon.  Read 27-30 August 2022.  Science (Paleontology, Archaeology, History)

Eklund, Bobby L.  Scripture Isn't Silent, Why Are We:  A Book of Sermons.  Grapevine, Texas:  Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, 2005.  Received 11 January 2022.  Read 13 January 2022.  Faith and Life (Handling Finances)

Enriquez, Juan and Steve Gullans.  Evolving Ourselves: Redesigning the Future of Humanity -- One Gene at a Time.  NY:  Portfolio/Penguin, 2016.  367p.  Bought 25 September 2020 on Amazon.  Read 24-31 May 2022.  Science (DNA, Medical Genetics)

Farley, Andrew.  The Naked Gospel:  The Truth You May Never Hear in Church.  Jesus Plus Nothing. 100% Natural. No Additives.  Grand Rapids:  Zondervan, 2009.  237p.  Bought 3 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 24-25 July 2022.  Faith and Life (The Deeper Life)

Hicks, Brian.  Toward the Setting Sun:  John Ross, The Cherokees, and the Trail of Tears.  NY:  Atlantic Monthly Press, 2011.   421p.  Bought 3 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 17-26 August 2022.  Peoples and Cultures (Native American, Texas, History)

History Titans.  Denisovans:  The Archaic Humans of the Paleolithic Period.  USA:  Creek Ridge Publishing, 2021.  92p.  Bought 9 January 2022 from Amazon.  Read 13 January 2022.  Science (Archaeology, Paleoanthropology, Autobiography)

Jasek, Petr.  Imprisoned with Isis:  Faith in the Face of Evil.  Washington, DC:  Salem Press (Regnery), 2020.  224p.  Received as a gift January 2022.  Read 16-22 April 2022.  Biography (Persecution, Militant Islam)

Kasser, Rodolphe and Marvin Meyer and Gregor Wurst. The Gospel of Judas.  Washington, DC:  National Geographic, 2006.  185p.  Bought 9 December 2006 in Martinsburg, West Virginia.  Read in 2006.  Reread 10-11 April 2022.  History (Religions)

Leakey, Meave.  The Sediments of Time:  My Lifelong Search for the Past.  Boston/NY:  Houghton Mifflin Co, 2020.  388p.  Bought from Amazon.  Read 4-12 January 2022.  Science (Archaeology, Paleoanthropology, Autobiography)

Leeming, Bernard, SJ.  The Vatican Council and christian Unity:  A Commentary on the Decree on Ecumenism of the Second Vatican Council, together with a translation of the text.  NY:  Harper and Row, 1966.  333p.  Bought March 1975 in Dallas, Texas.  Read 25-30 June 2022.  History (Church History, Christian Unity)

Maharaj, Rabi R.  Death of a Guru:  A Remarkable True Story of One Man's Search for Truth.  Eugene, Oregon:  Harvest House Publishers, 1984.  208p.  Received as a gift 11 January 2022.  Read 13-21 January 2021.  Biography (Faith & Life)

Marek, George R.  The Bed and the Throne:  The Life of Isabella díEste.  NY:  Harper & Row, 1976.   268p.  Read 17- July 2022.  History (History of Christianity, Theology)

Mathis, Miles.  The Incorporation of Light:  How to Bring Light into the Unified Field Equations including the Lagrangian.  Originally published online:  Print location and publisher not given, 2011.  363p.  Borrowed 28 June 2020.  Read 21-25 July 2022.  Science (Quantum Physics, United Field Theory)

Matz, Brian.  Introducing Protestant Social Ethics:  Foundations in Scripture, History, and Practice.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Academic, 2017.  252p.  Bought 9 April 2021 from Christianbook.  Read 12-16 May 2022.  Philosophy (Ethics, Social Justice)

McGrath, Alister E.  Narrative Apologetics:  Sharing the Relevance, Joy and Wonder of the Christian Faith.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Books, 2019.  167p.  Bought 13 January 2022 from Amazon.  Read 13-15 February 2022.  Theology (Philosophy, Epistemology, Narrative Theology, Myth)

McGraw, Phillip C.  Self Matters:  Creating Your Life from the Inside Out.  NY/London:  Simon & Schuster Source, 2001.  314p.  Boorrowed 21 January 2021.  Read 21-29 January 2021.  Science (Psychology)

Newcomb, W W Jr.  The Indians of Texas:  From Prehistoric to Modern Times.  Austin:  University of Texas Press, 1969.   404p.  Bought 3 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 31 May - 8 June 2022.  Peoples and Cultures (Native American, Texas, History)

Nikhilinanda, Swami.  The Upanishads.  NY:  Harper Torchbooks (Harper & Row), 1963.  392p.  Bought 10 March 1975 in Dallas, Texas.  Some portions read, mostly on shelf for rare reference.  Read 6-13 March 2022.  Religions (Hinduism)

Okolugbo, Emmanuel.  A History of Christianity in Nigeria:  The Ndosumili and The Ukwuani.  Ibadan:  Daystar Press, 1984.  100p.  Bought 29 January 1991 in Benin City, Bendel, Nigeria.  Read 23 March - 8 April 2022.  History (Nigeria, Christianity in Africa)

Palmer, Alan.  Twilight of the Habsburgs:  The Life and Times of Emperor Francis Joseph.  NY:  Grove Press, 1994.  388p.  Bought 6 April 2018.  Read 19-30 March 2022.  History (Biography)

Provenzano, Greg.  Success for Teens:  Real Teens Talk about Using the Slight Edge.  Dallas, Texas:  Success Books, 2008.  147p.  Received and read 18 March 2022 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Personal Development (Wisdom for Success in Life)

