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New articles in 2010  – Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
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** January (4)
[review] The Coloureds of Southern Africa  (Rewritten)
[review] Intuitive Trading with the Right Brain
[review] Judas:  Historical Streams and Textual Themes
[review] Reclaiming Pleasure


** March (1)
[reviews] Atheist Evaluates Churches

** April (6)
[TXT] Suswa:  An Evangelical Experiment (The Use of Natural Networks in Christian Evangelism)
[review] Human Identity as a Commercial Commodity
[TXT] Indigenous Churches – an Adventure of Discovery:  Baptist Church Status among the Keekonyokie Maasai of Suswa, Kenya
[TXT] Mastering the Models
[reviews] Revolutionary Management
[PDF] What Everyone Needs to Know (Before Communicating Across Cultures)

** May (7)
[reviews] Culture By Generation
[reviews] Globalization 101
[reviews] Kingmaking Media
[reviews] Lost and Found
[reviews] More than Music
[reviews] One Continent, Three Siblings
[reviews] Trapped By Travel

** June (5)
[review] Darwin and God – Different Domains of Reality
[reviews] Hilarious Ozark Intrigue
[reviews] Mountain Culture Characters
[TXT] Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa (Rewritten)
[reviews] Restoration in Place of Rejection

** July (7)
[reviews] Karma and Christ:  A Dialogue
[review] Mind and Will in Psychology and Neurology
[TXT] The Ngongo People of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Rewritten)
[Review] The Real Causes of "Islamic "Religious Violence"
[reviews] Science, Magick and Faith in Hollywood
[Review] Side Trip through the Roman Empire
[review] St Arbucks:  the Gospel of Connection

** August (6)
[review] Adventures in Honey and Health
[review] Heresy Hidden in Orthodoxy
[review] One Name, Two Lives
[review] Rationalism, Natural Religion and Tolerance
[review] Recovering a Heritage
[review] Revolution Already Underway
[review] Surfing and Sliding:  Media in Elections

** September (1)
[review] Saint Francis

** October (4)
[reviews] Constructive Life Across Species
[reviews] Culture and Context: Bible Times and Our Times
[reviews] Jubilee Now!
[reviews] Living Out the Authentic Story

** November (3)
[Genealogy] From Texas Into Indian Territory:  Joseph Asa and Joseph Sanford Jenkins
[review] Practical Peace
[Genealogy] Toliver Jorile Green Life Details

** December (2)
[reviews] Beowulf and the Arab Viking
[review] Real-Life Church in the Lower East Side

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