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Formal Educational Background
Orville Boyd Jenkins

BA, Philosophy, French 1971
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, Arkansas, USA

Theology, Sociology, Classes 1971
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

Theology, Administration, Classes 1973, 1975
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Linguistics, Classes 1975
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, Texas, USA

Ministry, Administration, Classes 1975
Brite Divinity School, TCU
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Certificat Pratique de Langue Française, Commercial, Commerce 1978
Sorbonne, University of Paris (Nairobi extension)
Nairobi, Kenya

Swahili Certificate, Swahili Language 1978
British Overseas Examinations Institute
Nairobi, Kenya

MTh, Christian Communication, Greek 1981
Perkins School of Theology, SMU
Dallas, Texas, USA

Ed D, Applied Linguistics 1984
International Institute for Advanced Studies (Greenwich Univ)
Clayton, Missouri, USA

Ph D, Linguistics 1993
Columbia Pacific University
San Rafael, California, USA

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First posted 23 October 2007
Last revised 28 June 2011

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