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Accent, Dialect and Language  
Accents - Developing and Changing Them  
Across the Greek Divide
Afar, Ophir and the Mists of History
Amhara Clothing
Amhara-Tigrinya Names
Apostrophes and Possessives
Appreciating Differences
Approaches to Language
Arabic in East Africa
Aramaic Primacy - Was the
      New Testament first Written in Aramaic?
Are Older Bible Manuscripts More Reliable?
Ash Wednesday Funeral  
Aspects of Language
Bags and Cases
Bantu Languages and Peoples:  Sorting Popular and Technical Terms of Reference
Barabaig and Datooga
Blacks, Nubians and New Guinea
"Burakumin" in Japan:
      Meaning and Connotation of a Ethnic Name
The Christian and Change
The Christian and Society
Christian Persecution
Christianity and the New Millennium
Classifying Ethnicity:  Coding and Comparing Ethnic Information:
        How the Peoples and Languages Codes of the Harvest Information System Facilitate a Broader Knowledge Base of World Ethnicity  
Cognate Languages  
Cognitive and Social Culture (Worldview)
Cognitive and Social Culture (What is Culture?)
Colour, Race and Genetics in the Horn of Africa
Comfortably Uncomfortable
Concerns with the Lighthouse Lambast:
            A Response to an Attack on Major
           Christian Mission Movements
Create or Cripple:  Communication and Contract
Creation or Creationism?
Cultural People Profiles
Cultural Role and Language Proficiency
Culture and Experience (Worldview)
Culture and Experience (What is Culture?)  
Culture, Learning and Communication
Cyprus:  Notes and Perceptions

Dealienation: Thoughts on
      Culture Acquisition in Language Learning
Debts or Trespasses
Denominations, Doctrines and Fellowship
Dialects, Languages and Ethnicity
Dialects, Peoples and Cultural Change
Did God Create the World?
Did I Mean What I Said?  
Did You Say What I Heard?
Does God Really Exist?
Driveways and Parkways
The Early Gospel
Eastern Orthodoxy
Egyptians and Egyptians: Distinguishing Ethnicity from Nationality    
Esau, Blessings and Judaism
Ethnic Distinction Among the Oromo
Ethnic Names and Codes — Correlating People Lists:
        How Codes in the Registry of Peoples Enrich the Exchange of Ethnic Information
Ethnicities and Names
Ethnicity and Nationality in Mixed Genetics    
Ethnicity and Religion
Ethnicity, Ancestors and Society:  Self-Identification in the US
Ethnicity in a Multi-cultural Society:
           What is meant by "Hispanic" or "Latino
           in the United States?
Ethnicity in the Cities
Ethnicity, Language and Population
Evaluation:  Principles and Approaches
Exclusively Inclusive Gospel
Eye-learning or Ear-Learning
Faith, Science and Technology  
[TXT] First-Century Language in Palestine and the Roman Empire; With Addendum on New Testament Texts
Fuzzy Thinking, Confused Preaching and Cultural Traps
Faith or Fate
The Flying Kid
Gas-Pumping and Finger-Pointing Fiasco – Cross-Cultural Adaptation Needed:  Haitian and African in America  
Genetics Out of Africa  
Germanic and Celtic
Glaswegians and Houstonians
      - English Placename Adjective Forms    
God and Literacy
God, Heaven and Human Knowledge    
God and Nothingness
God and The Problem of Evil
Greek and Aramaic Among 1st Century Jews    
Hamyan Bedouin:  The Phantom People
Harsh Words and Limited Perspectives:  Stereotyping Muslims
Hebrew - The Original Language? (Of Course Not!)
Hebrew Usage in the First Century
Hima, Ham and Cush
Hima People of Eastern Africa
Historical Notes on Islam  
Holy Evening, Fall Festival and Celtic Celebrations, Some Thoughts
The Holy Name
How Did the Tutsi Conquer?    
How Do You Feel?
How Do You Know? (Language and Life)
How Do You Know (Worldview)?
How Do You Spell "Okay"?
How to Learn a Language and Culture:  Index
How Many Words
How We Got Computers (and Taxes)
How Words Develop Multiple Meanings: How Word Meanings are Negotiated    
How Words Grow
How to Do Research on the Web
Hyksos and Hebrews

I Don't Remember This Language
Identities and Attitudes in Culture and Religion
I'm Tone Deaf
In the Image of God
Indians of South Africa
Indigenous Churches – an Adventure of Discovery:  Baptist Church Status among the Keekonyokie Maasai of Suswa, Kenya    
Is the Textus Receptus Inspired?    
It Just Keeps On Going
Italian and Caucasian
Italians, Africans and Hannibal    
Italians, Etruscans and Greeks:  Genetics and Ethnicity
Italians and Race
Jesus' Knowledge of Greek: The Role of Language and Motif in the Fourth Gospel Narratives  
Jesus and the Hebrew Language
Jesus in the Qur'an
Josephus and Aramaic Primacy:  The Language and Literacy Culture of First Century AD
Juncture and Aspiration
Keeping The Torah by Nature
Koine Greek as a Mother Tongue
The Kore of Kenya - Maasai or Somali?
The Kurdish Peoples
Kwavi, Baraguyu and Maasai -
      Dialects, Names and Ethnicities   
Language and Cultural Worldview
Language Continuums and People Clusters:
      Adjusting Ethnic Entities in Reference to Language Research Updates (Ndengereko/Yao)
Language, Tribe and Ethnic Clusters:
      Analyzing the Ndengereko Cluster in Tanzania
Language as Worldview Window
Language in Society
Languages Jesus Used
Languages Dying
Languages, Languages, Everywhere Languages
Latins, Italians and Mexicans  
Learning as a Communication Event
Learning as Culture
Learning to Be Happy
Life, Resurrection Judgement (John 5:19-30)
Linguistic Names of God, The    
Lists, Codes and Real-World Ethnicity:  Thoughts on People Group Information Exchange

