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New articles in 2007 — Orville Jenkins Thoughts and Resources
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** January (4)
Dead Sea Insights and Alternatives
The Hidden Arthur Tales
The Practical Unity of the Church
South African Spirituality

** March (4)
An Adventure in Christian Science Fiction
Kwavi, Baraguyu and Maasai — Dialects, Names and Ethnicities (Rewritten)
Josephus and Aramaic Primacy:  The Language and Literacy Culture of First Century AD (rewritten in September)
Mysticism and Christian Unity

** April (3)
Hilarity Sounds Alarm for America
Saddam's Secrets
Sympathetic Insights towards Traditional Worldviews

** May (3)
The Holy Name
Progressive Foundations for Postmodern Christianity
Spirit World in Cultural Comparisons

** June (1)
Graduation to Reality — The Church Emerging

** August (8)
Demonic Metaphysics
The Early Gospels
Gypsies, Genetics and the Aryan Church:  Germany in 1939
Literacy Training in 1st Century Palestine
Mysticism, the Wound of Knowledge
Orality in Christian Mission
Petros the Rock and the Rock of the Church
Why We Need the Pope:  The Necessity and Limitations of Papal Primacy

** September (22)
Hyksos and Hebrews (Rewritten)
Indians of South Africa
Language Confusion for Dummies (Rewritten, Now withdrawn at the request of the author who has renounced the book and its views)
Migration, Ethnicity and Economics
The Ministry of Presence
Proficiency as Progress:  Defining Cross-Cultural Communication Competence
Philosophy of Proficiency Evaluation
Thoughts on Aramaic Primacy:  Was the New Testament first Written in Aramaic? (Rewritten)
Tutsis — the Ethiopia-Somali Connection
When They Haven't Heard
Worldview, Ethnicity and Social Dynamics in African Politics

Language Learning Assignments and Activity Guides
Individual Learning Assignments
Individual Learning Assignments for Missionaries
Learning Activity Guides
Language Learning Progress Report Form
Bantu Language Learning Activity Guide
Family Investigation Questionnaire
Checklist Larson Situations

Proficiency Evaluation Instruments
Philosophy of Proficiency Evaluation
Proficiency Evaluation Checklist
Proficiency Evaluation Instruments
Proficiency Evaluation Instruments, French

** October (13)
Biological Evidence for the Human Spirit
Death, Demons and a Second Chance
Evaluation:  Principles and Approaches
Juncture and Aspiration
Life, Resurrection Judgement (John 5:19-30)
The Lomwe of Mozambique and Malawi
Mystical Insights
Myth and Morality in Modern Science
Near-Death Confirms Life Beliefs?
OBJ Formal Educational Background
Out-of-Body Travel
Principalities and Powers:  Notes On Demonic Hierarchies
The Unity of Jesus And God In The Fourth Gospel)

** November (39)
A Prayer for Cyprus
An Outline Introduction to Islam:  African Focus
An Outline Introduction to Islam:  Beginnings

** November (Cont'd)
An Outline Introduction to Islam:  Five Pillars
An Outline Introduction to Islam:  Other Articles of Faith
Bondei People of Tanzania
Capturing Hebrew Orality
Dealing with Cultural Differences:
          Contrasting the African and European Worldviews

Denominations, Doctrines and Fellowship
Early Greek Ethnicity and Politics
The Family Husband Man
Incomplete Case
Identities and Attitudes in Culture and Religion
Mapping Human Origins
Multilevel Ethnicities
Ngando People of Congo
Ngongo People of Congo
Nsenga People of Mozambique
The Path of Love:  Al-Hallaj
The Path of Love:  Focus on Awareness
The Path of Love:  Introduction to Sufism
The Path of Love:  Word and Spirit
Postmodernism The Church's Challenge and Opportunity (Rewritten)
Quanah, Texas — History in Memories
Quanah The Last Comanche Chief
Sagara (Sagala) People of Tanzania
Salampasu People of Congo
Seba People of Congo
Semi-Gnostic, Semi-Christian, Semi-Islamic Gospel
Sonde People of Congo
Suggested Readings for Christians and Muslims
Thomas:  The Courage to Question
Tonga People of Mozambique
We Should Already Know This
Worldview in the Disciplines

Prayer Guides

  • Prayer Guide for a Worship Service
  • Prayer Guide for Intercession
  • Prayer Guide for Pastor/Speaker
  • Prayer Guide for Personal Worship

    ** December (37)
    Adventure in Etruscan Myth and History
    Blurring the Sci Fi Boundary
    A Captain Kirk Murder Mystery
    Comfortably Uncomfortable
    Cultural Drama in Christian Beginnings
    Ethical Challenges in Contemporary Culture
    Ethnicities and Names
    Germanic and Celtic
    Epistemology in Particle Physics
    The Gospels in their Jewish Setting
    Greek Egypt
    Hamyan Bedouin:  The Phantom People
    History and the Future in Mark's Gospel
    A History of God
    How Many Words
    How Words Grow
    In the Image of God
    Indigenous Asian Expressions of Christian Faith
    Italian and Caucasian
    Jesus and the Jewish Resurrection
    Keeping The Torah by Nature
    The Medieval Mind of Europe
    More Oral than We Knew:  The Oral Nature of the Gospels
    Naming African Languages in English
    The Oldest Prose Narrative in the World
    Oral Greek Styles in Paul's Writings
    The Psalms as Music and Prophecy
    Psychic Memories Through Time
    Regaining Credibility for Christianity
    The Rich, Persistent Centre
    Science and the Supernatural
    Shatner's Cyber-Tech World of Crime
    Split-Rapture Recent Origins Exposed
    Thinking Straight
    The Trials of Peace for St Francis
    Vernaculars, Pidgins, Creoles And Lingua Francas in Worldview Perspective
    Yoruba Religion in the Americas

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