Rauschenbusch, Walter.  A Theology for the Social Gospel.  NY:  The Macmillan Company, 1917.  279p.  (This volume is a classic in American theology and social conscience.  This is a library cull from the Sanford Fleming Library of Berkely Baptist Divinity School, bought years ago and kept on the shelf for reference.  Rauschenbusch was a renowned pastor who organized the churches in New York city in support of the poor and unemployed in the early 20th century.  This book is his theological foundation for such work as an integtral part of the calling and message of the Christian church.)  Read 20-24 May 2022.  Theology (Social Justice, Social Service, Christian Charity, Social Justice)

Reeves, Michaeln and John Stott.  The Reformation:  What You Need to Know and Why.  Peabody, Massachusetts:  Hendrickson Publishers, 2017.   87p.  Bought 5 May 2022 from Christianbook.  Read 7 July 2022.  History (History of Christianity, Theology)

Reid, T R.  The United States of Europe:  The New Superpower and the End of American Supremacy.  NY:  Penguin Press, 2004.   305p.  Bought 3 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 16-19 May 2022.  History (Europe, Current Affairs)

Roark, Dallas M, Ed Bob E Patterson.  Makers of the Theological Mind:  Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Peabody, Massachusetts:  Hendrickson Publishers, 2016 (Reprint of 1972).  127p.  Bought 5 May 2022 from Christianbook.  Read 7-8 July 2022.  Biography (History, Philosophy)

Rubalcaba, Jill and Peter Robertshaw.  Every Bone Tells a Story: Hominin Discoveries, Deductions, and Debates.  Watertown, Massachussetts:  Charlesbridge, 2010.  185p.  Bought 3 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 14 April 2022.  Science (Archaeology, Paleoanthropology)

Schonfield, Hugh L.  The Passover Plot:  A New Interpretation of the life and Death of Jesus.  NY:  Bantam Books (Grossett & Dunlap), 1966.  278p.  Borrowed 24 April 2022 in Arlington, Texas.  Read 26 April - 13 May 2022.  Biblical Backgrounds (Life of Jesus, Resurrection)

Stearns, Richard.  The Hole in the Gospel:  What Does God Expect of Us?  The Answer that Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World.  Nashville:  Thomas Nelson/W Publishing, 2014.  Bought 4 April 2016.  Read 8- July 2022.  Faith and Life (Human Need: Poverty, Hunger)

Tonelli, Guido.  Genesis:  The Story of How Everything Began.  NY:  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2019.  223p.  Bought 20 April 2022 on Amzaon.  Read 23-26 April 2022.  Science (Particle Physics, Cosmology, Paleontology)

Utley, Robert M.  Billy the Kid:  a Short and Violent Life.  Lincoln, Nebraska and London:  University of Nebraska Press, 1989.  302p.  Unknown where or when this volume was obtained.  Read 13- March 2022.  Biography (History)

Wallace, Ralph.  Immune System Beakthrough.  Lincoln, Nebraska:  Professional Publishing, 2019.  32p.  Received 5 March in Arlington, Texas.  Read 6 March 2022.  Health

Walton, John H.  The Lost World of Adam and Eve:  Genesis 2-3 and the Human Origins Debate.  Downers Grove, Illinois:  IVP Academic, 2015.  255p.  Bought 1 August 2022 on Amazon.  Read 12-17 August 2022.  Bible (Genesis in Cultural Context)

Wiess, Laura.  Such a Pretty Girl.  Prince Frederick, Maryland:  Recorded Books, 2007.  Audiobook.  Bought 3 April 2022.  Heard 19 May 2022.  Fiction (Horror, Child Abuse)

Wills, Garry.  What Paul Meant.  NY:  Viking (Penguin), 2006.  193p.  (Wills interprets the writings of Paul in the New Testament in light of his Jewish background and the cultural and philosophical setting of the first century under the Roman Empire with the multi-ethnic and muti-religious situation of the Jewish Diaspora.  Wills is particularly concerned to dispel the concept popular in the late 20th century that Paul was somehow a reformer and a radical redesigner of Judaism and of the concept of Jesusí teachings of the Kingdom of God.  The author shows how faithfully Paul maintained his Jewish identity and character and addressed the meaning of the Jewish Covenant in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, as fully consistent with the Jewish faith of his era, though different from the ethno-centric and nationalistic concept of the leaders of the Judean nation.  Very refreshing and enlightening.  His probe of Paulís concept of resurrrection is particularly helpful.  He reminds us that Paul is the first person who put into writing anything about Jesus and provides the first interpretation of his resurrection.)  Read 14-15 April 2022.  Bible Backgrounds (Old Testament, Archaeology)

Winslow, Pauline Glen.  J Martha Adams.  Roslyn, NY:  Detective Book Club, 1984.  340p.  Received September 2019 in Lindsay, Oklahoma.  Read 22 February - 5 March 2022.  Fiction

Wright, N T.  Judas and the Gospel of Jesus.  Grand Rapids:  Baker Publishing, 2006.  155p.  Bought 13 February 2009 in Irving, Texas.  Read in 2009.  Reread 12 April 2022.  Theology (History)

Now Reading (1)

Colter, Jesse with David Ritz.  An Outlaw and a Lady:  A Memoir of Music, Life with Waylon, and the Faith that Brought Me Home.  Nashville: Nelson Books, 2017.  293p.  Bought 14 June 2019 in Arlington.  Read 31 August - September 2022.  Biography (Autobiography, Music)

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