Literacy Training in 1st Century Palestine
Looking for a Plural
Looking Natural
Mastering the Models  
Missions:  A Modern Definition (1984)
Models of Assimilation    
Music as a Language Learning Medium
Multi-Cultural People Groups
The Music and the Message
New Calendar and the Celebrations, The
Names of God and Words for God:
         Thoughts on Beliefs and Usages
Naming African Languages in English
"Nation" & "People" in Hebrew and Greek
The New Light - Christian Folk-Rock in the 60s
O Redundant, O Repetitive Tongue
On the Ball
Opportunities And Expectations
Oral Greek Styles in Paul's Writings
[TXT] Oral-Relational Dynamics in Biblical Interpretation
Orality and the Post-literate West    
Orality in Christian Mission
Orality, Literacy and the Bible    
Origin of Amharic, Tigrinya and Tigre Languages
The Other Orville Jenkins
[TXT]Paean to Divine Oneness in the New Humanity
The Paradox of Christianity:  The Eternal in Time
Paul, the Gospels and the Ancient World of Orality: A Theology of Reading    New
Peoples and Languages
Petros the Rock and the Rock of the Church
Philosophy of Language/Culture Learning
Planning for Progress
Polity, Funding and Authority in Southern Baptist Life
Population Analysis of the Arabic Languages
Postmodernism and the Emerging Church:  Some Thoughts
A Prayer for Cyprus
Primacy and Possibility:  Problems Facing Aramaic Primacy Claims
          (Cultural Settings for Greek and Aramaic as Literary Languages in the First Century)
Precedence and Dependence    
Principalities and Powers: Notes On Demonic Hierarchies
Principles and Techniques of Language Learning (How to Learn)
Principles and Techniques of Language Learning (Techniques)
Pros and Cons
Quick Guide to Language Learning
Qizilbash:  Names and Designations in Ethno-Religious Identities
Race and Ethnicity in the Horn of Africa

Raindrops and Snowflakes
Real-Life Learning - The Principle of Association (Techniques)
Relationships Between the Religions
Religion and the State
Religion as Culture
Rough Edges of Ethnicity:
        Determining Ethnicity in the Changing
        Streams of Language and Culture
The Sabeans and Other Ancient Genetics and Tongues:  Distinguishing Fact from Legend and Modern from Ancient
Sabbath, Sunday and Covenant Relationships The Sabbath for the Christian: Thoughts on Commandment Four
Sabbath and Sunday?
Schools and Institutes
Science, History and the Bible
Scots, Irish and English
Scots Language and French Influence  
Social Institutions
A Simple Theology Of Religions
Socialization and Self-Identity
Social Roles
Sounding Right
Stories and Storytelling:
     Reclaiming our Oral Heritage
Storytelling for Learning and Teaching
Stressful Words and Sentences
The Subtlety of Assimilation  
Summary of the Cushite Peoples
Suswa Approaches: A Practical Cross-Cultural Ministry Approach among the Maasai People of Kenya

Technology as Culture
That Abominable Greek?
Theatre of Culture
Thinking Straight
Thomas:  The Courage to Question
Thought-Prayer in the Communication Event
Through Thick and Thin:
      The Role and Rule of Usage
Suswa:  An Evangelical Experiment (The Use of Natural Networks in Christian Evangelism)  

Tigre, Tigray, Tigrinya
      - Ethnicites, Languages and Politics
Time - A Cultural Concept
Time in Different Cultures  

Time or Character – The Ages or A Time Sequence in aionios: How Words "Mean" in Greek and English    
Too Many Cooks: Proverbs at Odds?
Tribe and People
The "True Name" of the Father:  Phonetics and Covenants    
Tunes and Tones:  Singing the Language
Tutsi and Chwezi:  History and Pre-History    
Tutsi, Hutu and German
Tutsi, Hutu and Hima
      - Cultural Background in Rwanda
Tutsis - the Ethiopia-Somali Connection

The Unity of Jesus And God In The Fourth Gospel)
Universals and Particulars
Using a Dictionary
Values in Culture
Vernaculars, Pidgins, Creoles And Lingua Francas in Worldview Perspective
A View on Worldview    
Was it 4 B.C.?
What is a People Group?
What About those Who Lived Before Jesus?
What Does Please Mean?
What Everyone Needs to Know (Before Communicating Across Cultures)  
What is a Cult?
What Was Koine Greek?
What's for Supper?
When did the Millennium End?

When Paul Studied with Gamaliel    
Where is You-all's Place?:  Self-Identity in Relational Cultures
Who are the "Somali Bantu"?
Who Created God?
Who is God?
Why Didn't God Make Us All Happy?    
Why Do People Have Accents?    
Why Do We Celebrate Christmas on 25 December?
Why Elephants Never Forget
Why Police are Called Cops
Why Should I Believe in God?
Word Mapping
Working on Vocabulary     
Worldview in Culture
Worldview in Language:  Identity and Relationship
Worldview Noise in Communication
Worldview Perspectives
Worldview in Language:  Language and Thought
Working on Tones
Year Zero:  Counting to 2000
Yemenis in Southern Africa: How Nguni South African and Yemeni Arab Genes Combined in Central Africa
Yezidis - An Angelic Sect
Yezidis, Kurds and Zoroastrianism

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