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Orville Boyd Jenkins
Music – A Life Summary

Music has been a critical part of my life as long as I can remember.  I lived for three years in Johannesburg, South Africa, where I played saxophone in the worship teams at Edenvale Baptist Church.  For about three years before moving to South Africa, I was very busy with the Silverback Blues Burners in Richmond, Virginia.  Since returning to the US in early 2009, I have played saxophone in worship teams of North Pointe Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and Sagamore Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.  Since September 2011 I have played saxophone in the worship band of Crossroads of Arlington Church (Pantego, Arlington, Texas).

Early Influences
I grew up in the radio business, with musical influences in blues, country, R&B, jazz and soul.  At age 9 I became the youngest disk jockey in the world, with my own radio show for four years.  From high school in college and graduate school, and in professional life, I have worked in radio broadcasting in the United States and Africa.

Childhood music training was in graded church choirs and school band.  I have played instruments and sang in church all my life.  I started playing tenor saxophone in 5th grade.  I began playing guitar in college.  I enrolled courses in music theory as electives in college, while majoring in Philosophy with a French minor, to learn better how to arrange and score music I was writing for my band.

Over the years I have played in bands in styles including blues, country, jazz, folk rock, southern gospel, and contemporary Christian.  I have played music in several African countries.  I produced albums for two previous bands I played with.  

While in college, I taught myself to play the guitar, while sitting in with country bands whose radio shows I produced.  During this period I also participated in a gospel quartet with my father and two brothers.  I was the music leader and choir director for several churches while in high school and college.  During those years I was also youth and music leader in church associations on the regional and state level in Arkansas.

Before moving to Richmond, Virginia, in 2001, as a linguist and cultural researcher, I lived in Kenya, East Africa, for 25 years, then three years in Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean Sea).  In the years in Kenya, I played and sang with the guitar.  Sometimes, especially in earlier years, my wife Edith and I sang as a duo.

In the last several years in Nairobi, I played saxophone or guitar in the worship band at Ridgeways Baptist Church.  I would also periodically play and sing with the guitar, or serve as worship leader for the band, usually with the guitar. For two years in the 90s I was co-leader of the international jazz group Some Guys.  We played for various private and community functions, including a reception hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner.

In March 2003, I joined the Silverback Blues Burners, after we played together at a River City Blues Society Open Jam.  We became the Host Band for the Blues Society's monthly open jam sessions.  Besides playing in various music clubs in the Richmond area, we also played for events like the annual regional Watermelon Festival, graduation parties, weddings and birthday parties.

Multiple Bands
While in Richmond, in addition to the Silverback Blues Burners, I played weekly in two other bands.  I played sax in the worship band at Cambridge Baptist Church and a worship band at work.  On occasion I played bass guitar or guitar for an informal bluegrass/gospel group.

In 2002, I played in the worship band for two national conferences at Glorieta and Ridgecrest Conference Centres.  After moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, I began playing in one of the contemporary worship bands of Edenvale Baptist Church.  In the Joburg area, I have also played sax or bass guitar for community functions and conferences.

On occasion I accompany myself on the guitar to sing my original contemporary gospel compositions at various churches.  I also play sax occasionally as guest musician at various churches or community programs.  I have composed about 60 songs.  On trips to the US in previous years, I played with the band Eternal Element, the worship band of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church (now North Pointe Baptist Church), in Arlington, Texas, an extension campus of First Baptist Church, Arlington.

I consider music a gift from God.  I believe that in the production and creation of music, we express the image of God that is within us.  It is our choice to use this gift and skills for good or evil.  The difference is largely in the attitude with which we participate in the music.

When I play or sing – in whatever styles – I thank God for the gift of music.  I enjoy music and I offer my enjoyment of the music to him.  When I play, I pray for the other members of whatever group I play with.  I dedicate the efforts we put forth to learn and produce the music to God.  I ask him to enjoy our accomplishment.  Both the production and enjoyment of music are a praise to the Creator.

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OBJ's Ideas and Interests

Dr. Orville Boyd Jenkins

Living and Working in Kenya
OBJ Educational Background
OBJ's Short Biographical Resume     *** Summary Introduction
Dr. Obiwan's Computing History
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