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So Many Opportunities in One Lifetime    So Many Languages, So Little Time
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Orville Boyd Jenkins
Who Is This Guy Anyway?

I have a great interest in many things, with earned degrees in Philosophy and French, Theology and Media, Linguistics (EdD and PhD), a diploma for French studies in Commerce and professional qualifications in Media Production and Broadcasting.

I was very active and interested in many things all my life.  I was involved in music from an early age, in radio broadcasting from age 9, and in school band (saxophone) and church choir.  I became the song leader for a small church when I was 13 years old, until age 15.

At that time we moved to another state where I was soon was doing the same at another small church, which also had a choir for me to lead.  I was a pastor of a church for the last two years of my high school and then the first year in college, while continuing in music work, both in the church and in radio.

During high school, I also worked with my father in an electronics repair business, and did a couple of other short-term jobs, while maintaining a small cattle herd.

I taught myself to play guitar in the first year of college and started my first band, and recorded my first album.  I have led bands and played in various music groups since college years, also composing songs and teaching in music seminars.

I play tenor saxophone, guitar and bass guitar.  Bands I have played with covered the styles of blues, rock and roll, jazz, country, folk-rock, contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel.  While living in Richmond, Virginia for about 4 years, I was a member of two active Praise Bands and a blues group called the Silverback Blues Burners.  I was a regular musician in the worship team of Cambridge Baptist Church

I lived in South Africa for three years and was a member of the contemporary worship team at Edenvale Baptist Church, Edenvale, Gauteng (Johannesburg Metro area).  After removing to Arlington, Texas, in 2009, I have been on the worship teams of North Pointe Baptist Church, Arlington, Sagamore Baptist Church, Fort Worth, and most recently The Crossroads of Arlington (Pantego, Texas).

I have been involved in many interests and professions, often multiple at any one time.
Cattle ranching and farming
Electronics, radio and TV broadcasting
Administration: Media companies, Schools, Research Institutes
Cultural Research, worldview training, cross-cultural communication training
Church work, including starting churches among the Maasai people and teaching pastors
Languages – Linguistics, teaching phonetics and learning methods
    Planning and leading professional seminars
    Publishing, designing language programs
Computers Ė Repairing hardware and software, constructing computers
    Contributing editor for a commercial computer magazine in East Africa
    Conducting seminars and classes in various aspects of computing
    Leading a computer club in Nairobi, where I also wrote and published a newsletter
    Web page construction, Internet Communication

I have also been a visiting professor in several schools, in Communications, Christian History and World Religions and Linguistics, among other topics.

It is amazing that God would allow one person to experience so much!  I have a voracious desire for knowledge, even for what may turn out to be irrelevant knowledge.

I like to peruse any possible source of knowledge about God and the world to see if there might be some nugget of insight and excitement there!  God is so good at leaving clues of himself everywhere!!  The search and the discovery are thrilling!

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*** A Short Biographical Resume     Summary Introduction ***
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[TXT] OBJ Educational Background br>How to Do Research on the Web    OBJís Millennium Series
[TXT] Orville Boyd Jenkins - A Short Biographical Resume
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[TXT] So Many Opportunities in One Lifetime    So Many Languages, So Little Time

Check out my interests in the following web sites I manage.
The Virtual Research Centre

Here are two other great places:
The Star Trek Continuum    Star Wars


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