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New articles in 2008 — Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
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** January (4)
[Review] Islam, A Realistic and Sympathetic Portrait
[TXT] The Munyoyaya of Kenya (rewritten)
[TXT] The Orma People of Kenya (rewritten)
[TXT] Yezidis, Kurds and Zoroastrianism


** February (3)
[TXT] The Luchazi of Southern Africa
[TXT] Primacy and Possibility:  Problems Facing Aramaic Primacy Claims
       (Cultural Settings for Greek and Aramaic as Literary Languages in the First Century)
[TXT] The Swazi of Southeastern Africa

** March (4)
[TXT] Colour, Race and Genetics in the Horn of Africa
[TXT] Ethnicity, Ancestors and Society:  Self-Identification in the US
[TXT] Italians, Etruscans and Greeks:  Genetics and Ethnicity
[Review] Our Genetic Journey

** April (5)
[TXT] Bantu Languages and Peoples:  Sorting Popular and Technical Terms of Reference
[TXT] I Don't Remember This Language
[TXT] Opportunities and Expectations
[TXT] Orville Lee Jenkins (rewritten)
[TXT] Ethnic Names and Codes — Correlating People Lists:
        How Codes in the Registry of Peoples Enrich the Exchange of Ethnic Information

** July (1)
[TXT] Lists, Codes and Real-World Ethnicity:  Thoughts on People Group Information Exchange

** August (3)
[PDF]Missions:  A Modern Definition (1984)
[Review]The Trampled Rose Garden
[TXT]The Sandawe of Tanzania (rewritten)

** September (5)
[TXT] The Luhya of Kenya (rewritten)
[TXT] The Meru of Kenya (rewritten)
[TXT] The Languages Jesus Used (rewritten)
[Review] A View of Africa
[review] White Man in a Cape Town Township

** October (21)
[TXT] Across the Greek Divide
[PDF] The Christian and Change
[PDF] The Christian and Society
[TXT]Create or Cripple:  Communication and Contract
[Review] Dagon and the Ark:  The Ark of the Covenant in Cultural Context
[review] Dealing with Worldview in Business
[TXT] Ethnicity, Ancestors and Society:  Self-Identification in the US
[TXT] The Kikuyu of Kenya
[TXT] Looking Natural
[TXT] The Music and the Message
[TXT] O Redundant, O Repetitive Tongue
[Review] The Shack:  a Realization of Relationship and Revelation
[TXT] The Shangaan of Southeastern Africa
[TXT] Sounding Right
[TXT] St Francis:  Conversion and Disappointment
[TXT] Stressful Words and Sentences
[TXT] The Swahili Peoples of Eastern Africa (rewritten)
[TXT] The Tswa of Mozambique
[TXT] Tunes and Tones:  Singing the Language
[TXT] Where is You-all's Place?:  Self-Identity in Relational Cultures
Also appears in "Worldview in Language:  Identity and Relationship"
[TXT] Word Mapping

** November (15)
[Review] Abstract Approach to Practical Greek
[Review] Build the Bomb and Expect the End
[TXT] Did You Say What I Heard?
[Review] Eastern Focus, Western Comment
[Review] Foundations for the Foundation
[TXT] Founding the Fourfold Gospel
[TXT] Fuzzy Thinking, Confused Preaching and Cultural Traps
[Review] Liberal Protestantism:  History and Personality
[Review] More about More Speculation
[Review] The Other America:  Life on the Streets
[PDF] The Paradox of Christianity:  The Eternal in Time
[review] Quantum Space Travel
[Review] Rethinking Hell
[Review] Spiritual Depth in African Encounters
[Review] Venda Homeland under Apartheid

** December (7)
[Review] Anasazi Saving an Ancient Civilization
[TXT]It Just Keeps On Going
[TXT] Jesus and the Hebrew Language
[Review] Muslim and Christian:  Comparing the Paths
[TXT]Planning for Progress
[TXT]Thought-Prayer in the Communication Event
[TXT] Tutsi, Hutu and Germans

Last updated 6 October 2012

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Permission granted for free download and transmission for personal or educational use.  Other rights reserved.

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