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Music and Art are not so far from Science.          I'm glad to be living in the Third Millennium! The most exciting time in History!

I enjoy exploring life's wonders and mysterious knowledge!  I have lived in Cyprus, Kenya, South Africa and the USA.  I have spent time in many countries.  I enjoy contacts all over the world.
Life Report – See an outline summary of my life activities and locations
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I played with the Silverback Blues Burners until I moved to South Africa in October 2005.  I am now in Arlington, Texas.
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Welcome to Orville's Ideas and Interests!

Who Is Orville Boyd Jenkins?

I am an anthropological linguist, working for many years in language and culture research and in-community language and culture-learning programs in many countries of Africa.  I have worked in radio and television, education (languages, communications, music, anthropology, and world religions), linguistics, cross-cultural communication, publishing and editing, computing and internet services ....  God has filled my life with opportunity and excitement!!
Life Report – See an outline summary of my life activities and locations
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My Life in Quanah, Texas. It was a happening place!
Living and Working in Kenya
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The New Light - Christian Folk-Rock in the 60s
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So Many Languages, So Little Time

So Many Opportunities in One Lifetime
Music — a Life Summary

Dr. Obiwan's Computing History

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You can explain colours with a theory of light or you can just sit back and enjoy them.

Why did God give us colours? What would it be like if everything was shades of gray?
** Human variety is a testimony to God's infinite creativity. Just like the rest of his creation -- a continual range of colors, shapes and sizes. **
My interests:

I have played and sung in worship bands and choirs all my life, as well as various commercial bands.  I organized my own folk group, then a rock group, playing church and school or public venues, while in college.

I have played in worship bands in churches in Nairobi, Kenya; Nicosia, Cyprus; Edenvale, South Africa; Arlington, Fort Worth and Abilene, Texas; Richmond, Virginia, and at national conferences in South Africa, Cyprus, Kenya, North Carolina and New Mexico; and as guest musician in other cities, including Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.  While in Richmond, I played in two worship bands, as well as playing sax with the Silverback Blues Burners.  In addition I have played guitar or bass guitar in various pick-up groups, like bluegrass or country groups.

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8000 Christian hymns and songs: Lyrics, sound, background information, photos, links.  MIDI files and scores you can download.
The Standard, a leading Kenyan Newspaper.
Published in Nairobi, capital of Kenya
a multi-cultural and multi-lingual nation.

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