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New articles in 2009  – Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
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** January (2)
[TXT] Arabic in East Africa
[TXT] Origin of Amharic, Tigrinya and Tigre Languages


** February (28)
[Review] Adventure and Intrigue with Today's Werewolves
[review] Advocate for the New World Christians
[Review] Anthropology and Abduction
[review] Anything But Ordinary (Paul Rusesabagina)
[review] Arabs:  Self-Identity and Foreign Views
[Review] Barbarian Faith versus Safe Religion
[review] Complex and Diverse Muslim Realities
[review] Cultural Dynamics and Moral Responsibility in Ancient Canaan
[review] Cultural Portraits from a Modern Feudal Society (Pakistan)
[review] Exotic, Vital and Dangerous:  Hunting Maneating Tigers
[review] The Genesis Stories in their Own Context
[Review] Germanic Rivalry in Medieval England
[review] Hilarious Insights from the Township
[review] History, Suspense and Mystery in Wales
[review] History and Art in Cyprus
[Review] If the South Had Won
[review] Interdisciplinary Insights on Learning and Knowing
[review] Justice and Vengeance in Dante's Medieval World
[Review] Laughter and Pathos Across Cultures
[review] Musical Meditation for Christmas
[Review] Practical Realities in North African Muslim Societies
[review] Self-Concepts of Race in South Africa
[Review] Testimony of Joyous Survival
[Review] A Unique Cultural Approach to Sin
[Review] What Does the Text Say?
[Review] What's the Good Word?
[TXT] Why do People Have Accents? (Rewritten)
[review] Zimbabwe Safari in Geneaology and History

** March (6)
[review] Contemporary Experiences
[review] The Jesus Hidden by the Church
[Review] Movies, Murder, Madness
[Review] Mystical Perspectives
[TXT] Postmodernism and the Emerging Church:  Some Thoughts
[Review] Uncovering the Hidden Kingdom

** April (3)
[review] Experiencing the Future of Faith
[review] Obama:  Keeping Him Accountable
[Review] Mistitled and Misfocused

** May (8)
[review] Archaeology and Biblical History
[review] Cheese and Change:  Dealing with Trauma in Life and Business
[Review] The Deaf as an Ethnic Community
[review] Diffusion Theory:  A Definitive Introduction
[review] Faith as The Gift of Hilarious Adventure
[review] The Jesus Hidden by the Church
[Review] Jesus' Openly Secret Teachings
[review] Modern Celtic Delights and Insights

** June (6)
[review] Dialogue on Emergence
[review] Faith Discovery Quest
[review] God's Trustworthiness in a Misbelieving World
[review] No Longer a Victim:  Financial Knowledge, Enabling Power
[review] Official Murder in the Australian Northland
[review] Sumerians, Arabs and the Invading Coalition

** September (1)
[review] Wishful Thinking in a New Age

** October (7)
[review] A Cruel Independence
[Review] Funny Freedom Reality
[TXT] Genetics Out of Africa
[review] Music, Race and Society
[review] Sacred Desire:  Growing in Compassionate Living
[review] Searching for Identity
[TXT] Tribe and People

** November (11)
[TXT] Appreciating Differences
[review] Bono Live on Music and Life
[review] Business and Faith:  Integrating Life
[review] Evangelical Stereotypes and Sensitivities
[TXT] Hyksos and Hebrews (Rewritten)
[TXT] Italian and Caucasian (Rewritten)
[Review] Keeping It Real:  Examining the Logic Behind Biblical Text Skepticism
[TXT] Latins, Italians and Mexicans
[review] Losing the Way in the Permanent Campaign
[review] The Master Communicator
[TXT] A View on Worldview

** December (13)
[review] Being Legally Prepared for Business
[Review] Biography of a Painting
[TXT] The Borana People of Ethiopia and Kenya (Rewritten)
[review] Countering the Atomic Fear Factor
[TXT] Did I Mean What I Said?
[TXT] Ethnicity and Nationality in Mixed Genetics
[PDF] Faith, Science and Technology
[Review] Jesus and Egytian Judaism
[review] Nuclear Proliferation for the Rich and For the Poor
[review] Sharing the Wealth
[TXT] Time in Different Cultures
[review] Transplanting a Culture

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